Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Don't be fooled by the summery look, it is a bit cold out there. Haha. But how absolutely beautiful?!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My New District

A new mission in Sokcho‏

Dear Dad, Mom, Saxon & Rylan!
This week has been so crazy!!!!! I don't even know where to begin. Honestly I feel like I'm serving a completely different mission in my new area! Which I am.... It is so hard to explain so... I'm going to try but probably won't do a good job! I'll start with last week.
So Monday I met my new companion! 이상지 ee-song-jee. She's super awesome! But she's so dang good at English she won't speak Korean! Of course I understand... Korean's have to learn English their whole lives so they are always trying to improve. Haha the only problem is I'm trying to learn Korean! So it's a bit flipped. She speaks English most of the time and I speak Korean. Still super lucky to have a Korean companion, though! She had a dentist appointment Tuesday so we had to stay in Seoul until then so guess what... I got to spend the night at the temple!!! So cool! Also, it poured all day which was awesome. It was so strange because all of the missionaries that are dying (going home this transfer) stayed at the temple too and all they were talking about was their last couple of days and going home to America so I felt like I was dying too! So weird. So yes, Sis. Seegmilller and I were together for one last day. Haha she just can't get rid of me ;)
We just did missionary work in Seoul by talking to people on the street. The only problem is that we're in a super commercial area and everyone is always so busy. They're just running so no one wants to talk. My last area was in Seoul but it was not nearly as crazy as shin-chon! (which is the city the temple is in) That night we actually got to meet one of my new companion's recent converts. SHE IS AMAZING. We met her and showed her around the temple and then talked with her. She is planning on going to BYU in April. I was so shocked I thought she had been baptized for a year but I found out she was only baptized last month! She's been meeting with the missionaries for a long time though. Guess what, she actually did lessons with the missionaries at the MTC when I was there.... Elder Wheeler and Elder Bluhm taught her! How crazy is that?! So anyways, that was a really cool night :)
Tuesday we did studies and then started our way to her dentist appointment which was in...... 도봉! Dad how cool is that?! I got to serve in your old area for part of a day :) It took a bit over an hour to get there and then because we had a bunch of luggage with us we dropped it off at the dentist office (haha yes, they were a bit surprised), and then contacted people on the street for a while before her appointment. There were so few people on the streets! It's because of the lunar holiday this week. We had some good converstations though :) After her dentist app, just before 6, we started our way to the new area. Took a subway for just under two hours and then got to the huge bus station. It was packed! Hundreds and hundreds of people because of the holiday. They're big buses so we had assigned seats. Left at 7:40ish and arrived at 10:15ish! I was so excited! So ya.... got home so late that night!!! Luckily we live really close to the bus stop so we got home a little after 10:30.
Wednesday! Here starts my real first week in Sokcho. So here's some facts about my new area! It is RIGHT next to the ocean!!!! It's so pretty!!!! I'll send some pics :) Since it's way out in the country there are so few people. I mean there's a ton if you look at the amount of apartments, but on the street there are so few. There are 6 people in my district, 4 elders & 2 sisters. (So to answer your question, Mom, it's just my companion and I in our apartment.) Our apartment... is the perfect size for two people :) haha small but great! And we actually have an oven so that's great! Also, we're on the top floor of the complex!! (15th floor)
Anyways, I'm serving in a branch and there are about 10 members that come each week. I'll talk more about them later, BUT THEY'RE THE BEST!!! So that's why I said it's a new mission.... now I'm a "branch missionary." It means that while missionary work is of course important, we concentrate our efforts on the members. An elder in my district (Elder Lanford) is actually the branch president! And Elder Elwood (he's the district leader) is the branch clerk. So different, huh? The members come before... everything else. Honestly it's a bit hard to adjust. Just so used to the other way around (of course members have always been so important, but you know not like this). I'm trying to change my thinking fast and adjust! There is a reason for this....
The country is now kind of like the golden area. Everyone prays to serve out here! When I met my companion one of the first things she said to me is, "So what did you do to gain president's trust to serve in Sokcho?" I didn't quite understand why everyone said you have to be so trusted to serve in the country... but now I understand! It's because so many of our rules are gone. That's why president has to really trust us. On Wednesday we met our district at the church to practice songs and dances we were going to sing for the elderly! DANCES?! I'm telling you... so would not be allowed anywhere else!! Just the fact that we met with the elders for something other than district meeting is so not allowed. We're never supposed to be with them... But here we are always with them. It's so cool, though, because then we all get really close! Only 10 members and 6 missionaries, we're really close. And it's not really a dance, just hand motions. I can't wait to teach you them! They're so fun^^
After that my companion and I street contacted around/went door to door. MY AREA IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Seriously it's amazing!!! I can't even describe it. That's what we did for the rest of the day!
Thursday we had the service project! Met the elders at the church, ran over the stuff we were going to do, and hopped on a bus to go to the other area. Went to the end of the bus line and then hopped in a taxi for the rest of the way (it's seriously in mountains in the middle of nowhere) It's a house for elderly women. IT WAS SO FUN! Also slightly depressing since they are so old and dying.... but so fun! We played 윷놀이 yout-no-ri with them. Dad do you know that game? Super old traditional game. Then sang the old Korean songs and danced with them :) It was wonderful.
Then we went back to the church and made dinner with the elders because it was Solar (their holiday). Made the traditional Solar meal- 떡국 dok-guke. Then finished the day with missionary work! Actually, for the rest of the mission it was a huge combined conference in Shin-dong for the holiday. But for the 5 districts in the country.... we were not invited. Haha we're too far so we're going to have a combined conference with just our zone next week.
Friday was cleaning day! 9-2 was spent cleaning. So nice! Our house is so much cleaner^^ We also had an appointment today!!! She's actually Japanese, ###. She's about 30 and has 2 young kids. She's... super lonely. She's not happy :/ So we tried teaching her to help her find more happiness and purpose. She wanted to meet us but didn't really want to listen to what we had to stay? So... we're not totally sure what we want to do about her. We're going to keep visiting to help and share the gospel!
That night was weekly planning.
Saturday! We had missionary coordination meeting (usually it's with the bishop and ward mission leader but it was just our district since an elder is the branch president!) Then there was English class after. The cutest girl ever came with her mom! Then a ward member that came ordered pizza and we all ate together (I guess she does that every single week!! How kind??!) Then there was a branch party! Oh my gosh, it was so fun!!! The members are SO awesome and so fun!!! It's mainly just 2 families. We played that same traditional Korean game.
Sunday! Church is actually only 2 hours! Relief Society and Priesthood is one hour and everyone meets together for it. Then sacrament! Guess who is the piano player for the first meeting? Oh, those poor people have to listen to me. I'm terrible! But will have to get better fast. A man recieved the Holy Ghost at the beginning of sacrament! I guess he was baptized last week. The first baptism in our area for almost a year I guess! Then I talked in sacrament. Went well :) Then after we all ate together!
Ok so this is taking forever. But after church you'll never guess what we did.... so in a few weeks there's a big relief society meeting and kind of a talent show or something. They invited ALL of the missionaries in our branch to participate since there are only two relief society people that can participate. The reason I capitalized "all" is because of what we're doing... We're doing a belly dance. No joke. A LEGIT BELLY DANCE. Yes. This is allowed. And the elders are doing it too! Hahaha it is the funniest thing ever. So.... yes. I have nothing else to say about that.
Love you so much and I love my new area! I can't describe it over email, but it is seriously the best area. I"m so grateful for this opportunity to serve here and to serve a mission! IT's been the best few months.
Sis. Evans

Monday, February 16, 2015

Meal with Members!

TRANSFERS. And meal mania!‏

Dear fam!

So I don't have my planner from last week because I'm onto a new one so... I don't know what happened last week! Sorry about that.... I'll try to remember as much as I can :)

I was going to wait till the end to tell you about transfers but I'm too excited so I can't wait..... I'M BEING TRANSFERRED TO 속초!!!!!! Soak-cho. That probably means nothing to you (Dad, remember hearing about this place?) but it's out in the country. My area just goes all along the ocean! I'm so excited ^^ I'm sad to leave Jung-nang and Sis. Ahn because they're both the best but I'm STOKED! Since I came to Korea all I've heard about is people wanting to serve out in the country but not that many get to so I'm so lucky!! It's always everyone's favorite area. So this week is a holiday for Korea so that's why transfers are so crazy. Nothing will be open Wednesday through Friday So they had to do transfers Monday because if they did them on Wednesday like they normally do the Koreans that are finishing their missions couldn't get home! If they are from the south end of Korea there won't be buses or anyway to get home. So transfers are so different this week. So after we finish emailing I'm going to meet my new companion! 이상지 (ee-song-jee). Yes, my next companion is a Korean. ^^ Seriously how lucky am I?! So many blessings all in one phone call that we got Friday night^^ Also, there are fewer and fewer sister missionaries coming to Korea so they had to close two areas for sisters this transfer :/ So in Jung-nang instead of four sisters there will only be 2! So Sis. Seegmiller's old companion (Sis. 길수려 Gil-su-reo) will become Sis. Ahn's companion! They will both just stay in Jung-nang.

Ok! So onto last week. Because Sis. Seegmiller goes home this week we had SO MANY meals.................. Oh my gosh. They were all the best! But it was crazy. Tuesday we ate at 최남희 Chway-nam-he's house and then had FHE. Wednesday was our last district meeting! The AP's came so that was unusual. There will be two new AP's this transfer so there will be 3! Crazy. After district meeting we taught the girl, Meen-soh. She focused so well! It was great. We're teaching her how to pray and it's the best thing ever. She will say thank you for a few things she has... and then go off forever on everything she wants. Pretty paper, a lot of money, cookies... etc. Haha. Also she uses the low form (there's a high, middle, and low form that are used when speaking Korean based on respect. She uses the low form which shows disrespect.... we're trying to fix that.)

Wednesday night we ate with 최충일 Brother and his family. We went to a super nice restaurant and cooked the meat in front of us on burners. (That's not unusual for Korea; we usually cook our meat in front of us). I have no idea how many portions of meat we ate but I can promise you that is the most meat I have ever had in my life. I think I ate a cow, pig, horse and boar. It was so good, though!! Just a CRAZY amount. They just kept giving us more and more slabs of meat....

Thursday night we ate at 최승임 Chway-seng-eem's. So good! Ahhh.... so much food. Seriously it was so hard to finish it. I may or may not have snuck food to my companions bowl because it was just too much. So kind of them though!!

Friday we ate lunch with 서니니 Soh-na-na Sister at a restaurant. She is the cutest. I'd send pics but there's no time. Then we had planning and then ate at 김미라 Kim-me-ra's apartment. Of course so good and of course so much. Basically everyday I've just wanted to die a little. Then that night we got our transfer call!

Saturday we visited the last active 정분연 Jeong-bune-yeon. She is so kind. Unfortunately because she didn't know when her husband would be coming home we couldn't stay :/ (her husband doesn't want to go back to church or see missionaries). So that was a bummer. But because I'm leaving she gave me......! Food. Haha of course :) Also! I forgot to mention it but..... some other day this week we visited another less active and she said for the best 15 or so years she's never let a missionary in her house but for some reason she let us in. We talked with her for a long time. Long story short, she stopped going to church because of problems with members.... but she said she's been wanting to go back for a long time and will start in a couple weeks!!! Super sweet!

Then English class. So Joe is someone that comes every week and is the best! He is the kindest man. Anyways, we told him how some people are leaving (5 from my area are leaving!) and after class he left really fast and then brought cake for everyone! But hejust came upstairs and set it down and left so only one person saw him. So thoughtful! He gave me his email and said if I ever need help while I'm in Korea he will do all he can to help. Seriously so kind.

Sunday! Last week in Jung-nang, so I talked in church! I wish I could say I had planned it out well but... I didn't, so just winged it. Each leaving missionary spoke so we took up the whole program! Then ate with everyone. It was so good. Everyone was so kind. Our investigator 유옥렬 came and she was seriously so sad. I called her Saturday night to tell her I was leaving and she started to cry... :( It's crazy how close you can be with someone in such a short amount of time!) So we taught her for the last time after church. Also, remember 이미경 Ee-mee-geong?! She is the one that acts like a teenager. Anyway, she came to church so I could say goodbye! She cried the whole time and then had to leave early because she was crying so hard :/

The four of us met Jeen-heon-suke in the afternoon and then had a dinner with our whole district at the church with bishop. So fun!

So this is all so little information for what happened this week but I have no time!!

I can't wait to tell you about my new area next week!
Sis. Evans

Monday, February 9, 2015


Dear Family,

1. When I found this out I was shocked! Just because it would never fly in America. So the schools here are super strict and no one is allowed to dye or curl their hair. The girls aren't allowed to wear any makeup or jewelry and can't have painted nails. Also, their hair has to be exactly 11 cm from the bottom of their ears. The teachers take a ruler and measure it every month! And if it's longer than 11 cm they cut it right then and they get in trouble. There's a standard for the boys, too, but I don't know it. So it's super easy to tell if someone is a junior high/high school student! Their hair is a certain length and all of the other stuff. If it's any other lighter color (because everyone's hair is black...) You know it's not a student!

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! I'm glad you already got the package! Although it arrived way faster than I thought. Hope your birthday on Thursday is a good one!!! :)

This past week was wonderful!! Last Monday wasn't our pday, Tuesday was. Monday just normal missionary stuff! For our pday on Tuesday, we went to a museum!!!!! I was so excited ^^ It's The National Museum of Korea. The most famous here! We went with 2 other sisters in our zone so there were 6 of us. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! All about Korea's history. Learned so much ^^ Actually.... as much as I could. Haha the parts that were translated into English I understood really well!! And how lucky were we... there happened to be another exhibit here just for a time. It was from Pompeii!! So Mom I saw a lot of what you saw!!! Kind of... This Pompeii exhibit is travelling around the world and happened to be in Korea right now. I think it's here for another month. It was so fascinating!!! They had the casts of the bodies and everything. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures. But I have some from the museum! Learned a lot :) That night we had FHE! Very fun.

Wednesday we had zone training!!! So fun to see our whole zone! It was super good! :) Pres. and Sis Christensen were there because they were doing interviews, so that was fun to see them, too. Also! I forgot to tell you a month or so ago when I found out our new mission president!! "Sonksen" is his last name. When he served a mission in Korea the entire country of Korea was only one mission! So not saying anything.... But that was a bit of time ago... He and his wife own  a peanut butter company so that's interesting. They've from Ohio! That's about all I know about them. They come in July, I think?

Back to Wednesday. So after the training we went to teach 민서 Meen-soh. We've actually been picking her up at her school. (It's funny, all of the little kids that see me run around me shouting "hello!" and foreigner! foreigner!). Anyways, her teacher saw my companion a couple times and then talked to the woman we pick Meen-soh up with and said that she used to actually be interested in the LDS church but that was years ago. She asked her if she could receive a Book of Mormon though. So of course we said no. Just kidding! How crazy is this story??! So when we went to pick her up today we talked to her teacher a bit. She doesn't want to meet but we gave her a Book of Mormon and our number and stuff. So cool ^^ Never know who's watching!
That night we just did door-to-door :)

Thursday... Our last time at our current service project! We have new ones lined up so we served there our last time and then said our goodbyes. This night was so awesome... So there's a girl in our ward that's really quiet and doesn't like to talk to anyone. So we went to visit her! Her mom and older sisters are members but her dad isn't. He comes to church all the time though! So we were visiting her and she said no one else would be home that night. Then! All of a sudden her dad came home!!! So awesome!!! 10 minutes later her older sister! 10 minutes later her Mom! THE WHOLE FAMILY! It was so cool ^^ They gave sister Ahn and I so much food. We were dying! Haha. But we started sharing a message and then the whole family started talking to the dad saying how they want him to be baptized and they know he wants to and all this stuff. But not in a pressure kind of way, just a loving kind. So he said he'll meet with us!!!! So cool!!!!!!

Friday was the famous weekly planning. That night we visited another woman (김영미 kim-young-mee) but we really wanted to meet her husband. He never came home, though :/ 

Saturday... Oh ya! So we english class at 1:30 because there was a ping-pong tournament today. Class was fun as always :) I get along really well with a few people that come so it's always fun seeing them! Also, this new couple came today and they were so awesome. Hehe they're such hipsters. I wish you could've seen them. Anyways, I thought she was maybe 24ish. Turns out she's 34. what. The ping-pong tournament was so fun!! My partner and I (최이진 chway-ee-jeen) took second... I know. It isn't first. I don't want to talk about it. Hahaha don't know how it happened because you know my ping-pong skills. If Saxon took my place we would've probably taken first. Then there was a relief society activity. Our investigator 유옥렬 you-ong-reor was supposed to come but she didn't show :/ Anyways, Sis. Ahn and Sis. Gil have been dreading it all week because of what we were going to eat... I feel like my emails are always about food. But it is an interesting part of the week! They said they wouldn't tell us what we were eating until after! But as soon as we got there all of the women were so excited to try and explain it to us. There actually isn't a translation for what it's called in English so I still don't really know what we ate. But what I got out of it is that it's some sort of river fish that they boil and then blend the whole thing up and that's what makes up the soup. Appetizing, huh ;) But it wasn't even bad!! It was actually really good! And I guess really healthy, too. Don't worry, when we come back you're all eating it ;) The only problem was the portion size. When we were first eating it I said to the woman next to me that I really liked it and she freaked out and yelled to all the servers, "The foreigner likes it!!! Bring us more!!!" So you can imagine how much they kept bringing out... So painfully kind of them. Then we went to the relief society president's house and did some activities. One of them was a game where we get cards that had really profound Korean words and then we go around in a circle and explain why this word is important to us. Even the women were saying they didn't know what a lot of the old words were! So Sis. Seegmiller and I were at quite a disadvantage. Haha when it was my turn you can imagine my explanations for why the particular word was important. They were so funny. I'm sure they were all so confused but they would just clap after. How nice of them. 

Sunday! 방연숙 bong-yeon-suke came! And after church when we had a lesson she actually focused! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and it kind of blew her mind. She thought it was amazing! That was really cool teaching her. Then we visited that same old couple we visited awhile ago. The one that gave us all of the incredible Korean paintings!!! They are so nice. He's Buddhist and she's... a member obviously haha. He is the coolest old man. He decided a little bit ago he wanted to learn how to play this instrument so he bought it and hired a tutor so he can learn. He showed us and it was so cool! 

Well that was pretty much my week! This Friday we have transfer calls......... I've been in my first area for 4 transfers so everyone keeps telling me I'm out of here! We'll find out this Friday! Well, I will :) You will next Monday. So I'll be emailing next week early by the way! 

Love you all so much!! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission!!!
Sis. Gentry Evans

Monday, February 2, 2015

The View from My Apartment

Here goes to 7 months!! And Happy Superbowl Sunday :)

Dear Fam,

1. Soo here you can't say someone is your "friend" unless they are the same age as you. So strange... If you're with someone and a person asks if you're friends and they're a year older than you, you have to say, "No, she/he's my older sister/brother." Interesting! People ask my companion and I that all the time on the street and we can't say we're friends. Haha, so strange.

So funny, I didn't even realize I'd been out 7 months until you said that, Mom! I kept thinking, "There's no way!" So I had to count it over and over in my head. I guess you're right! So weird. Sorry about last week! Not much of an email so I'll try to elaborate this week :) Nothing really exciting happened two weeks ago... I exchanged with Sis Seegmiller for a day so that was fun! Just like old times. :) ALSO. On our p-day, after we went to the temple, the two Korean sisters made Sis. Seegmiller and I eat... 번떼기 Bun-day-gi. AHHHH. That is basically boiled bug... larva stuff. Oh my gosh. So they filled a cup up for us. It tasted pretty much exactly as it sounds. Well, actually a little bit better. Mostly what it was is what freaked me out. To top it off, we had to drink the bun-day-gi water after. Ahhh.... But now I can say I have done that! And hopefully never have to again haha.

Onto last week! Umm... not remembering much... Tuesday night 유옥렬 you-ong-reor came before FHE and we taught her a lesson with 최남희 chway-nam-he. Mostly they just talked which was great. And she stayed for FHE! Her first time coming. She really liked it! After, for the game, they had set up a few ping-pong tables. So 유옥렬 is kind of a delicate lady.. but 나은영 na-eng-young (the relief society president) said she wanted to play doubles against her. I was on 나은영's team... We were casually hitting back and forth when 나은영 randomly hits the ball as hard as she could at 유옥렬!! It was crazy! She wasn't even trying to hit the table. And she just kept randomly doing that and then would laugh so hard! I think she'd eaten a lot of sugar or something. She was trying to kill our investigator! So that was funny but quite strange.

Also quick update on ...., she is doing so much better!!! Still depressed, but not wanting to do anything serious. So good!!!! So yep. We love her! Just want to help her. And she's getting better little-by-little :)

Wednesday was district meeting. Did I tell you that Elder Armstrong is our district leader? Yep the one Mountain View kid, so that's cool! It was fun :) Learned a lot! After we taugh 민서 mean-soh. She's the 9 year old. It was good.. Except that she was really distracted. At the end we only got to teach really fast but then she randomly asked if she could pray! So that was cool :) She of course didn't know how but she wanted to! Then that night we taught 최승임 chway-seng-eem. She's perfect, it's crazy. We talked about fasting and she was saying she's never really experienced anything in fasting (she was only baptized in May) but she wants to try and learn. She's amazing! Oh my gosh. Forgot to mention that last week when we taught her she fed us (and I was on exchanges with Sis. Seegmiller, so Sis. Ahn wasn't there), octopus and oysters. Like straight, fresh oysters. I've eaten a lot of cooked octopus so that was fine, but man! Those oysters! You know that taste when you accidentally swallow ocean water? Yes, that was it. I literally felt like I was eating the ocean. Normally people spit that taste out but here they embrace it. So sweet! Time for me to embrace the ocean, too.

Thursday... We had interviews with President!!! SWEET!!! Remember how my last one was about a solid 5 minutes? Well, this time it was about an hour! Crazy, huh? I've got a lot of problems ;) Just kidding. He told me a lot about his life and it was so interesting. He's so much more... normal? Than I thought? Don't know how to describe it. But he's had a rough life! He's awesome. Random side-note, so he asked me to start the interview with a prayer and said it was fine to say it in English. So... that was the first prayer I've said in English in... about 7 months now. Let me tell you, you've never heard a more awkward prayer! Because the sentence structure of Korean is so different I struggled. "Christensen... President and Sis Christensen... please bless. President Christensen and Christensen Sister.. for them... thank you.." Yes. That was how my whole prayer was. Possibly one of the strangest he's heard. Strangest prayer I've ever heard. And I'm the one that said it... Sweet. And then I couldn't remember how to end it in English so I just sat there forever... Then just said it in Korean. After he just kind of stared at me for a little and then moved on. I'm always making good impressions ;)
Also.... I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!!! What??? You people are crazy!! Just kidding but I was totally shocked! Let me say this again because I don't think you've heard me the other times... YOU DO TOO MUCH! Seriously! I loved it though! How did you know I would love the blanket and stuffed animal ^^ And I can't tell if you're trying to be cruel by sending me chocolate and jelly beans or nice... still trying to figure it out ;) Thank you so much. I appreciate it so much! My favorite part were your cards. THANK YOU FAMILY!!! You're the best!!! And you now don't have to send me another thing again on my mission :) Except for maybe some emails... Yes that's it :)

That night we taught 이지원 ee-jee-weon. We were there for a bit but then unfortunately she hadn't finished her math homework so she had to do that.... we talked with her mom for a while though so that was good. (They mom and daughter were only baptized a few years ago and the daughter hasn't come to church in about a year). It was great, though! I gave her the music, Mom, and she loved it :) Thanks again!

Friday... Weekly planning! Actually finished in 3 hours so that was great!!! Then we went to visit 정분연 jeong-bune-yeon who lives out in neverland and it's so pretty. Unfortunately she had to leave so we were only there for about 20 min :/ but then she took us on a walk! Right behind her apartment is a huge, beautiful mountain. There's tennis courts, a soccer field, little weights, and a path that goes around all of it. So we walked around that. So pretty :) She is truly such a kind person. We can't figure out why she doesn't want to come back to church! She says she loves it and all the members (She was relief society president for a few years). So yep, still figuring out that one :) She's the kindest, though!

That night was a baptism! 서정원 soh-jeong-weon. He is the 16 year old that can dance like crazy. It was so good!!! So many people came. Such a happy night!

Saturday... Sis. 안정민 and I went on a crazy door-to-door hunt in a new area. Talked to 60 people in about an hour and a half! So that was sweet :) No one really interested... but one kind man gave us each a little drink!! People are so nice ^^ After we had English class. This amazing new lady and her son came and I talked to them for a bit. The son, haha he is a little stubborn. Didn't really want to be there because he knows Chinese and Korean so he says he doesn't need to learn English, too. But his mom really wanted him to be there! A man brought them that was actually the first bishop of a branch here in 1973. His name is 구중식 gu-jung-sheek. Know him, Dad? Just curious. That night we went to a restaurant to eat dinner because it was Sis. Seegmiller's exact 18 month mark!!! How crazy?? Then just contacted people.

Sunday! 유옥럴 came to church ^^ She's the best!!! It was Fast Sunday and I understood two testimonies!!! It might have been because they were two missionaries and I can understand their Korean... but that made me happy :) After we met with 유옥렬 and it was great!!! She's slowly doing so much better. After we visited 진현숙 jean-heon-suke. She was great!

So that was pretty much my week... So the "Asian Cup" has been going on this past week and literally every tv is turned on watching it. So many people cancelled appointments this week because they had to watch Korea play soccer! So crazy. I hear the Superbowl is today. Because of the time difference I knew who won last night! Hahaha. Jokes.

Anyways love you so much!!! I have learned so much on my mission and am grateful everyday for this opportunity I have!! Thanks for all the help you give me!!
사랑해요^^ Love!
Sis Evans