Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Start of Transfer 2!

Dear family,
Another great week!!!
1. When you knock on a door, they often don't answer and you just yell through the door and then they yell back. Interesting! The first time I was surprised when my companion just started yelling "Harmony!!!" through a door which just means grandma. Haha it's fun!
2. The men always, always, always shave their faces- never see a Korean without a clean shaven face!
Soo there's been a change in the wind here.... Literally! They are now ice cold! Haha ok not quite. But the temperature has dropped dramatically. Everyone's taken out their winter coats! But it's not that cold yet :)
Last Tuesday I saw 나영!!! (Nayoung) It was so crazy! For some reason I was super nervous. But we went and met her in a little cafe and talked. She is so cute!!! She hopes to meet all of you one day and I hope that we can!! That night we had a last 식사 with our ward mission leader. We went to a little restauraunt. Super fun! Right after was FHE. Last one with our district! Tons of people came. Because the next day was 권한나's birthday (and I think also because Elder Ross and Sister LaBlanc left the next day), they brought out a big cake! So sweet of them. We said goodbye to Elder Ross and wished him good luck in America and said goodbye to Elder Savas, since he was being transferred the next day. Then ran home!
The next day we woke up and said goodbye to Sis. LaBlanc! So crazy! The new sister is Sis Pope! She's such a sweetheart! And this is her last transfer too! We went to a shabashaba for lunch for 권한나's birthday- so good!!! Btw her last name sounds like "Kwon" kind of, so I'll start using that for her! Then we were totally lost but somehow Sister Seegmiller and I found our way to the service project. We met Elder Armstrong's new companion- Elder 정명기 or something like that... He's great! Doesn't really know any English and funny thing is, he thinks I know a lot of Korean so he kept talking to me. I just would change my expression every 10 seconds or so and throw in a "Nay?!" every now and then. Works really well! We talked to people on the street for a couple hours and then went to 최승임's house for a lesson. It was so good!!! She really understands everything so well and has just such a sincere desire to do good. Her son is great too! He's about 11?
Thursday... Oh my gosh! Oh, Thursday was funny. Ok! We went out and met 김명옥 again (remember the old woman who says she just wants to die?). We just waited at the door and knocked and yelled for a good 10 min and then she came! We went over and sat down and she's in a lot of pain :( She's hilarious though! She prayed to start and asked that she could finally die and thanks for us, amen. We asked about church and she said she goes once every while. She said it's close, so that's good. We asked where it was at and long story short, we found out she has been switching off our church and another one! Haha! We said that wasn't our church and she said, "Oh? It isn't?" She's a little confused I think. But wonderful! Sis. S. told her she has to live for at least 10 more years and she went to slap her! But then just slapped her hand. Haha she kills me! Then she asked us to guess how old she is. I said 80 or 81 and guess what? She's 91!! How crazy?!
We had another dinner that night at 최남희's (like chway-nam-he) house. We had another a couple of weeks ago! She is so kind. The food was so good! So much of it...
Da da da! Friday! Had weekly planning that was almost 3 hours this time! Just barely over. We're getting closer at keeping it in the time frame, though! We talked to people on the street and heart attacked two members. Hahaha oh my gosh! Ok that night we met with a woman and it was so funny. She was upset because there's a girl she doesn't like that she works with. She kept calling her "the fat selfish girl". So, we asked if there was anything she liked about her, and she said "No! She's just so fat! She's fatter than... than... American missionaries!" Hahahaha Sis. S and I just sat there. Wow, she seriously must be just massive to be bigger than American missionaries! Hahaha. So funny.
Saturday... Oh! We just went to drop a card off on a members door we don't know, but she opened the door right when we found the apartment and had us come in! She is super, super awesome! So surprise visit/lesson! She has two kids (son and daughter) and the daughter and her husband are inactive. Actually her husband really, really doesn't like the church. But she's so positive and just told us why the church is so important to her. Of course she gave us some food (they always do) and it was an Asian pear and grapes :) So great! After, I passed off the vocab for the next lesson with the new district leader- Eld Pons! He's awesome! And yay I passed! English class was after. Sis. S and I gave the spiritual thought after and it went really well!! They really paid attention!! Good, good day.
Sunday! We had our meeting and then Relief Society and then gospel principles... then sacrament! There's a new companionship so now 12 missionaries in our district/ward! So many! So Sis. Pope, Eld Pons, Eld Helsloot (new zone leader), Eld 정, and one other Korean elder who's name I don't remember... all spoke! The other Korean Elder just arrived from the MTC this week, so he's new like me! It's great. Then the ward lunch afterwards. So, 4 peeople of ours that we thought were coming didn't show :( two investigators, a recent convert and one less active. Such a bummer!! We're counting on next week though.
Oh ya! So, the people always want to buy/give us food here since we're foreign and trying to learn their language. So we're walking on the street and I start talking to this lady (just hello, where she's going and stuff) and she freaks out and says she has to buy us food! We said, "Oh no, it's ok, it's ok. We already ate!" But she grabs us and walks into this restaurant right buy us, goes up, orders food, has us sit down, and then leaves! How crazy?!!? Oh so, so, so sweet! I can't tell you how kind the people are to us here. It's unbelievable!
After church we had two lessons that were cancelled so we made 죽 which is basically just rice and egg and seaweed for two women in our ward that were sick. We went to the first and said we're just dropping this by and have to leave but she made us come in! We felt so bad! She cut up 3 huge apples for us. Then she started talking and told us about her conversion in the church. Super cool! Haha oh man, then she took this packet out of the fridge (red ginseng?) and said it's good for your health and that she drinks one everyday. She gave us each one and we started drinking... Oh so bad!!!! Haha I seriously cannot describe what it tasted like besides saying that it's just so, so bad! We drank it... smiling... and then she got a call and left the room and we just drank is so fast to get it over with. Oh, so many good times in the mission :) We went to 최승임 (chway-song-eem)'s house after to drop it off. And we met her husband!!! We've been trying so hard to meet him but he's never, ever home. He's Buddhist and doesn't want anything to do with the church. But, he has come in and started talking to us a ton! Oh, btw 최승임 also broke her collar bone so she's in a sling :/ We said we had to go but he made us stay and made us a ton of food! It was crazy!! When we went to leave we asked him to kneel and pray with us and his wife and son but he said, "Oh no, I'm Buddhist!" It was funny and he was friendly about it :) but after he said, "Wow, you blessed me and my family a lot- thank you!" So that was so so cool!! :)
It's actually raining a ton today! We were going to go to the zoo again because it's so beautiful but... I don't think so!
Love you all so so much! Sorry my emails are so forever long!
Sis. Evans

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