Sunday, November 15, 2015


Changes in the life of Sis. Evans

Dear Family,

So sorry I've been out of the loop for a few weeks. Just trying out figure out classes. So! I'll try to give you a rough update on everything.

The 24th of October we got transfer calls. I completely expected to stay in Wonju considering I don't have that much time left to go to a new area.  I'm going to Dong Daemun.  Ahh, so hard. 

Packing was bad, but not terrible. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I have to pack to go home. I met a ton of members before I left. They are so kind and met for every meal. Although, one day we ended up eating 4 time before 5 and honestly we were in so much pain.

Wednesday night we ate with a member and had every time of sea creature you can imagine. Weird thing is, I'm totally fine with it. But, I had no idea there could be so many different kinds of octopus and squid. I still feel bad eating the whole baby octopus a little inside... but it's fine. Then we went straight to the train station! The elders happened to be taking the same train.

Then, after a series of events, we got to the temple really late to sleep there and as we walked in a couple walked out that SIs. Yeom knows. They just talk for a couple minutes and the woman said something about when she served a mission. For some reason I felt like I should ask her when she served her mission and think no, but then think it again so just as she leaves I asked her. Then she asked why and I said that my dad also served here and I was just wondering. She stares at me, looks at my nametag, and says 에반스 장로님!! Elder Evans!! she said that she served in the same district as an Elder Evans but isn't sure if it is the same one. Then she says, "I don't know, he was a wrestler" and I said "Yes!!!!!! That's him!!!" She said, "I know!!! You have his same eyebrows!!" Haha, isn't that funny. So ya! Isn't that unbelievable?? 

My new companion's name is Sis. Allsbrook. We get along really well!! Our house is huge. Fun fact- I'm living in the number 1 most expensive house in our mission. It's reallyyyyy nice :) My companion is from Virginia Beach, Virginia and she came to country when Sis. Yeom did so they're in the same transfer (transfer number 3). Everything is going great! 

Love you so much!!
Sis. Evans