Monday, April 20, 2015


Hi Family!!!
So actually sorry I don't have very much time... So it will just be highlights for the week!
Wednesday we had district meeting and talked about things we can give up as a district to make us better missionaries and more Christlike (such as giving up negative comments). It was really good!!
Thursday we went to the nursing home. We were actually supposed to do work outside but because it was raining too hard we just went inside with the grandmas! It was so fun :) They are so grateful everytime we come it makes me feel bad we can't go everyday! Afterwards was crazy. We went to visit 조경 Jo-Geong and his wife 장남귀 Jong-nam-quee (?) because we've never been out there and it was his birthday.
Quick interruption- I don't think I ever told you this and I saw it in Dad's last letter. My area includes more than just Sokcho, it's Sokcho, 양양 Yang-yang, 인제 In-chae, and 고성 Go-song. It's a really big area. Jo-geong lives up in 대진 Dae-jean in 고성 Go-song. Sooo high up! North-wise I mean haha. I'll send a picture of where they live though, it's so beautiful!!! By bus they live like an hour and 15 minutes from us. For the last while we were the only ones on the bus except for one other lady! We got off the bus and there was just nothing.... We only saw one person in the town! How crazy?? I don't even know how we found their house... They were really happy we visited, though, so it was nice :) Also the wind today was insane!!!!! Like the elders called us to make sure we were ok haha. It was raining so one of them bought an umbrella, stepped outside and immediately it broke in the wind. Crazy!
Friday we had some appointments but they cancelled. We met one woman, though! It was good :) Talked about the Savior's love and did this really cool activity.
Saturday we were able to visit Tanioka again! She's the one from Japan. We actually met her in a park in front of a library. It was so interesting... she told us about her religion and we told about ours. (She attends the Unification Church, if you've heard of it.) It was a super, super good lesson, though!!!
After we had English class and then after 박민음 Bak-meen-em's daughter 혁제 Heok-jae had a piano recital so we went to that for a little to watch her (all of the missionaries did because it was a branch thing). Never thought I'd be going to a piano recital in Korea, but there I was! It was cool, all of the students performed a traditional song at the end. Korea is so cool!!!! So much history.
Sunday was AMAZING! First off, 26 people came! Most I've ever seen! Before church we went to 김경애 Kim-geong-aye's house to help her come to church. I never thought I'd see her come.. but she did! Actually, it was hard for her, though :/ I was so worried about her the whole time. But she enjoyed it! She left right after it was over. She's only 67ish but she's kind of aged... We actually think she has dementia so that's hard :/ But! She's read the whole Book of Mormon!! Incredible, huh?
This week I'm actually going to Seoul for a mission tour conference! I'm so excited! So today isn't our p-day, Thursday will be when we go to Seoul.
Love you so much!! I pray all of you are happy and enjoying life!!
Sis. Evans

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