Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dinner and a Miniature Train Ride!

Happy Halloween!!

Dear Family,
1. People always always drive on the sidewalks in their cars, motorcycles, or whatever. If there's a long wait, they just turn up on the sidewalk and start driving. Crazy!
2. The driving laws here... may or may not be in existence. Red light? eh just drive through it and honk the whole time so people know you're coming. It's crazy!
3. The addresses here make no sense whatsoever. There's no pattern to them or anything. This will come into play later!
This week was amazing!!! As usual! Rained all day Monday and Tuesday and sprinkled the rest basically. But it warmed up a bit that last weekend and the weather was perfect! I wish you could see the leaves- so, so beautiful!!
So, Nov 8th (yes, happy b-day Britt^^) there's a stake musical fireside and my district was asked to sing a song... guess what song we decided to sing? Hakuna Matata! Haha! I'm serious!! So we got the music for it and have been practicing this past week. It's so, so fun!!! We just have a ball the whole time. It's kind of almost like a little musical because we're all moving around and stuff... I love my district! They're so awesome and willing to do fun things.
Tuesday.. FHE. Super good! Haha! We played a game called 돼 지 돼 지, Dad, have you heard of it? It's like marco polo. The person answers "굴 굴" to it in a different voice and they have to guess who it is. SO fun! Haha! Our bishop is awesome and gets so into all the games!
Wednesday was amazing!!! We had a district meeting and we talked about fears we have and how to overcome them. It was so great!!! We also got this letter to read- IT IS THE BEST LETTER. Just how to be a better missionary and what a mission does for your life and is just the best. Try to see if you can find it! It's by Danny Q. Humphrey and about an Elder Ricciardi, if that helps. Um... then we street boarded!!! Basically we set up some posters and try to talk to everyone. We talked to so many people. It was amazing!! After we taught 최승임 (chway-song-eem) and it was a great lesson. Haha, so she works for New Skin and she wanted to put a cream on my eyelids and around my eyes. After she asked if I could feel it and I said no... ahh!!!! Haha my eyes just started burning! Not my eyes, but around my eyes. Haha it felt so weird! She said, Oh! You can feel it! Haha YEAH I could! She said if you're falling asleep, you put it on your eyes and it helps you stay awake. She called it "her method". Yes, it sure did wake me up. Haha after we found out it was like a muscle relaxer thing- burn hot then cold? Something like that? Yes, it was on my eyes, haha.
Thursday.. Service project. Haha! The man calls Sis. S and I "the dream team" (in English!!) because we're really fast. Sweet! We were trying to find less actives and for some reason decided to visit a lady on our CMIS list. We went to her house and guess what? She was home! That never happens! Seriously, Koreans are the busiest people on earth. She let us come in and of course gave us some food (oranges!) and asked if we come often at this time and we said it was our first time coming to her house and she said that she is literally never home at this time and it was amazing we caught her. (something about her work) Anyways, she's super cute and was baptized like 20 or so years ago when she was a teenager but now has no interest in the church at all. So for now we're just going to drop a card off every now and then! She was nice, though. Then we had a dinner with 이충송 (ee-chung-song). She was super sick so we went out to dinner. I felt so bad! She should've just cancelled. Anyways, we ate 심겹살 which is a delicious meat that they cook in a really cool way on your table! She bought 3 extra portions for us... So we ate a lot! After, she said, "Now let's go back to my house to eat some apples!" (Ok yes I know! So much food and I"m going to get huge.) So, we go back and she takes this massive bag out full of the biggest apples you've ever seen and starts cutting... Oh no! We are all just staring at each other wide-eyed (it was the 4 sisters, us and Sis Kwon and Pope.) We start eating and she just, keeps, cutting. She got a call and there were a couple pieces left so we did rock, paper, scissors for who had to eat it. She came back and pulled out more apples!! So luckily Sis. S said, "Ah thank you so much but we have to go!"
So Friday was just incredible!!!!  Thursday night this lady that had met with the missionaries but stopped a couple months ago and wouldn't answer calls or anything called us and said, "Let's meet tomorrow at 4." So we did! We had a member come (방명분) that is just amazing! And guess what? She actually showed up! We taught her the first lesson about the restoration and at the end talked about following Christ's example... Long story short she wants to be baptized next month!! Nov 23rd!!! Which would just be amazing because guess what? My trainer, Sis. S has had one baptism her whole mission and it was last year, Nov 23rd... it would be exactly one year later!!!! So we were just so pumped. THE BEST LESSON EVER!!! It was so great and she's wonderful! Ok, disclaimer. This story does get a little sad later on. After we practiced for the stake musical night and it was so, so fun. haha just laughed so much trying to plan it!
Saturday... Happy birthday, Sis. Pope! We made her brownies with a recipe she had and celebrated. We met a really awesome girl on the street!!! She was genuinely so interested and wanted to meet with us the next day. WHAT. Then later was English class and few people came so there was only one girl in the advanced class. She's so cute!!! I taught her once when on an exchange with Sis. Kwon (권). She just started talking about prayer and had all these questions about it, so that's what we talked about most of the time. She's so cute and sweet!! Then our district went to a "meat buffet" for Sis. Pope's b-day. Super good.. But we seriously just never stop eating here! Never! The elders had bought her a cake which was so kind of them. Haha! So we think cake, chocolate, vanilla... nope! The cakes here are a bit different. There was frosting! But it was a 고구마 cake... which means sweet potato! It takes just like a sweet potato.
Now, the end of the story. So, the lady, 유옥렬 (u-ong-reoar... kind of) never came to church or our app :( She wouldn't answer our calls or texts. Bummer... but! 방연숙 came! Which is crazy! She's the one that came to church two weeks in a row. Haha! So funny though... She came super late after we'd called her a couple times and came in right before the started the prayer for the sacrament. She sat by us and the whole time wouldn't really focus... She kept trying to take pictures of us (btw she's about 50) and we would say no, so she would just hold her phone, and then tilt it so the front camera was on us so she could take a picture... of course we noticed! So we kept telling her no. She kept saying she was hungry and we said as soon as the meeting was over we were all going to eat together. Right before the last speaker ended, she jumped up, slid her chair back, and ran to the back door! So we jumped up too and tried going after her but she went out the door and was closing it when I went to open it, so she was pulling it shut and I was trying to open it... Hahaha! I hope you have this image in your mind! I know that Bishop sitting on the stand watching this happen was just wondering what was going on. Haha! It was so funny! Then she let go and turned and started running down the stairs (we're on the second floor), so we were going down and trying to call to her to ask what she was doing. She turned and said, "You're beautiful! Your Korean is perfect! I want to see your faces Tuesday! Pretty!" Yes. That was the conversation. So that was crazy! Choir practice... I only fell asleep twice, so it wasn't that bad. After, tried to visit less actives and street contact. then we "가가호호ed" which is just knocking on people's doors and asking if they want to hear our message. Super fun! The funniest things happen during that. Also, sometimes people aren't fully dressed when they open their apt. door so that's weird...
That was pretty much my week!!! I'm just loving this work. It's the best!!!!!! Today we're going back to the zoo and guess what? The elders called us just before we left and asked what we were doing and we said going to the zoo and they said no way! We are too!
So by the zoo, it's just a huge park kind of like Central park but of course smaller. They said that they're bringing Frisbee's and a slack line!!!! What?! So I get to go slack lining in a little! So stoked.
Anyways love you all!!!!!!
Sis. Evans

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Start of Transfer 2!

Dear family,
Another great week!!!
1. When you knock on a door, they often don't answer and you just yell through the door and then they yell back. Interesting! The first time I was surprised when my companion just started yelling "Harmony!!!" through a door which just means grandma. Haha it's fun!
2. The men always, always, always shave their faces- never see a Korean without a clean shaven face!
Soo there's been a change in the wind here.... Literally! They are now ice cold! Haha ok not quite. But the temperature has dropped dramatically. Everyone's taken out their winter coats! But it's not that cold yet :)
Last Tuesday I saw 나영!!! (Nayoung) It was so crazy! For some reason I was super nervous. But we went and met her in a little cafe and talked. She is so cute!!! She hopes to meet all of you one day and I hope that we can!! That night we had a last 식사 with our ward mission leader. We went to a little restauraunt. Super fun! Right after was FHE. Last one with our district! Tons of people came. Because the next day was 권한나's birthday (and I think also because Elder Ross and Sister LaBlanc left the next day), they brought out a big cake! So sweet of them. We said goodbye to Elder Ross and wished him good luck in America and said goodbye to Elder Savas, since he was being transferred the next day. Then ran home!
The next day we woke up and said goodbye to Sis. LaBlanc! So crazy! The new sister is Sis Pope! She's such a sweetheart! And this is her last transfer too! We went to a shabashaba for lunch for 권한나's birthday- so good!!! Btw her last name sounds like "Kwon" kind of, so I'll start using that for her! Then we were totally lost but somehow Sister Seegmiller and I found our way to the service project. We met Elder Armstrong's new companion- Elder 정명기 or something like that... He's great! Doesn't really know any English and funny thing is, he thinks I know a lot of Korean so he kept talking to me. I just would change my expression every 10 seconds or so and throw in a "Nay?!" every now and then. Works really well! We talked to people on the street for a couple hours and then went to 최승임's house for a lesson. It was so good!!! She really understands everything so well and has just such a sincere desire to do good. Her son is great too! He's about 11?
Thursday... Oh my gosh! Oh, Thursday was funny. Ok! We went out and met 김명옥 again (remember the old woman who says she just wants to die?). We just waited at the door and knocked and yelled for a good 10 min and then she came! We went over and sat down and she's in a lot of pain :( She's hilarious though! She prayed to start and asked that she could finally die and thanks for us, amen. We asked about church and she said she goes once every while. She said it's close, so that's good. We asked where it was at and long story short, we found out she has been switching off our church and another one! Haha! We said that wasn't our church and she said, "Oh? It isn't?" She's a little confused I think. But wonderful! Sis. S. told her she has to live for at least 10 more years and she went to slap her! But then just slapped her hand. Haha she kills me! Then she asked us to guess how old she is. I said 80 or 81 and guess what? She's 91!! How crazy?!
We had another dinner that night at 최남희's (like chway-nam-he) house. We had another a couple of weeks ago! She is so kind. The food was so good! So much of it...
Da da da! Friday! Had weekly planning that was almost 3 hours this time! Just barely over. We're getting closer at keeping it in the time frame, though! We talked to people on the street and heart attacked two members. Hahaha oh my gosh! Ok that night we met with a woman and it was so funny. She was upset because there's a girl she doesn't like that she works with. She kept calling her "the fat selfish girl". So, we asked if there was anything she liked about her, and she said "No! She's just so fat! She's fatter than... than... American missionaries!" Hahahaha Sis. S and I just sat there. Wow, she seriously must be just massive to be bigger than American missionaries! Hahaha. So funny.
Saturday... Oh! We just went to drop a card off on a members door we don't know, but she opened the door right when we found the apartment and had us come in! She is super, super awesome! So surprise visit/lesson! She has two kids (son and daughter) and the daughter and her husband are inactive. Actually her husband really, really doesn't like the church. But she's so positive and just told us why the church is so important to her. Of course she gave us some food (they always do) and it was an Asian pear and grapes :) So great! After, I passed off the vocab for the next lesson with the new district leader- Eld Pons! He's awesome! And yay I passed! English class was after. Sis. S and I gave the spiritual thought after and it went really well!! They really paid attention!! Good, good day.
Sunday! We had our meeting and then Relief Society and then gospel principles... then sacrament! There's a new companionship so now 12 missionaries in our district/ward! So many! So Sis. Pope, Eld Pons, Eld Helsloot (new zone leader), Eld 정, and one other Korean elder who's name I don't remember... all spoke! The other Korean Elder just arrived from the MTC this week, so he's new like me! It's great. Then the ward lunch afterwards. So, 4 peeople of ours that we thought were coming didn't show :( two investigators, a recent convert and one less active. Such a bummer!! We're counting on next week though.
Oh ya! So, the people always want to buy/give us food here since we're foreign and trying to learn their language. So we're walking on the street and I start talking to this lady (just hello, where she's going and stuff) and she freaks out and says she has to buy us food! We said, "Oh no, it's ok, it's ok. We already ate!" But she grabs us and walks into this restaurant right buy us, goes up, orders food, has us sit down, and then leaves! How crazy?!!? Oh so, so, so sweet! I can't tell you how kind the people are to us here. It's unbelievable!
After church we had two lessons that were cancelled so we made 죽 which is basically just rice and egg and seaweed for two women in our ward that were sick. We went to the first and said we're just dropping this by and have to leave but she made us come in! We felt so bad! She cut up 3 huge apples for us. Then she started talking and told us about her conversion in the church. Super cool! Haha oh man, then she took this packet out of the fridge (red ginseng?) and said it's good for your health and that she drinks one everyday. She gave us each one and we started drinking... Oh so bad!!!! Haha I seriously cannot describe what it tasted like besides saying that it's just so, so bad! We drank it... smiling... and then she got a call and left the room and we just drank is so fast to get it over with. Oh, so many good times in the mission :) We went to 최승임 (chway-song-eem)'s house after to drop it off. And we met her husband!!! We've been trying so hard to meet him but he's never, ever home. He's Buddhist and doesn't want anything to do with the church. But, he has come in and started talking to us a ton! Oh, btw 최승임 also broke her collar bone so she's in a sling :/ We said we had to go but he made us stay and made us a ton of food! It was crazy!! When we went to leave we asked him to kneel and pray with us and his wife and son but he said, "Oh no, I'm Buddhist!" It was funny and he was friendly about it :) but after he said, "Wow, you blessed me and my family a lot- thank you!" So that was so so cool!! :)
It's actually raining a ton today! We were going to go to the zoo again because it's so beautiful but... I don't think so!
Love you all so so much! Sorry my emails are so forever long!
Sis. Evans

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First Transfer Almost Over

Dear Family,
Now how crazy is this? On Wednesday I've already been here for 1 transfer!! That means I only have 10 left! :'(
1. To show respect, you always use two hands when gesturing to other people. And everytime you shake someone's hand, you have to have the other hand either touching theirs, or touching your wrist or something. If not, you're being rude! Also, if you're handing something to someone you either use two hands to give it to them, or touch your arm with the other arm while you hand it to them.
2. Tons of girls (I mean really, most of them), wear contacts to make their eyes look bigger. There's no pupil.... they're just big and dark! They want to look like dolls.

I'm just going to do two! To save time and make them last longer.... Also, I just want to re-emphasize how much I loved the package!! I really have the best family in the world! I loved the letters so much. Dad, your Korean is amazing!!! I was so impressed!!! I actually had to have 권하나 translate some of it for me...
Last week after we emailed, we were going to visit a palace right by where we were at, but it was closed. So instead..... WE WENT TO A ZOO!!! Oh my gosh it was so, so, so fun!! There were elephants and lions and tigers and bears (haha) and monkeys and it was so fun! Our whole district went. That night we had a dinner with a member. She is so sweet! It was just the sisters (so 4 of us), and she made sooo much food. Oh my gosh. Hahaha I got to a point where I felt so sick, but everytime you finish off a bowl or plate, they take it from you and fill it back up!! Ahhh. Sis Seegmiller is the best and would help me out near the end. So delicious, though! Also, Mom you're the best and so on top of things! Guess what happened about 2 hours after I emailed? I got a text from a random number asking if it was Gentry. It was Nayoung!!! I'm meeting with her tomorrow!! So crazy. I can't wait to tell you about it! Thanks, Mom!
Tuesday... Apparently I've picked up my pace at the service project place because when we got there, they requested sis. S and I on one floor! (there's 3 companionships so we all go to different places) They wanted us to do this packaging thing because apparently we're the fastest at it. (yeah....) It's always fun going there. For dinner guess what we ate... BANANA PANCAKES!!! Oh so yummy!! That was really fun. Sis. S has never had them! FHE that night was so hilarious. After the message, we played this game and it was so fun.
Wednesday was our last district meeting this transfer :( So sad! Transfer calls came Saturday night and (no shock- Sis S and I aren't moving), But our district leader, Elder Savas, is! We talked about being happy and challenges and things we can have on missions. It was really good! Sis. LaBlanc and Elder Ross each gave little trainings since they go home this Wednesday! So, so, so sad. I can't remember anything else from Wednesday.. Oh ya! Before the meeting, they wanted us to eat together. You'll never guess where we ate... Costco! There's a Costco in Korea!!!! And it's in our area!!! How crazy? I'm sorry I didn't get to tell you before you sent the package.............. But everything is really, really expensive there! But we went there and ate the pizza :P
Thursday was 12 week follow-up! 12 week is a program all missionaries do the first 12 weeks of their mission to help them adjust. It's great! So, everyone I came with to Korea all met up for this little conference! It was so fun seeing all of them again! We talked a lot about street contacting and good/bad ways to do it. Basically, how to be real people and not robots. It was really helpful!!! After the conference, the most amazing thing happened!!! We got on the bus and I was trapped near the front because there were so many people. I started talking to this woman and she was so interested! She started asking all of these questions and then said "Ahh this is my stop!" And asked if she could have my number. MY NUMBER. Nobody asks that!!! Ever!! Haha we are trying so hard to find people that will give us their number. So I quickly gave it to her and she ran off! I so wish we could've got hers. THEN, I walk farther back to tell Sis. S and, well I can't get to her. A seat opens up next to me so I tell a girl standing next to me to sit down. She sits down and takes the stuff I'm holding from my hands and keeps it on her lap for me (so kind, they always do that!). I started talking with her and she said she'd heard about our church! She'd stayed in a "Mormon hotel" (so embarrassing she kept asking me what the name of it was and that it was really famous but I kept saying I'd never heard of one! Haha found out 10 minutes later she was talking about Marriott hotels...). She said that there was the Mormon bible in her room. So! I started telling her about it and she was shocked to find out that we believe in the Bible and Book of Mormon. She was so sweet and just awesome! Then she said oh this is your stop!! (I'd told her which one it was and hadn't realized where we were...) so I told her she could keep the Book of Mormon and that it was free and she couldn't believe it! Oh she has no idea how willing we are to give them away haha. I quickly gave her a card with our number and jumped off the bus! It was crazy! But wait, there's more.
We walked down and were waiting for our subway (lots of travel...) and we started talking to an elderly woman. Ok I thought she was about 55 but turns out sh'es 70. They don't age!!! Anyways, she told us about how her husband died and that she loves Christ so much and that he's basically her best friend/companion since hers is gone. She's so awesome! She started to get emotional about it and cried! We had already given out every Book of Mormon we had (we always carry 4 in our bags) and all the pamphlets except one- the plan of salvation. How perfect?! So we got on the subway and started talking with her and this woman next to me kept asking me, "What ward?  What ward?" and I was so confused. Turns out, she's a member!! What?! I've never seen one just on the street or anywhere outside of church! So she was talking to her with us! The 70 year old woman turned to me and said, "Give me a pen and pape,r" so I took out my notebook and she wrote down her # and address and said we had to come to her house & teach her and her daughter. She was so awesome!!!!!! As soon as she got off, the group of older women standing by us all turned and started asking us questions. It was just amazing!!!
Friday.... We were supposed to meet with a woman we met on the street but we called her when we got there and she said she didn't want to meet with us :/ (that happens a ton). So just talked to the people on the street! We had a dinner that night at the church with Bishop and all the missionaries. It was because Elder Ross and Sis. LaBlanc are leaving. Haha they brought a cake and had those two cut it together with one knife!! IT was hilarious. Bishop is always talking about them gettting married Haha, I think he was trying to give them an idea for the future. And just in case you're wondering, yes, we do eat cake with chopsticks. and YES! I can use them! Didn't think I'd learn so quickly, huh? Just kidding it's been 6 weeks and I'm still terrible haha. I still have a year and 3 months of practice though! We met with 강지은 after and taught a lesson. She was so awesome!! We've been trying to get her to read the BofM but she never will (she's a less-active). BUT! She said, "You know, I really need to read this book. I will start and read it every night." It was great! We said even if she just reads a little everyday it will help her so much.
Saturday- GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow it was the best thing ever!!!!!!!! We went to the stake building so there were a ton of missionaries (I think 2 zones?). Haha they had bought a ton of food from costco- muffins of course- and we sat and ate and watched and got so sick because we have not consumed anything with that much sugar in so long. The talks were amazing!!! I would write about them, but then I would never finish this. So I'll say just watch it and you'll know what I mean! Bednar's talk was super about- directed to nonmembers about why we do missionary work. Also Jorg something.... He was so blunt! It was great! Ok, all of them were amazing. It is so different watching them as a missionary!
We did that Saturday and Sunday. 강지은 even came! She only watched the last half hour Sunday because she was super late... but that's ok! We went most of the way home with her and she told us how she read 3 pages of the Book of Mormon!! So great! We got on a bus to get home and we talked to the most amazing woman!! She's probably late 20's or early 30's and lived in Australia for a year so her English is really good. She was so so sweet & pretty and asked us so many questions about why we're here and what we believe! And she so willingly gave us her number! So crazy.
Ok, I'm taking forever! Umm.. Oh ya! Yesterday I passed off lesson 3 with Eld Savas. Just one more with a district leader and I'm onto sister training leaders!! I really want to have it done by the end of this month. It will be hard though....
Anyways! Loving my life so much!!! Everything is so fun!!!!
Sis. Gentry Evans

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Traveling to the DMZ!

Korea is So Beautiful!

Hello family!!

THANK YOU FOR THAT AMAZING PACKAGE. IT IS THE BEST!!! You've done wayyy too much!! I'll get back to this in a minute :)

1. When eating a meal, they never drink anything! Even if you're at a restaurant they don't give you a drink unless you ask for it. And at someone's house? Never. And their food is quite spicy... so I'm always dying! Haha.
2. They don't have paper towels! You know how in Monk all he uses are wipes? Haha! That is kind of how it is here! People either carry wipes or... nothing. At tables, they don't have napkins... and you know how sometimes I can be a bit messy... it's a struggle. In houses, they sometimes have toilet paper rolls out but that is it!
3. Most cars here are really tinted, as in they are completely black and you can't see in at all. I'm guessing they don't have a law against that.

Ok, today might be a struggle. I am currently typing on an Ipad but... it won't turn sideways!! Haha.  It's taken quite awhile just to write what I have... anyways This past week has been so fun! I wish I could paint a picture for you of what Korea is like, but I just can't. It is seriously the most beautiful place ever!!!!!!! I can't wait to come back here with you!! Which we have to do. I just want to show you everything :) So cancel all vacation plans for the next 5 years and save/plan for this!!!

Monday there was a leadership training so the sister training leaders and zone leaders went to it. And I live with the sister training leaders... so that night they brought back the package! All packages go to President's house. So no, Dad, I didn't have to carry the package at all! Haha! I felt so bad for them though! IT WAS THE BEST, THOUGH!!! It was so thoughtful! It was so kind of you to include those ingredients to make the cookies! We already made some!! Everyone loves them :) and I loved the magazine Dad! I showed everyone the pictures :) I loved the letters, too. They were so encouraging. The socks/shoes things are awsome!! I wear them all around the house everyday!! So thank you thank you!! It was really way too much!!

The next morning (Tuesday), I saw my whole district on the subway and this elder said, "Wow, yesterday was really tough". I asked why and he said, "It was so weird! I had to carry this massive box that was so heavy for so long! I kept wondering what could've been in it and why someone that's only been here a month would need it!" Haha. So funny!
My district (there's 10 of us), went to the DMZ!!! It was so fun and incredible!! You have to take this really cool train to get there. At the last stop, these soldiers/guards have to get on for the rest of the way. Them we got to the DMZ! There's different things you can do there, but we took a bus up closer to the border and when into a building and watched a video on the war and relations with North Korea. It was fascinating. Then! We got to go in and walk in the 3rd tunnel! Which is one tunnel (in case you don't know...), of 4 big ones that the North Koreans were digging underground that all lead to Seoul so they could attack them. There are tons of tunnels, but there are 4 that are known as the biggest, I guess. So we got to walk down in them! It was sooo steep. It was really hard not to just run down! And by run, I basically mean fall. I think the hole was 5 1/2-6 feet by 4 1/2-5 feet. So really small! Especially because we had to wear these helmets. Haha! The elders had to bend over so much because they kept hitting their heads on the ceiling. It levels out and you get to a point where they've made a cement wall up that isn't really thick. There's a hole though, so you can see in! I think we were only 200-250 meters from the North Korean border!! Crazy!!! Then we took a bus to a lookout place where you can see the big city right on the other side of the border.... That is a fake city to make them look prosperous... So that was interesting. This massive city that no one lives in! After the DMZ, (our pday was awesome!!), we went to a Japanese prison on our way back that had been turned into a museum. Wow... so crazy. It was a prison the Japanese had created for Koreans that were fighting for liberty. Basically a terrible place they tortured people in to crush the Korean spirit. So educational and horrible.

But our pday was so fun!! Our district is so fun to be with! Wednesday, we had a combined zone conference. SO fun!! The 2 sister training leaders amd 2 zone leaders teach in it. It was sad because it's both Elder Ross and Sis LaBanc's last one!! They leave this transfer which ends one week from Wednesday :( so sad!! They're awesome.

Thursday.... we took the spot of the other sisters to do service because they had an appointment and couldn't go. It was fun! As always. Also! It rained like CRAZY that day!! And we were walking all around the city looking for addresses to visit people and we were just soaked! Haha it was so fun!! Rain is the best.

Friday we met with a recent convert named 최승임 and her son (he's about 11). It was awesome!! We taught about Patriarchal blessings and she really wants to get one. She is so so sweet and just ready to take in everything! We also taught 강기은 that night. (Yay two lessons in one day!!) It was fun, read from the Liahona about service amd watched a Mormon message. She is so cute. Also, she was on time!! Which never happens!! It was so awesome because we could get through our whole lesson!

Saturday.... oh ya! We changed it up-- we run and then every other day do Insanity in the mornings. It's so fun!! And Saturday after Insanity... I made pancakes!!!!!!!!! They were awesome!! Ok, they really didn't taste that great but for not having pancakes for months they were delicious :) We taught 진형숙 that afternoon and it was great! She was baptized just in May. Her husband came in for the last half of the lesson and we taught about conference and how to prepare for it and how important it is. She's awesome!! After we had English class. Always fun :) After for the 30 min. gospel part, Elder Savas and Armstrong taught and did a cool activity. They bought choco pies (ya Dad, the ones we had at our house!! Funny because I didn't like them before I left because I thought they weren't sweet at all and now I think they are so sweet.)  Elder Savas would go to each person and ask if they wanted one and if they said yes, Elder Armstrong had to do 5 push-ups before they could get it. Even if they said no, Elder Armstrong still had to do them. By the end he collapsed because he was so tired! It was sad... but he kept trying! It was an example of Christ's atonment. Super cool!! Then we talked to people on the street. We met this awesome woman that said she couldn't believe she hadn't met or seen us before and really wants to meet with us. So cool! :)

Sunday was fast Sunday! It's so awesome. I haven't been sick once since I've gotten here on Fast Sunday! Sis LaBlanc and Elder Ross gave their "last words" :( so sad!! After church... pass off! Ahh I was so nervous. I didn't think Eld Savas (district leader) would pass me... Actually I was really sure he wouldn't haha. But! I taught it and he said I did well! Mostly just him being nice. but I passed!! I was so nervous for it so I was so relieved when it was over. We talked to people on the street for the rest of the time! This past week we talked to 145 people on the street! (That doesn't just mean saying hi, but talking to them and sharing at least a brief message with them) Awesome!

I'm writing this on an Ipad because this morning (for the 4th week in a row and finally the last!) we went to the foreigners place to get my card. And I got it! So I'm official! Saw a lot of my old district there so that was fun :) we just went to a place in this area to email since we're over an hour away from where we live. (Dad we're in 신당). Kind of like the capital of Seoul!

So my week was a blast!! Loving everything over here!! Love all of you with all my heart!!
Sis. Gentry Evans