Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Britt!!

Dear Fam!
1. So, as you might know, they eat dog here..... But! It's super weird because they treat the pet dogs here SO well. Seriously I almost never see a dog here that doesn't have a full-on outfit. Also, a big thing here is to dye the ears and tails of dogs. Purple is a popular color... That will come into play later!

2. At home asking someone's age is considered rude, here everyone does it! It's not rude at all. In fact, people always ask you to guess their age. I think it's because Koreans take such good care of their skin and faces that they usually look younger. Guessing their age is impossible though!!! Haha a terrible but funny story about that will come up later.

3. I've never seen a "house" here. Like, an individual building for one family to live in. There are only apartments! And how almost every person lives, is in an apartment with a small kitchen, a small room, and a bathroom. That's just normal!
Alright! Starting with last Monday... P day was so fun! We went to the zoo but it's like a "children's park" with a bunch of things (it's super huge) so we just went to a field and played Ultimate and other games. So fun! Slack lining was so fun too, but so hard! After, it was the coolest night ever!!!! We ate with 최승임 (chway-sung-eem) and her son. I don't know if you remember but she's the super awesome lady that works at Nu Skin and her husband is Buddhist. Well! He came home right before we started to share a message and he pulled up a chair. The boy is only 11 so we were reading out of the BofM children's story book about Ammon and cutting off the arms. (Of course he would like that, right?) We asked if they would switch off reading and the dad said, "Oh no i'm not going to" but! As we would switch off reading, let's just say I'm not the fastest reader. Or the best. Haha actually I'm quite terrible! So as I would read, he would fix my pronounciation and then ask if I knew what a word meant or something. (His English is super good!) Then he would explain back to me what I just read. It was so awesome! Apparently whenever missionaries are over and teach a lesson he always leaves or stays in another room or something. After, he said he had some questions about the BofM. It was awesome! We taught him about it and then he randomly asked about our families. So we were telling him about them and then Sis. Seegmiller started saying that her grandpa died a little bit ago and started crying. She kept saying it's fine though and all this stuff and talked about the Plan of Salvation but it was just a crazy story about when he died and then we were all crying! (I know, I cried) He was handing us all tissues and then he started using one! We all stared and he said "I'm not crying! I don't cry. I'm just making fun of you..." Uhh I don't think so funny guy. It was so cool!!! Such a good lesson.
Tuesday... Ok I don't have my journal so I don't remember much.... But we had FHE and it was fun! Actually I don't remember what happened. But I'm sure it was fun! I don't remember if it was this day.. but it might've been! I think it was after FHE that we showed Bishop our Hakuna Matata song.... Oh my gosh he freaked out! He just loved it so much! He just kept saying, "Like Sister Act! Like Sister Act! Musical!" He said that we need to make it bigger! And bigger! Oh my gosh. Seriously every song is going to be spiritual and then we're going to sing Hakuna Matata. I can't wait to see how this turns out!
Wednesday we had interviews with Pres! We had District meeting so he and his wife were there for that. Just before it started, he asked if he could see me and do the interview real fast. And he wasn't kidding! It was only like 5 min. But I didn't have any questions or anything.... so he just asked how everything was going! I haven't done anything yet to be sent home so that's good! Haha. District meeting was great! That night we had a dinner at the Relief Society president's apartment. Her apartment is SO nice! I think the nicest I've seen here! Ok I think I should explain that. You know how I said pretty much all apartments are super small? Well, their apartment was big enough that it could fit all 12 missionaries in our ward! And it had a little hallway and different rooms. It was so nice!! The dinner was so nice. Her son was there... I'd seen him around church and thought "oh, there's a nice teacher or something. He's probably 14." That night he was talking about his mission that he got home from a few years ago... oh dear! I was way off.
Thursday... We had the service project and then we taught 김명옥 (kim-meoung-oak). The 91 year old lady. Haha good time as always. And guess what? She did the same thing as last time!! She gave us coke! I feel really bad.... But we did the same thing as last time! Also, she opened a cupboard and it was totally empty except one plate with a potato on it... she took it out and it had already been cooked. She just sat there and peeled off the skin with her hands, broke it in half and gave it to us to eat. Haha! I love Korean snacks! They're always so healthy. But where that one appeared from was a bit odd.... After we sat back on the ground and she said she was going to the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom in front of us, opened the door. She walked to the toilet and in my mind and I think Sis. S's we're thinking, "Oh, wait she still has to close the door?" Nope. Haha so we just sat there, right in front of her, staring off into corners of the ceiling because you know, they're just so interesting. Then she stood up and walked over and sat down. I'm really glad she peeled our potato with her hands. Hahaha (aka there wasn't even a sink in her bathroom) After I passed off the last lesson with Elder Pons! Sweet! So now I'm done passing off with my district leader and next is with the sister training leaders. Almost... there.... Also we taught 강지은 (cong-jee-en) that night.
Friday. Happy Halloween! So funny I totally forgot it was Halloween. (It doesn't exist here) But we street boarded and taped a sucker to all of our cards so it was like we kind of celebrated it? Oh wait! We totally celebrated it!!! They have Baskin Robbins here and it was the 31st day of the month... So us 4 sisters bought the biggest tub of ice cream!! That was pretty much our dinner... SO THE BEST DINNER EVER! Haha just kidding. We all felt quite sick after. But you should've seen how quickly we finished that thing! When we street boarded we met some super cool people and I hope they meet with us later!
Saturday... we had English class and a lady we met on the street like two weeks ago came! Her name is 이미경 (ee-me-geong). To be honest... She is quite strange. But really nice! I think she just really likes foreigners. After we practiced Hakuna!
Sunday was fast Sunday! Sweet! The lady from the day before said that she would come to church so we called her right before it started and asked if she was still coming and she said, "Ya I'm already here!" How crazy?! We went upstairs and sure enough she was there. Relief Society was great... Although she was sitting next to me and she just stroked my hair the whole time. She just kept saying "curly... curly..." And she would grab one strand and just stroke it over and over and then let it bounce up... So that definitely made the meeting more interesting. Not going to lie, sometimes it's hard to stay awake in church (and by that I mean ALL of the missionaries are always trying so hard to stay awake!! It's so hard!! Because we're all sitting there really having no idea what they're talking about so it's hard to pay attention...) so she made it easier for me to stay awake! A woman in our ward, 이내규 (ee-nay-gew) is THE BEST and totally friended her!  We met with her after and it was good but short because she had to leave. But that was awesome!!
My week was so good!! And it's warmed up a ton so one word to describe the weather? Just perfect!!!!!! It seriously has been. I love hearing about how all of you are doing!! Btw next week I'll be emailing late too! I'm emailing late today because tomorrow we get to go to the temple!!!! So tomorrow is our actual p-day. And today surprise! A fridge was delivered to our house so we got out later than expected.
Love you all!!
Sis. Evans

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