Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mission Tour!!!!!!‏

My dear beloved family^^
What a week! Starting with last Tuesday... We visited 김경애 Kim-geong-aye sister. She... oh. So sad. She's the one that came to church last week but she said it was too hard and can't come again :/ also, she doesn't agree with us about some things so we were able to tell her we love her and that we'll visit every now and then, but we're not going to meet with her much anymore :/ kind of ironic... while we were at her house missionaries from another church came by! Haha! So awkward... she just yelled, "no! I'm with another church right now! Come back later!" So I'm curious how many people she's meeting with... Anyways, that was the first time I had to "drop" someone on my mission. So sad :(
Afterwards we went to 원주 Wonju for exchanges! I went with the STL, Sis. Anderson. She is sooo awesome!!!! I loved serving with her!!!! Learned so much :) And she's so fun :) That night there was English class and then they actually had a baptismal service because the bishop's son was getting baptized. It was so fun! Very small and very nice :)
Wednesday was crazy. First off, got to run in the morning ^^ That afternoon we met a woman who's english name is "Audrey." Apparently on Monday Sis. Anderson and Sis. Udall were just walking when a car pulls over and a woman gets out and says, "I want to learn english! Can you give me your number!" And then gets it and drives away. Tuesday she called and asked if she could meet Wednesday at a pizza place. Thennn Wednesday morning while I'm there she calls again and says, "Actually, I want to see your church. Can we meet in front of there? Where is it?" What... So we met her. She was INCREDIBLE!!!! She's 57 or 58 (interesting.... Korean people always tell us their age). We showed her around the church and then she took us to a pizza place. Haha, the pizza wasn't actually made out of bread but out of rice. Super good, though :) We talked and here's her story. (Briefly...) She used to believe in god kind of but didn't think she needed to attend church or anything because, well, she's a good person and there are a lot of worse people in the world. (Haha, that is exactly how she explained it to us. She was laughing) But about 7 years ago she had this huge change in her life and she's been looking for a "true gospel" or truth ever since. She has read the bible about 5 times in the past 7 years! Wow! She was so kind and just had so many questions. I've never had a lesson like it! I'm so sad I can't meet her again but Sis. Anderson and Udall can so that's good :) Audrey is such a happy, upbeat person. It was wonderful!
that night we came home and long story short we met a girl on the street who said she wants to go to church and we talked more but found out she's homeless so ended up taking her to a hospital place. Got home a little late... I hope we can help her more! Not gonna lie, her story was a bit fishy... but ya we don't know so we're just going to help her as much as we can!
Thursday morning we went to Seoul! Had our pday there and Sis. Kim and I went to a palace!! It was so beautiful!!!! I'll send pictures :) We were in Gwhanghwamun. Then went to 인사동 Insadong. That night our zone all slept at the temple so we did a temple session. There are 3 missionaries in our zone going home (my companion, Sis. Anderson, and Elder Grimshaw). They all gave their "last words." Always sad to hear those. So nice to be at the temple! So beautiful :)
Friday we went to Dong-Daemun for the mission tour!! (It was split up over 3 days, we were the last day of the tour.) I got to see 길수려 Gil-su-reo!! I lived with her in Jung-nang. She's so cute! It's her last transfer, too. Also a lot of people from my MTC district were there! Sis. Brown, Eld Wheeler (he's here in Sokcho though so I see him everyday...), Elder Bluhm, Elder Day, and Elder Policky. So cool! President Ringwood (the one that spoke at General Conference) and his wife spoke. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!! They are so down to earth. It was so such a wonderful conference. I would write what I learned but there's not enough time.. Just know it was great! then came back to Sokcho.
Saturday was so fun, too!! We had English class and then a branch picnic. We all went to a park right next to a lake about 10 minutes from the church. We ate and then played soccer! It was a blast! It started off with just us and then so many people that were at the park joined. Not a big deal, but I did score a goal.... ;) Ok half of the players were under 10 years old.. whatever. Haha. None of the girls played except Sis. 김일해 Kim-irl-hay. She's so funny! It was great.
Sunday there were only 17 people at church so that was kind of sad... but it was still super good! Afterwards weekly planning.
Thanks so much family! Love you so much!!!
Sis. Evans

Monday, April 20, 2015


Hi Family!!!
So actually sorry I don't have very much time... So it will just be highlights for the week!
Wednesday we had district meeting and talked about things we can give up as a district to make us better missionaries and more Christlike (such as giving up negative comments). It was really good!!
Thursday we went to the nursing home. We were actually supposed to do work outside but because it was raining too hard we just went inside with the grandmas! It was so fun :) They are so grateful everytime we come it makes me feel bad we can't go everyday! Afterwards was crazy. We went to visit 조경 Jo-Geong and his wife 장남귀 Jong-nam-quee (?) because we've never been out there and it was his birthday.
Quick interruption- I don't think I ever told you this and I saw it in Dad's last letter. My area includes more than just Sokcho, it's Sokcho, 양양 Yang-yang, 인제 In-chae, and 고성 Go-song. It's a really big area. Jo-geong lives up in 대진 Dae-jean in 고성 Go-song. Sooo high up! North-wise I mean haha. I'll send a picture of where they live though, it's so beautiful!!! By bus they live like an hour and 15 minutes from us. For the last while we were the only ones on the bus except for one other lady! We got off the bus and there was just nothing.... We only saw one person in the town! How crazy?? I don't even know how we found their house... They were really happy we visited, though, so it was nice :) Also the wind today was insane!!!!! Like the elders called us to make sure we were ok haha. It was raining so one of them bought an umbrella, stepped outside and immediately it broke in the wind. Crazy!
Friday we had some appointments but they cancelled. We met one woman, though! It was good :) Talked about the Savior's love and did this really cool activity.
Saturday we were able to visit Tanioka again! She's the one from Japan. We actually met her in a park in front of a library. It was so interesting... she told us about her religion and we told about ours. (She attends the Unification Church, if you've heard of it.) It was a super, super good lesson, though!!!
After we had English class and then after 박민음 Bak-meen-em's daughter 혁제 Heok-jae had a piano recital so we went to that for a little to watch her (all of the missionaries did because it was a branch thing). Never thought I'd be going to a piano recital in Korea, but there I was! It was cool, all of the students performed a traditional song at the end. Korea is so cool!!!! So much history.
Sunday was AMAZING! First off, 26 people came! Most I've ever seen! Before church we went to 김경애 Kim-geong-aye's house to help her come to church. I never thought I'd see her come.. but she did! Actually, it was hard for her, though :/ I was so worried about her the whole time. But she enjoyed it! She left right after it was over. She's only 67ish but she's kind of aged... We actually think she has dementia so that's hard :/ But! She's read the whole Book of Mormon!! Incredible, huh?
This week I'm actually going to Seoul for a mission tour conference! I'm so excited! So today isn't our p-day, Thursday will be when we go to Seoul.
Love you so much!! I pray all of you are happy and enjoying life!!
Sis. Evans

Monday, April 13, 2015



Dear Family,
Happy birthday, Saxon!! Glad it was a good one :) So this week... So much rain! Which is awesome! Although kind of difficult because then there's a lot less people outside. I'm going to make this email short so I can send more pictures I think...
Tuesday we met Kim-geong-aye. It was good.... but she doesn't want to actually do anything so we will probably have to stop meeting her :/ And yes! Then we had the best lesson ever with Ee-hway-een!! We taught about the first part of the plan of salvation and she was so focused and interested. She had so many great questions! She has been wondering so much about life and where she came from and such. Perfect...... She's so awesome! It was one of my favorite lessons I"ve ever had!! Oh ya and today we met 2 foreigners! A couple and the man served his mission here 21 or 22 years ago. Seriously such a shock but they were the nicest people! Haha we saw them and were not even talking for 5 minutes when she said, "I heard your mission doesn't skype! I'm sending a video to your mom right now." So that's why you got that awkward one... Sorry I didn't know what to say!
Wednesday we had zone training in Cong-neng! So awesome!!! Our zone leaders/STL are awesome! This month we're focusing on less-actives and the Book of Mormon. Then Sis. Udall and Anderson came back to Sokcho with us for an exchange. So Thursday since we didn't have any plans, Sis. Udall and I just went out to talk to people and walked so much of Sokcho! It was so beautiful and we met so many of the coolest people!! It was awesome.
Friday after planning we met Chon-su-young. We talked about conference and how to prepare and stuff. She said for sure she was going to come but then didn't! Honestly she confuses us. We can't figure her out! She's so nice, though.
Then met with Ee-hay-een again. Finished teaching about the Plan of Salvation. She loved it!! It was awesome! Didn't focus as well, but still focused better than she has been. Such a good lesson! She also remembered so much of what we taught. So that's good!
Saturday morning we were able to visit Misako Tanioka (she's Japanese). I met her when I first came to Sokcho but she's been busy ever since! She was good. I think she just wants to meet to practice her English though... She is attending another church and she says she's quite content with it. So we'll see! Taught about families and how God loves all of his children. She agreed and we had a discussion on God. Then..... GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!! Wow. So so good!!! So interesting. The focus for the Saturday sessions was ALL completely about family and marriage and then Sunday was totally different! Learned so much. I love conference!!! Funny how I thought at times it was boring before my mission.... Now it just goes so fast! I feel like everything they say is so important and just "Oh! This is too good I have to write it down!" But then I'm writing everything... It was amazing! I was a little surprised that I only heard President Monson speak once. I hope his health is ok.
Sunday we watched conference again!! Chon-su-young and Ee-hay-een didn't come so that was kind of a bummer :/ The coolest thing happened after, though. So 김윤성 Kim-youn-song is 15 and comes to church every week and is basically the coolest person ever. We've been trying to meet with his mom forever but she's never home.... Sunday afternoon we went and so did the elders because they were helping them move a piano. Anyways! Long story short, we ended up having a dinner with them and another less active that hasn't been to church in forever. It was the coolest!!!! Elder Elwood and Lanford have been here forever and after they were saying that they had never dreamed this could happen. It was amazing!! Then that night we watched the General Women's part of general conference. So good!!!
Real quick about today! WE WENT TO 설악산 SORLAK MOUNTAIN!!!! It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever ever been. Honestly it's when I see places like this and just out in nature that I realize how much God loves his children! He has given us the most beautiful world!!!! Our district went with the recent convert, 전건길 Jeon-geon-gil. This man is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. He has so much faith! He's the kindest man on earth. I'd say he may be the best but I can't forget my Dad ^^ Plus he's like 65 and he hiked this incredibly steep mountain with no problem!! We were so high. Literally in the clouds!! I'll send pictures :)
Love you so much! Have a good week!
Sis. Evans

Monday, April 6, 2015

March Service Project


Happy Easter! :) And happy birthday, Saxon!!

Dear Family,

Happy Easter! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed conference! :)

Sooo here's for my week! Tuesday we visited 김현정 kim-heon-jong! I met with her a couple times and she's so amazing but stopped meeting with us because she said she's too busy :/ But because 이상지 ee-song-jee my companion was leaving she met with us. It was really good! Talked about blessings of the gospel and the change it's had in our lives. She's a very interesting person.
That night we took a bus to Seoul and spent the night at the temple! My companion was soooo sad to leave our area.. Super sad :( The next morning were transfers!! I was so sad because I was so excited to see my last companion (안정민 Ahn-jeong-meen) because it was her last transfer and she was going home but she was actually sick so I didn't get to see her :/ That's ok, though! My new companion is "김온유" kim-own-you (haha didn't realize that till now when I wrote out her name, that's kind of funny), and she's nice! Came back to Sokcho after :) Also it was raining so much! All last week. And still is... also it's supposed to snow tonight! It was warm for a few days but then got kind of cold again so all of the blossoms froze and died :/ but that just means when they bloom again it will be an even prettier sight!!

That afternoon we met 김경애 kim-geong-aye. (the lonely woman...) It was a really good lesson! The thing is she doesn't want to change... So we're figuring out how to teach her. She just wants to hear and have visitors. But she's read over half the Book of Mormon.... so yep!

Thursday we went to the nursing home and sang with the old women. So fun :) Ok then the coolest thing ever!!! So when we were transferring and waiting for our second bus to come this woman came over so I started talking with her. Turns out she came to our church one time and even remembers the missionaries' names who she met! We got on the bus and kept talking and then she said that she was going to get off at the next stop and asked if we wanted to get off with her and go to her house.... YES! I mean that's the thing we do, right?? Talk to strangers and then follow them to their house?? Haha. She was so kind. She's 67, lives alone (never married), and Catholic. She was a nun for a while and then became Buddhist for a while and has tried about every religion but is now very settled with Catholicism. She knows quite a bit about our church, though, and said, "Teach me!" She wanted to learn. So we did! Taught so much! She leaves in a couple weeks for the Philippines, though, so she says she doesn't have time to meet again :/ Such a cool experience, though!

Friday.... weekly planning and then met 천수영 cheon-su-young. She was good as usual :) taught about temples because the next day we went with out branch!! Anyways, after we had two other appointments but they both cancelled so... hit the streets!

Saturday!!! Met at the church at 6 and then took the bus with our branch to Seoul! Our branch, 강릉 cong-neng branch, and 동해 dong-hae all went to the temple! There were 5 people from our branch that came. I got to do baptisms for the dead!! It was so cool!! Because people don't come that often I think I did 30? Soo many!! Such a cool experience! Also, a man in our branch (전건길 jeon-geon-gilr came and did baptisms, too. He was the man that was baptized the week before I got to Sok-cho so that was awesome! He's incredible.) Then we went to the family history center so the members could look up ancestors and such and then came back home! Got home around 8.

Then fast Sunday! After church looked for less actives and such!

I'm honestly loving my mission so much. It's strange how the hardest experience can be the best at the same time! I feel so blessed and don't know how I got so lucky to be able to serve a mission! I just feel so grateful for this time I have!
Love you all so much and home you have a good week!!
Sis. Evans

P.S. There's this super cool Easter video called "Because He Lives"!! It's so awesome and you should watch it!!