Sunday, November 23, 2014


Dear Fam,
1. Vending machines.... so you go to a vending machine and it's $1 or $2 for a water bottle, right? You will never guess how cheap it is here!!! It's 20 cents!!!! Seriously!! So crazy.
Ok!!! This week was so crazy!!!! Unfortunately I don't even have my planner since I switched to a new one.... so I might not remember much!
Starting with last Monday night. So! We were walking around on the street talking to people and normally.... we talk to interesting people, but not many people ask to meet again. We started talking to this girl and introduced who we were. She asked who we believed in and we said God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost. And then she freaked out and started asking all these questions about the holy Ghost and who he is and all this stuff!!!! Of course, she's so, so busy just like every other Korean but she said I have time a week from Wednesday! So, it's been forever but in two days we're going to meet with her!!! I'm so excited because she seemed to have geniune interest! A huge problem here is people just having foreigner interest but I don't think she cared at all that we are foreign, so that's great!!!
Tuesday... Tuesday... Ah! Can't remember anything! We have FHE and that was fun. I'm sorry but my mind is quite blank... well actually racing a ton so I can't remember anything!
Wednesday... We had district meeting and it was super good! Talked about knowledge and gaining knowledge. Then pretty sure we just street contacted... Yep! I've got nothing. Oh, wait! We had a district meeting because the missionaries are teaching/leading a ward combined class (originally it was just priesthood & relief society combined, but now it's all the youth and everyone so yay!) on Sunday in church so we were figuring that out. We're talking about member-missionary work and doing a little skit thing. So we worked on that a bunch! Figuring out ideas and such.
Thursday.... Oh ya! We did the service project and then visited 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak), the old harmony! I feel so bad. Last week she showed us how her tooth was wiggly and this week it was gone! It had fallen out. She said how it hurts but she has no money so she can't get it fixed. She was really tired but funny as usual. Haha she fake-punched Sis. Seegmiller when we talked about her living for another 10 years. But I think she actually felt the spirit really strong but she started tearing up and went silent forever when we were teaching! So that was cool :) Teaching lessons is the best!!! We're trying so hard to find people that want to listen because it's the best!
Friday... oh my goodness! I am so sorry! This will be a short one. But there's something exciting at the end so stay tuned!! Hehe. Weekly planning... Then oh ya! a forever long district meeting. First talking about CMIS list stuff and then more planning with what we're teaching next Sunday.
It's been a bummer. 강지은 (kong-jee-en) the less active we meet with about once a week? We haven't seen her in 3 weeks now. She just stopped responding to our texts/calls for some reason and we don't know why!! So just worried about her and hoping she will respond, too! It's a little complicated and because of that we can't visit her house. We were hoping she would come to the church Friday night because that is always when we taught her, but alas, no.
Saturday! We knocked on doors throughout apartment buildings and had some interesting conversations but didn't get inside any to teach much- no one had interest really! Then English class! Terribly sad. Sis. Pope and Sis. Kwon shared the message at the end and Sis. Pope cried quite a bit because about halfway through she realized it was her last one in Korea (she leaves this week!). After we street contacted! Then....... TRANSFER CALLS.
We seriously have been trying to think of what was going to happen for so long and had absolutely no idea!! So suspensful. So to build the suspense, I'm going to wait till next week to tell you if I'm moving areas or getting a new companion!
So Sunday........ Haha just kidding! SO! First, Sis. Kwon is leaving! So crazy! She's been in our area for 4 or 5 transfers though so it's been a while. Sis. Seegmiller... is staying in 중랑! But... not as Sis 2! (There's two companionships in this area, so it's easy to say SIs. 1 or Sis. 2 companionship. We were in Sis. 2 companionship) And she is a new sister training leader!!! I knew it. So awesome!! She's freaking out. And her new companion is Sis. Gil! (길) She did an exchange in our area this last week and she is the cutest! Her English is really good, too. Now the moment you've been waiting for.... I... AM.... Haha staying in 중랑 too!!! But my new companion is Sis. 안 정민!! (on-jong-meen) So as you've probably guessed... she's Korean!!! My new companion is Korean!!! So crazy! I think president is confused because I don't speak Korean!! But I know it will be such a good learning experience for me. So Wednesday morning we go to 신촌 (sheen-chon) and transfer. It's going to be so funny though because Sis. S and I are going to leave companions, and come back to the same house not as companions! We're still going to be together a ton.
Alright so that was exciting! Because only 3 new sister missionaries are coming in and 11 are leaving they have to close 4 sister areas, which is too bad. One of them is in our zone.
Sunday! Oh, so so great! It was the primary program! Now, I've always thought the primary program was so cute at home, but it was just darling here!! So cute and so funny! There's only 10 or 12 from ages 2ish to 12? but it was so cute! During it all the parents of the kids stood near the front and sang with them and then later the youth came up and sang a song with them! So cute. Loved it! Everyone in our ward is so involved because if they're coming to church... they are very dedicated! There's about 100 people each week I'd guess. maybe 120. They're the absolute best though! Also, a Sister that went home about 5 months ago came back and visited with her parents! Lucy Taylor. She's so cute! The ward was SO excited to see her. She was basically a famous person. Her dad served a mission here, too, Dad! He served in '79-81 I think. It was great! We tried to visit less-actives (haha we can hear them inside talking but they won't answer the door. We knock and hear, "Sh! Shh! be quiet!" then they get quiet... Then we knock again and say something that you always say when you knock, and hear a tiny voice say, "Who is it?" Then, "Shh!!" Haha the young boy was just answering how he always hears his parents answer.) Then the bishop invited all the missionaries over to the church for dinner. He usually does it the last Sunday of the transfer, I guess. Oh man, this lady showed up at the church so Sis. S and I were so excited! We went in a room to talk to her and find out why she was here and hopefully to teach a lesson. (She had been an investigator about 6 months ago.) But instead she just wanted us to sign something like a petition because her brother had been in an accident 2 years ago and she was sueing someone or something. So she had all these documents and wanted all of us to sign them and get our fingerprints. No! So she talked to bishop and got that figured out.
Anyways! Crazy how I can remember nothing yet write so much....
Love you so much and can't believe all that's going on in your lives!! Your personal email is coming soon, don't worry. But CONGRATS RYLAN ON MAKING VARSITY! So sweet!
Ok love you lots!! Bye!!
Sis. Evans
P.s. If my entire email is in Korean next week, that just means I'll have become fluent from only speaking in Korean with my new KOREAN companion and can't remember English. So don't worry about that if it happens. JUST KIDDING I'M SO NERVOUS FOR WHAT'S TO COME!!

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