Sunday, November 23, 2014


Dear Fam,
1. Vending machines.... so you go to a vending machine and it's $1 or $2 for a water bottle, right? You will never guess how cheap it is here!!! It's 20 cents!!!! Seriously!! So crazy.
Ok!!! This week was so crazy!!!! Unfortunately I don't even have my planner since I switched to a new one.... so I might not remember much!
Starting with last Monday night. So! We were walking around on the street talking to people and normally.... we talk to interesting people, but not many people ask to meet again. We started talking to this girl and introduced who we were. She asked who we believed in and we said God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost. And then she freaked out and started asking all these questions about the holy Ghost and who he is and all this stuff!!!! Of course, she's so, so busy just like every other Korean but she said I have time a week from Wednesday! So, it's been forever but in two days we're going to meet with her!!! I'm so excited because she seemed to have geniune interest! A huge problem here is people just having foreigner interest but I don't think she cared at all that we are foreign, so that's great!!!
Tuesday... Tuesday... Ah! Can't remember anything! We have FHE and that was fun. I'm sorry but my mind is quite blank... well actually racing a ton so I can't remember anything!
Wednesday... We had district meeting and it was super good! Talked about knowledge and gaining knowledge. Then pretty sure we just street contacted... Yep! I've got nothing. Oh, wait! We had a district meeting because the missionaries are teaching/leading a ward combined class (originally it was just priesthood & relief society combined, but now it's all the youth and everyone so yay!) on Sunday in church so we were figuring that out. We're talking about member-missionary work and doing a little skit thing. So we worked on that a bunch! Figuring out ideas and such.
Thursday.... Oh ya! We did the service project and then visited 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak), the old harmony! I feel so bad. Last week she showed us how her tooth was wiggly and this week it was gone! It had fallen out. She said how it hurts but she has no money so she can't get it fixed. She was really tired but funny as usual. Haha she fake-punched Sis. Seegmiller when we talked about her living for another 10 years. But I think she actually felt the spirit really strong but she started tearing up and went silent forever when we were teaching! So that was cool :) Teaching lessons is the best!!! We're trying so hard to find people that want to listen because it's the best!
Friday... oh my goodness! I am so sorry! This will be a short one. But there's something exciting at the end so stay tuned!! Hehe. Weekly planning... Then oh ya! a forever long district meeting. First talking about CMIS list stuff and then more planning with what we're teaching next Sunday.
It's been a bummer. 강지은 (kong-jee-en) the less active we meet with about once a week? We haven't seen her in 3 weeks now. She just stopped responding to our texts/calls for some reason and we don't know why!! So just worried about her and hoping she will respond, too! It's a little complicated and because of that we can't visit her house. We were hoping she would come to the church Friday night because that is always when we taught her, but alas, no.
Saturday! We knocked on doors throughout apartment buildings and had some interesting conversations but didn't get inside any to teach much- no one had interest really! Then English class! Terribly sad. Sis. Pope and Sis. Kwon shared the message at the end and Sis. Pope cried quite a bit because about halfway through she realized it was her last one in Korea (she leaves this week!). After we street contacted! Then....... TRANSFER CALLS.
We seriously have been trying to think of what was going to happen for so long and had absolutely no idea!! So suspensful. So to build the suspense, I'm going to wait till next week to tell you if I'm moving areas or getting a new companion!
So Sunday........ Haha just kidding! SO! First, Sis. Kwon is leaving! So crazy! She's been in our area for 4 or 5 transfers though so it's been a while. Sis. Seegmiller... is staying in 중랑! But... not as Sis 2! (There's two companionships in this area, so it's easy to say SIs. 1 or Sis. 2 companionship. We were in Sis. 2 companionship) And she is a new sister training leader!!! I knew it. So awesome!! She's freaking out. And her new companion is Sis. Gil! (길) She did an exchange in our area this last week and she is the cutest! Her English is really good, too. Now the moment you've been waiting for.... I... AM.... Haha staying in 중랑 too!!! But my new companion is Sis. 안 정민!! (on-jong-meen) So as you've probably guessed... she's Korean!!! My new companion is Korean!!! So crazy! I think president is confused because I don't speak Korean!! But I know it will be such a good learning experience for me. So Wednesday morning we go to 신촌 (sheen-chon) and transfer. It's going to be so funny though because Sis. S and I are going to leave companions, and come back to the same house not as companions! We're still going to be together a ton.
Alright so that was exciting! Because only 3 new sister missionaries are coming in and 11 are leaving they have to close 4 sister areas, which is too bad. One of them is in our zone.
Sunday! Oh, so so great! It was the primary program! Now, I've always thought the primary program was so cute at home, but it was just darling here!! So cute and so funny! There's only 10 or 12 from ages 2ish to 12? but it was so cute! During it all the parents of the kids stood near the front and sang with them and then later the youth came up and sang a song with them! So cute. Loved it! Everyone in our ward is so involved because if they're coming to church... they are very dedicated! There's about 100 people each week I'd guess. maybe 120. They're the absolute best though! Also, a Sister that went home about 5 months ago came back and visited with her parents! Lucy Taylor. She's so cute! The ward was SO excited to see her. She was basically a famous person. Her dad served a mission here, too, Dad! He served in '79-81 I think. It was great! We tried to visit less-actives (haha we can hear them inside talking but they won't answer the door. We knock and hear, "Sh! Shh! be quiet!" then they get quiet... Then we knock again and say something that you always say when you knock, and hear a tiny voice say, "Who is it?" Then, "Shh!!" Haha the young boy was just answering how he always hears his parents answer.) Then the bishop invited all the missionaries over to the church for dinner. He usually does it the last Sunday of the transfer, I guess. Oh man, this lady showed up at the church so Sis. S and I were so excited! We went in a room to talk to her and find out why she was here and hopefully to teach a lesson. (She had been an investigator about 6 months ago.) But instead she just wanted us to sign something like a petition because her brother had been in an accident 2 years ago and she was sueing someone or something. So she had all these documents and wanted all of us to sign them and get our fingerprints. No! So she talked to bishop and got that figured out.
Anyways! Crazy how I can remember nothing yet write so much....
Love you so much and can't believe all that's going on in your lives!! Your personal email is coming soon, don't worry. But CONGRATS RYLAN ON MAKING VARSITY! So sweet!
Ok love you lots!! Bye!!
Sis. Evans
P.s. If my entire email is in Korean next week, that just means I'll have become fluent from only speaking in Korean with my new KOREAN companion and can't remember English. So don't worry about that if it happens. JUST KIDDING I'M SO NERVOUS FOR WHAT'S TO COME!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Happy 뻬뻬로 Day!!‏

Dear Family,
1. Have I talked about food trash? If not... so they recycle everything here! Hard plastics, soft plastics, certain paper, thick paper, everything! So there's not actually just a "trashcan" to put things in. Such as food... So after every meal, you take all your leftovers and put them in a bag and pack it in and put it in the freezer. So you always have frozen leftover food smashed in a bag! It's also to help with the smell, I guess? At first I thought it was strange but it just seems so normal I almost forgot about it!
So there's a lot I'm going to forget... But oh ya!! The temperature definitely dropped!!! IT SNOWED!!! Only a little bit, and I didn't get to see it because we went inside right before it happened I guess, but Sis. Kwon and Pope saw it!! Isn't that crazy?? Winter coats have been on all week. And don't worry Mom!!! Mine is so, so warm!! I'm not cold at all :)
Tuesday we did the service project.... walking back, our investigator that had dropped off the face of the earth called us!!! 유옥렬!!! (you-ong-reor) She didn't want to meet with us and we didn't really know why she called... but she did!! So that was great!! Had FHE that night and I don't remember what happened... Sorry, I left my journal!!
Wednesday had District meeting that was great!! And after we were so excited because we were supposed to meet with 이예린 (ee-yea-reen) (the one that cancelled last Friday). So we left and were on our way when she called us and cancelled.... Ah!! So bummed. We walked back and were deciding what to do and decided to 전도 (street contact). We turn, start walking and see an elderly woman walking up the hill towards us carrying a bag so we went over and asked if she needed help. Here's the thing, we ask everyone that and they NEVER say yes. But she just said, "Ya, that would be nice!!!!" How cool!?! So I took the bag from her and we start walking with her to her apartment. We go in this apartment and the craziest thing happened. So, rewind to two weeks ago Sunday. We were just going door-to-door asking if anyone wanted to hear our message and usually they never come to the door, just yell from inside. But, this one woman opened the door and said she didn't have time but took a BofM and gave us her number!!! Which is so crazy because that never happens!!! Anyways, back to this Harmony. So, she goes in the same apartment, and to the same door!! We both recognized it immediately!! We helped her in and her grandson or son-in-law or something was home. So cool!!! So that little miracle made the rest of street contacting for the next 3 1/2 hours or so, so fun! Also, it was a bit windy this day. Actually it was crazy!! We were walking and hair was blowing everywhere and all the signs and everything were just blowing over!! Reminded me of Flagstaff.
Thursday..... PASS OFF DAY. First, we went to drop off cookies at a less active's house. She's 17 and the only member in her family. We have gone over 3 times and she's never home and her family always just yells at us. Haha! We'll be back soon! They love us, I'm sure. Anyways, Thursday was this dreaded test that all Koreans have to take at the end of their high school year. It's like the ACT kind of, but a million times worse. It's an accumulation of everything since their first day of school! And your score on this test pretty much determines the rest of your life. Really, I've talked to other missionaries who had investigators that said they couldn't meet anymore because they needed to prepare for this test.... which would be over a year away. It's so intense! So, she was taking it that day and we were dropping off cookies and a card for her. We were expecting the usual, but instead this time the mom opened the door... and let us talk... we just gave the cookies and she said ok. Thanks. I'll give them to her! ... what?! So cool!!! So that happened. And then we just street contacted until the dreaded moment... AP pass off......
It was at the stake Center building in 동대문. It was so rough! It's just one-on-one and I was with the Korean AP, Elder 정. So nervous! Did all the memorization pass off stuff (scriptures in Korean, D&C 4, and stuff like that. Then vocab for all 5 lessons. Doesn't do all, just randomly choses them. Ok my first word he said I just sat there. Hmmm... hmmm.... Oh dear. I don't think I've ever heard this word. Nope.. Nope.... He just says "Sister!!! You HAVE to know this word!!" Me: nope nope... I don't think I've ever heard it. Can you use it in a sentence? Haha! Oh man, this is terrible. I sit there for a little, then all of a sudden... "To be important!! It's to be important!!" Are you serious. A word I say a hundred times a day!!! This is going to be rough. Haha. But believe it or not I got through the vocab part!! I could miss a total of 10 and I think I missed 7. Yay!! Then he had me do, "How to begin teaching," 3 times. I feel like I forgot all my Korean!!!! But, somehow I passed. SO I'M DONE WITH AP PASS OFF. Honestly, it's such a relief!! It is a good program though. It really makes you try to progress in Korean as quickly as possible. The only think I have left is the written test. It's translating and writing and vocab and stuff I guess. I'm doing that tomorrow!
Friday was weekly planning! Then we met with 김명옥!! (kim-meong-oak), the harmony!!! My favorite. She was so fun!! Love visiting her. And she only talked about dying at the beginning!! Then she wanted to learn how to properly close a prayer (in the name of Jesus Christ, amen) so we spent about 20 minutes working on that. Wrote it huge on a piece of paper so she could see, then said it over and over and over. I don't think she'll remember... but it was so fun! Then visited a less active that's never actually been home. we were standing in front of her apart door, about to leave, and she comes out of the elevator!! So cool we got to meet her! She doesn't have any interest, but we got to talk to her so that was great!! We were supposed to meet with 깅지은 (cong-jee-en) but she just never showed up or answered our calls :/
Saturday!! We actually went and heart-attacked 깅지은 because we're not really sure what's going on with her. Her Mom hates the church so we were guessing maybe it's something to do with that and also she's really stressed about her English class. Then we taught English class and after...... 탁구 대회!!! PING PONG TOURNAMENT!! So fun. A huge ward activity. We had teams and there was a winner and they got all these prizes. So.. it's kind of a stereotype that Asians are good at ping pong.... but I'm telling you!!! It's really true!!! Holy cow they're amazing!!! It's because they play it at school. But it was so fun!
Sunday was great! About 10 min before church started, the young women's leader texted us and asked if we could teach Young Women's because she couldn't be there. Ah!!! Luckily it was fine! Sis. Kwon and Pope stayed to help (especially since Sis. Kwon actually speaks Korean...)
After church, we visited a less-active in the prettiest area ever!! She was home and actually came out to talk with us for a while!! She's so sweet!! Gave us dried persimmons :) We street contacted most of the day.
And today!! I kept forgetting to tell you. But, we have a mission-wide goal of talking to 140 people each week on the street (that means at least sharing a little about our church and giving them our number or something) so we try to reach that goal each week. But about 3 weeks ago, we talked to 202 people during the week!! Isn't that awesome?? Ya, we were excited.
Love you so much!!
Sis. Evans

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stake Musical Night CHAMPS‏

Ok ok! Hello dear family!!
Before I start, I'm sad to hear about Aunt Leah. Yep I remember her and Uncle Jerry! The pictures look very nice though with the fam :) And the truck!! I can't believe it's dead! So glad you were safe though, Dad!
1. They have no trash cans on the road, but there's hardly any trash on the ground! The city is so clean.
Ok so my week! I don't have my journal... so it might be short!! But Monday night I got so so many letters!! Mom, can you tell Megan I got hers? Also, a couple from grandma. So you can let her know I got them :) And yours of course! Thanks for the letters Mom & Dad! I'm sorry I haven't really been able to write back... No time!! But I loved them!!
Tuesday we got to go to the temple!!! It was so so awesome!! So beautiful. 3 people had to give their "last words." Always so sad! Sis. Pope (I live with her) had to give hers because this is her last transfer. So sad!! After, I came out and the Office Elders were there and I got your package!!! Ok, if you're going for the Parents of the Year award, you've already won it. Seriously it was so awesome!! YOU DO TOO MUCH! Tell Grandma I loved the caramel apples and her cute card about Halloween!! After the temple, all the sisters went to a "meat" buffet. Lol! The whole restaurant, only women. Interesting, huh? Then... Oh my gosh. walking back there was a little event thing going on to raise money for cancer. There was a goal and if you could kick it in without it being stopped, money would be donated. Sis. Seegmilller is a soccer/every sport there is star, so she wanted to. We go over, she kicks it in, yay! Then the guy kept saying I needed to because it was for cancer and I thought, "Well, how hard can this be?" Wrong thinking. Totally wrong. So there's a little crowd gathered and now more people are coming because there's two foreigners in skirts kicking a soccer ball. So I went to kick it... But underestimated how close the goal was... so not only did I kick the ball over the goal and over to hit a building by us, but my shoe flew off at the same time and it hit the goalie. Why. Also, did I mention this whole thing was being recorded? They couldn't stop laughing. No worries, though! I kicked again and not only did I make the goal, but my shoe stayed on!! I may or may not have been about 10 feet from the goal but that's not important, right?
Wednesday... oh ya! Zone training! Super awesome! The zone leaders and STL's lead it. I don't remember much of what happened right now... but I know it was good and learned a lot! Oh ya, so that lady we taught that came to English class and church? So... she disappeared this week!! Her phone number doesn't exist! So that was weird. But then she just appeared at English class and said her number had been changed! Guess that story wasn't as exciting as I thought... but it was during the week while it was happening! Anyways I'll get to that later.
Thursday was great!! Did an exchange with Sis Pope!! She's so kind. We did the service project and then she went with me to teach 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak). Lesson went well! I had to lead it which was scary. But mostly I would just say "Oh harmony..." and she would laugh. Then I did Sister training leader pass off with Sis Pope!! Started it but didn't have time to finish. Then Hakuna practice.
Friday... Wonderful weekly planning... Oh ya! So we found this super awesome girl on the bus a couple weeks ago and planned on meeting her today. She was so great and we were so so excited to meet her!!! Right after we left for it, she texted us and her work was going late so we couldn't meet :( So sad! We were bummed. But it's ok. Instead, street contact! Haha I think the first 12 people we started talking to literally ran away from us. "Hello!" and they are sprinting in any direction. It was crazy! But then we talked to some really nice people :) Then Hakuna practice (last one!!) and taught 강지은 (cong-jee-en). Really good lesson! She's been freaking out about an English test for the past few weeks. Found out the test is on Dec 28th. I guess everyone has to take it and all jobs look at the score before hiring. She's really stressed! So I hope our lesson helped her.
Now Saturday :) We taught English class a couple hours early because tonight was the stake music night. As I said, Sister xxx came!! Super random. But we got her new number.  Did I tell you last week she asked us to guess her age and Sis S said 55 and she was actually 37? Yeah... That was awkward. Anyways, this week she told Sis. Kwon she's 44... So we're confused. Anyways, she kept telling everyone she wants to marry Elder Pon, so we're trying to stop that. But she came with us to the stake night! Which was SO fun!!! It was only 35-45 minutes from us, but for some wards it's super far! I know one is 3 hours away from the stake center, which is crazy. (There's 6 wards in our stake.) It's crazy how much the missionaries are a part of things here. For every ward, there was a ward choir performance with the missionaries, and one the missionaries did on their own. Just would never see that at home. Usually the missionaries were about half of the ward choir... Just not a ton of active members! But it's so fun. So most of the songs were serious/spiritual. A couple were fun. Also, we found out that another ward was doing our exact same song!! They were very musically talented so they had changed it a bit... But our bishop was freaking out because he's really competitive. Anyways, we went 3rd and we sang the ward song first (I Know that my Redeemer Lives), and then we did Hakuna Matata. It was so fun! People were cheering and clapping along. Also, our ward choir has never sounded better!! Which was so good!! I had both recorded but they're too big to send over email :/ hopefully I can get it to you somehow! There had been 4 judges and they announced 3rd place, then a special, then 2nd place, then a special award. To get the package, they would have the bishop go up and get it. Then they had two bishops come up together, one was for first place, the other getting the special award. And our bishop got called up! Guess what? We got first!!! VICTORY IS OURS. Hahaha, just kidding. But I know our choir director was so, so stressed about it so I was so happy for her! Bishop is so, so funny. He said, "Tomorrow, I am bringing cake!" And he did for our ward meal. Which brings me to Sunday!
Church was great. Haha a man from another ward came and spoke and the other two talks were just about how 중랑 (jung-naong) ward is the best. Really funny. Then our ward meal... After SIs. S and I just knocked on doors to talk to people! No one was interested, but we talked to some very nice people. Also some that really didn't want to talk to us, haha. But all was fun!
Then... PASS OFF!!! I passed-off with the STL!! So all that's left is the AP's! I guess they get updates of how far we're all doing with pass-off because last week we got a call from them. They said "we know you are done passing off with the district leader. Let's set a date for when you're passing off with us. How about a week from tomorrow? Next Thursday? Sounds good. See you then." So I"m kind of freaking out for that! But it will be so good to get it over with! It really has helped me learn Korean fast, though. Anyways, I was really nervous for the vocab part because now it's an accumulation of everything, but I passed! We actually didn't even finish everything and had to finish this morning during language study. But now I'm done with that and all that's left is the AP's! I think it took almost 3 1/2 hours in total to pass of with Sis. Pope!
Well, that was my week! Love you all!!
Sis. Evans
P.s. about the soccer thing, it might be online actually! Look of
not sure which one it is. Love you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's a Dog's Life!

Here's a pic of a classic woman with dogs. We see her a bunch so she said it was ok for us to take a pic. Haha! Also, I went to move the blanket because it blew up and the dogs all went crazy and started biting me! She just slowly laughed... It was so funny!

Happy Birthday Britt!!

Dear Fam!
1. So, as you might know, they eat dog here..... But! It's super weird because they treat the pet dogs here SO well. Seriously I almost never see a dog here that doesn't have a full-on outfit. Also, a big thing here is to dye the ears and tails of dogs. Purple is a popular color... That will come into play later!

2. At home asking someone's age is considered rude, here everyone does it! It's not rude at all. In fact, people always ask you to guess their age. I think it's because Koreans take such good care of their skin and faces that they usually look younger. Guessing their age is impossible though!!! Haha a terrible but funny story about that will come up later.

3. I've never seen a "house" here. Like, an individual building for one family to live in. There are only apartments! And how almost every person lives, is in an apartment with a small kitchen, a small room, and a bathroom. That's just normal!
Alright! Starting with last Monday... P day was so fun! We went to the zoo but it's like a "children's park" with a bunch of things (it's super huge) so we just went to a field and played Ultimate and other games. So fun! Slack lining was so fun too, but so hard! After, it was the coolest night ever!!!! We ate with 최승임 (chway-sung-eem) and her son. I don't know if you remember but she's the super awesome lady that works at Nu Skin and her husband is Buddhist. Well! He came home right before we started to share a message and he pulled up a chair. The boy is only 11 so we were reading out of the BofM children's story book about Ammon and cutting off the arms. (Of course he would like that, right?) We asked if they would switch off reading and the dad said, "Oh no i'm not going to" but! As we would switch off reading, let's just say I'm not the fastest reader. Or the best. Haha actually I'm quite terrible! So as I would read, he would fix my pronounciation and then ask if I knew what a word meant or something. (His English is super good!) Then he would explain back to me what I just read. It was so awesome! Apparently whenever missionaries are over and teach a lesson he always leaves or stays in another room or something. After, he said he had some questions about the BofM. It was awesome! We taught him about it and then he randomly asked about our families. So we were telling him about them and then Sis. Seegmiller started saying that her grandpa died a little bit ago and started crying. She kept saying it's fine though and all this stuff and talked about the Plan of Salvation but it was just a crazy story about when he died and then we were all crying! (I know, I cried) He was handing us all tissues and then he started using one! We all stared and he said "I'm not crying! I don't cry. I'm just making fun of you..." Uhh I don't think so funny guy. It was so cool!!! Such a good lesson.
Tuesday... Ok I don't have my journal so I don't remember much.... But we had FHE and it was fun! Actually I don't remember what happened. But I'm sure it was fun! I don't remember if it was this day.. but it might've been! I think it was after FHE that we showed Bishop our Hakuna Matata song.... Oh my gosh he freaked out! He just loved it so much! He just kept saying, "Like Sister Act! Like Sister Act! Musical!" He said that we need to make it bigger! And bigger! Oh my gosh. Seriously every song is going to be spiritual and then we're going to sing Hakuna Matata. I can't wait to see how this turns out!
Wednesday we had interviews with Pres! We had District meeting so he and his wife were there for that. Just before it started, he asked if he could see me and do the interview real fast. And he wasn't kidding! It was only like 5 min. But I didn't have any questions or anything.... so he just asked how everything was going! I haven't done anything yet to be sent home so that's good! Haha. District meeting was great! That night we had a dinner at the Relief Society president's apartment. Her apartment is SO nice! I think the nicest I've seen here! Ok I think I should explain that. You know how I said pretty much all apartments are super small? Well, their apartment was big enough that it could fit all 12 missionaries in our ward! And it had a little hallway and different rooms. It was so nice!! The dinner was so nice. Her son was there... I'd seen him around church and thought "oh, there's a nice teacher or something. He's probably 14." That night he was talking about his mission that he got home from a few years ago... oh dear! I was way off.
Thursday... We had the service project and then we taught 김명옥 (kim-meoung-oak). The 91 year old lady. Haha good time as always. And guess what? She did the same thing as last time!! She gave us coke! I feel really bad.... But we did the same thing as last time! Also, she opened a cupboard and it was totally empty except one plate with a potato on it... she took it out and it had already been cooked. She just sat there and peeled off the skin with her hands, broke it in half and gave it to us to eat. Haha! I love Korean snacks! They're always so healthy. But where that one appeared from was a bit odd.... After we sat back on the ground and she said she was going to the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom in front of us, opened the door. She walked to the toilet and in my mind and I think Sis. S's we're thinking, "Oh, wait she still has to close the door?" Nope. Haha so we just sat there, right in front of her, staring off into corners of the ceiling because you know, they're just so interesting. Then she stood up and walked over and sat down. I'm really glad she peeled our potato with her hands. Hahaha (aka there wasn't even a sink in her bathroom) After I passed off the last lesson with Elder Pons! Sweet! So now I'm done passing off with my district leader and next is with the sister training leaders. Almost... there.... Also we taught 강지은 (cong-jee-en) that night.
Friday. Happy Halloween! So funny I totally forgot it was Halloween. (It doesn't exist here) But we street boarded and taped a sucker to all of our cards so it was like we kind of celebrated it? Oh wait! We totally celebrated it!!! They have Baskin Robbins here and it was the 31st day of the month... So us 4 sisters bought the biggest tub of ice cream!! That was pretty much our dinner... SO THE BEST DINNER EVER! Haha just kidding. We all felt quite sick after. But you should've seen how quickly we finished that thing! When we street boarded we met some super cool people and I hope they meet with us later!
Saturday... we had English class and a lady we met on the street like two weeks ago came! Her name is 이미경 (ee-me-geong). To be honest... She is quite strange. But really nice! I think she just really likes foreigners. After we practiced Hakuna!
Sunday was fast Sunday! Sweet! The lady from the day before said that she would come to church so we called her right before it started and asked if she was still coming and she said, "Ya I'm already here!" How crazy?! We went upstairs and sure enough she was there. Relief Society was great... Although she was sitting next to me and she just stroked my hair the whole time. She just kept saying "curly... curly..." And she would grab one strand and just stroke it over and over and then let it bounce up... So that definitely made the meeting more interesting. Not going to lie, sometimes it's hard to stay awake in church (and by that I mean ALL of the missionaries are always trying so hard to stay awake!! It's so hard!! Because we're all sitting there really having no idea what they're talking about so it's hard to pay attention...) so she made it easier for me to stay awake! A woman in our ward, 이내규 (ee-nay-gew) is THE BEST and totally friended her!  We met with her after and it was good but short because she had to leave. But that was awesome!!
My week was so good!! And it's warmed up a ton so one word to describe the weather? Just perfect!!!!!! It seriously has been. I love hearing about how all of you are doing!! Btw next week I'll be emailing late too! I'm emailing late today because tomorrow we get to go to the temple!!!! So tomorrow is our actual p-day. And today surprise! A fridge was delivered to our house so we got out later than expected.
Love you all!!
Sis. Evans