Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First Transfer Almost Over

Dear Family,
Now how crazy is this? On Wednesday I've already been here for 1 transfer!! That means I only have 10 left! :'(
1. To show respect, you always use two hands when gesturing to other people. And everytime you shake someone's hand, you have to have the other hand either touching theirs, or touching your wrist or something. If not, you're being rude! Also, if you're handing something to someone you either use two hands to give it to them, or touch your arm with the other arm while you hand it to them.
2. Tons of girls (I mean really, most of them), wear contacts to make their eyes look bigger. There's no pupil.... they're just big and dark! They want to look like dolls.

I'm just going to do two! To save time and make them last longer.... Also, I just want to re-emphasize how much I loved the package!! I really have the best family in the world! I loved the letters so much. Dad, your Korean is amazing!!! I was so impressed!!! I actually had to have 권하나 translate some of it for me...
Last week after we emailed, we were going to visit a palace right by where we were at, but it was closed. So instead..... WE WENT TO A ZOO!!! Oh my gosh it was so, so, so fun!! There were elephants and lions and tigers and bears (haha) and monkeys and it was so fun! Our whole district went. That night we had a dinner with a member. She is so sweet! It was just the sisters (so 4 of us), and she made sooo much food. Oh my gosh. Hahaha I got to a point where I felt so sick, but everytime you finish off a bowl or plate, they take it from you and fill it back up!! Ahhh. Sis Seegmiller is the best and would help me out near the end. So delicious, though! Also, Mom you're the best and so on top of things! Guess what happened about 2 hours after I emailed? I got a text from a random number asking if it was Gentry. It was Nayoung!!! I'm meeting with her tomorrow!! So crazy. I can't wait to tell you about it! Thanks, Mom!
Tuesday... Apparently I've picked up my pace at the service project place because when we got there, they requested sis. S and I on one floor! (there's 3 companionships so we all go to different places) They wanted us to do this packaging thing because apparently we're the fastest at it. (yeah....) It's always fun going there. For dinner guess what we ate... BANANA PANCAKES!!! Oh so yummy!! That was really fun. Sis. S has never had them! FHE that night was so hilarious. After the message, we played this game and it was so fun.
Wednesday was our last district meeting this transfer :( So sad! Transfer calls came Saturday night and (no shock- Sis S and I aren't moving), But our district leader, Elder Savas, is! We talked about being happy and challenges and things we can have on missions. It was really good! Sis. LaBlanc and Elder Ross each gave little trainings since they go home this Wednesday! So, so, so sad. I can't remember anything else from Wednesday.. Oh ya! Before the meeting, they wanted us to eat together. You'll never guess where we ate... Costco! There's a Costco in Korea!!!! And it's in our area!!! How crazy? I'm sorry I didn't get to tell you before you sent the package.............. But everything is really, really expensive there! But we went there and ate the pizza :P
Thursday was 12 week follow-up! 12 week is a program all missionaries do the first 12 weeks of their mission to help them adjust. It's great! So, everyone I came with to Korea all met up for this little conference! It was so fun seeing all of them again! We talked a lot about street contacting and good/bad ways to do it. Basically, how to be real people and not robots. It was really helpful!!! After the conference, the most amazing thing happened!!! We got on the bus and I was trapped near the front because there were so many people. I started talking to this woman and she was so interested! She started asking all of these questions and then said "Ahh this is my stop!" And asked if she could have my number. MY NUMBER. Nobody asks that!!! Ever!! Haha we are trying so hard to find people that will give us their number. So I quickly gave it to her and she ran off! I so wish we could've got hers. THEN, I walk farther back to tell Sis. S and, well I can't get to her. A seat opens up next to me so I tell a girl standing next to me to sit down. She sits down and takes the stuff I'm holding from my hands and keeps it on her lap for me (so kind, they always do that!). I started talking with her and she said she'd heard about our church! She'd stayed in a "Mormon hotel" (so embarrassing she kept asking me what the name of it was and that it was really famous but I kept saying I'd never heard of one! Haha found out 10 minutes later she was talking about Marriott hotels...). She said that there was the Mormon bible in her room. So! I started telling her about it and she was shocked to find out that we believe in the Bible and Book of Mormon. She was so sweet and just awesome! Then she said oh this is your stop!! (I'd told her which one it was and hadn't realized where we were...) so I told her she could keep the Book of Mormon and that it was free and she couldn't believe it! Oh she has no idea how willing we are to give them away haha. I quickly gave her a card with our number and jumped off the bus! It was crazy! But wait, there's more.
We walked down and were waiting for our subway (lots of travel...) and we started talking to an elderly woman. Ok I thought she was about 55 but turns out sh'es 70. They don't age!!! Anyways, she told us about how her husband died and that she loves Christ so much and that he's basically her best friend/companion since hers is gone. She's so awesome! She started to get emotional about it and cried! We had already given out every Book of Mormon we had (we always carry 4 in our bags) and all the pamphlets except one- the plan of salvation. How perfect?! So we got on the subway and started talking with her and this woman next to me kept asking me, "What ward?  What ward?" and I was so confused. Turns out, she's a member!! What?! I've never seen one just on the street or anywhere outside of church! So she was talking to her with us! The 70 year old woman turned to me and said, "Give me a pen and pape,r" so I took out my notebook and she wrote down her # and address and said we had to come to her house & teach her and her daughter. She was so awesome!!!!!! As soon as she got off, the group of older women standing by us all turned and started asking us questions. It was just amazing!!!
Friday.... We were supposed to meet with a woman we met on the street but we called her when we got there and she said she didn't want to meet with us :/ (that happens a ton). So just talked to the people on the street! We had a dinner that night at the church with Bishop and all the missionaries. It was because Elder Ross and Sis. LaBlanc are leaving. Haha they brought a cake and had those two cut it together with one knife!! IT was hilarious. Bishop is always talking about them gettting married Haha, I think he was trying to give them an idea for the future. And just in case you're wondering, yes, we do eat cake with chopsticks. and YES! I can use them! Didn't think I'd learn so quickly, huh? Just kidding it's been 6 weeks and I'm still terrible haha. I still have a year and 3 months of practice though! We met with 강지은 after and taught a lesson. She was so awesome!! We've been trying to get her to read the BofM but she never will (she's a less-active). BUT! She said, "You know, I really need to read this book. I will start and read it every night." It was great! We said even if she just reads a little everyday it will help her so much.
Saturday- GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow it was the best thing ever!!!!!!!! We went to the stake building so there were a ton of missionaries (I think 2 zones?). Haha they had bought a ton of food from costco- muffins of course- and we sat and ate and watched and got so sick because we have not consumed anything with that much sugar in so long. The talks were amazing!!! I would write about them, but then I would never finish this. So I'll say just watch it and you'll know what I mean! Bednar's talk was super about- directed to nonmembers about why we do missionary work. Also Jorg something.... He was so blunt! It was great! Ok, all of them were amazing. It is so different watching them as a missionary!
We did that Saturday and Sunday. 강지은 even came! She only watched the last half hour Sunday because she was super late... but that's ok! We went most of the way home with her and she told us how she read 3 pages of the Book of Mormon!! So great! We got on a bus to get home and we talked to the most amazing woman!! She's probably late 20's or early 30's and lived in Australia for a year so her English is really good. She was so so sweet & pretty and asked us so many questions about why we're here and what we believe! And she so willingly gave us her number! So crazy.
Ok, I'm taking forever! Umm.. Oh ya! Yesterday I passed off lesson 3 with Eld Savas. Just one more with a district leader and I'm onto sister training leaders!! I really want to have it done by the end of this month. It will be hard though....
Anyways! Loving my life so much!!! Everything is so fun!!!!
Sis. Gentry Evans

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