Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mission Tour!!!!!!‏

My dear beloved family^^
What a week! Starting with last Tuesday... We visited 김경애 Kim-geong-aye sister. She... oh. So sad. She's the one that came to church last week but she said it was too hard and can't come again :/ also, she doesn't agree with us about some things so we were able to tell her we love her and that we'll visit every now and then, but we're not going to meet with her much anymore :/ kind of ironic... while we were at her house missionaries from another church came by! Haha! So awkward... she just yelled, "no! I'm with another church right now! Come back later!" So I'm curious how many people she's meeting with... Anyways, that was the first time I had to "drop" someone on my mission. So sad :(
Afterwards we went to 원주 Wonju for exchanges! I went with the STL, Sis. Anderson. She is sooo awesome!!!! I loved serving with her!!!! Learned so much :) And she's so fun :) That night there was English class and then they actually had a baptismal service because the bishop's son was getting baptized. It was so fun! Very small and very nice :)
Wednesday was crazy. First off, got to run in the morning ^^ That afternoon we met a woman who's english name is "Audrey." Apparently on Monday Sis. Anderson and Sis. Udall were just walking when a car pulls over and a woman gets out and says, "I want to learn english! Can you give me your number!" And then gets it and drives away. Tuesday she called and asked if she could meet Wednesday at a pizza place. Thennn Wednesday morning while I'm there she calls again and says, "Actually, I want to see your church. Can we meet in front of there? Where is it?" What... So we met her. She was INCREDIBLE!!!! She's 57 or 58 (interesting.... Korean people always tell us their age). We showed her around the church and then she took us to a pizza place. Haha, the pizza wasn't actually made out of bread but out of rice. Super good, though :) We talked and here's her story. (Briefly...) She used to believe in god kind of but didn't think she needed to attend church or anything because, well, she's a good person and there are a lot of worse people in the world. (Haha, that is exactly how she explained it to us. She was laughing) But about 7 years ago she had this huge change in her life and she's been looking for a "true gospel" or truth ever since. She has read the bible about 5 times in the past 7 years! Wow! She was so kind and just had so many questions. I've never had a lesson like it! I'm so sad I can't meet her again but Sis. Anderson and Udall can so that's good :) Audrey is such a happy, upbeat person. It was wonderful!
that night we came home and long story short we met a girl on the street who said she wants to go to church and we talked more but found out she's homeless so ended up taking her to a hospital place. Got home a little late... I hope we can help her more! Not gonna lie, her story was a bit fishy... but ya we don't know so we're just going to help her as much as we can!
Thursday morning we went to Seoul! Had our pday there and Sis. Kim and I went to a palace!! It was so beautiful!!!! I'll send pictures :) We were in Gwhanghwamun. Then went to 인사동 Insadong. That night our zone all slept at the temple so we did a temple session. There are 3 missionaries in our zone going home (my companion, Sis. Anderson, and Elder Grimshaw). They all gave their "last words." Always sad to hear those. So nice to be at the temple! So beautiful :)
Friday we went to Dong-Daemun for the mission tour!! (It was split up over 3 days, we were the last day of the tour.) I got to see 길수려 Gil-su-reo!! I lived with her in Jung-nang. She's so cute! It's her last transfer, too. Also a lot of people from my MTC district were there! Sis. Brown, Eld Wheeler (he's here in Sokcho though so I see him everyday...), Elder Bluhm, Elder Day, and Elder Policky. So cool! President Ringwood (the one that spoke at General Conference) and his wife spoke. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!! They are so down to earth. It was so such a wonderful conference. I would write what I learned but there's not enough time.. Just know it was great! then came back to Sokcho.
Saturday was so fun, too!! We had English class and then a branch picnic. We all went to a park right next to a lake about 10 minutes from the church. We ate and then played soccer! It was a blast! It started off with just us and then so many people that were at the park joined. Not a big deal, but I did score a goal.... ;) Ok half of the players were under 10 years old.. whatever. Haha. None of the girls played except Sis. 김일해 Kim-irl-hay. She's so funny! It was great.
Sunday there were only 17 people at church so that was kind of sad... but it was still super good! Afterwards weekly planning.
Thanks so much family! Love you so much!!!
Sis. Evans

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