Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Skit!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYLAN!!!!!!! And Happy New Year :)‏

Dear best fam on earth!!!
1. Happy 19th birthday, Rylan!!!! Hehe. Seems a bit odd, right? So in Korea when you are born you're 1 year old, and then each new year everyone goes up an age. It's kind of confusing because it also has to do with what time of the year you're born... sometimes people are two years older, sometimes one year. I explained that terribly but it's because I don't quite understand! Anyway, if Rylan lived in Korea, he would be turning 19! Weird.
So... Also happy birthday to everyone else? You're all getting a year older :) I know you are so happy to hear that!
Soo.... I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!! Mine here in Korea was incredible!!! Such a memorable Christmas :) I'll start at the beginning though.
Last Monday was... quite a day. I already got to tell you, family, on the phone call but I'll just remind you. So we had a dinner with our ward mission leader (손승주 son-seong-ju). So good! But seriously, the amount of food!!! It was just us four sisters eating at 5 and then the elders from our district were eating at 7. Reminder- there are 8 elders in my district. They gave the sisters and elders the same amount of food. the same -_- So we had to eat so much! And when you thought it was all the food, they would just bring out more...... And here if someone offers you food (especially an older person and especially especially an older man), you eat! For some reason 손승주 son-seong-ju kept giving me food! He would say "Sis. Evans needs more. Give her meat." And someone would start putting it on my plate. He would say "More. .. More... More" Oh my gosh! I had to eat so much of everything! I think it would impress Dad and terrify Mom how much I can eat. They made funeral potatoes!!! Crazy!!! Cheese pretty much doesn't exist here- I've never seen it. So it's really expensive to buy. But they got it for us! So kind. After the meal we were sitting on the floor and there was the "after meal food".... because that exists here. They gave us so many oranges to eat and then a massive sweet potato. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you, I eat about 5 sweet potatoes a day. They're the best snack! I just boil them or cook them in the morning. So good :) So they had this pot of the biggest potatoes you've ever seen. They were like watermelons (ok so that might be a little bit of an exaggeration..) But ya, we each had to eat a few. Hahaha I told you how my companion hid in the bathroom forever. She would open the door, stare at all the new food, and just go back in. Haha I would glare at her each time, "Get back here!!!!"
So then after, we took a bus straight to another woman's house (김미라 kim-me-ra). She had invited us over and we told her that we would be coming straight from a meal so not to feed us. Why did we expect anything different? We got there and she made..... this soup for about 100 people. She could have fed our whole ward!!!!!!! Every year on Dec 22nd Korean's eat red bean soup. Don't know why. So literally she was getting red beans and blending them and putting them in the cauldron I told you about the pot (that was the biggest pot you've ever seen times the next biggest pot you've ever seen in size). She made 떡 (dok)... it's like.... dough? Don't know how to describe it. But that was the only thing in it. It was the first meal I've ever been to where we didn't finish the food. We couldn't even finish one bowl. That's because she didn't give us bowls, though, she gave us each pots. (again, not really, but the bowls were huge!!!!) We all were so incredibly sick. Just praying we wouldn't puke over everything. Hahaha! When we got there and saw she was making food, my companion literally started crying a little bit. Meals are.... a bit stressful. So kind of them!! But it's just such a different culture so you have to eat everything. We could hardly walk! Eventful day :)
Tuesday! We set up at the church all day! We (the missionaries) had to decorate for the Christmas party. Fun! Kind of wish we could've been out talking to people or teaching you know because that's our purpose... but it's ok! Decorating took all day and then there was FHE! So fun as always. 강지은 cong-jee-en came!!! She's been out for a while. We played a fun signs game.
Then Christmas Eve!!! We had district meeting and then finished getting ready for the Christmas party. 유옥렬 you-ong-reor came!!!! She's the investigator we meet with sometimes. She stayed the whole time and loved it!!! She's a quiet woman. After she texted us and said thank you because we made her Christmas ^^ Not us! Not Sis. Ahn and I but our ward. That made me so happy!!! She's lonely (she's 53, her husband died a little bit ago, but lives with her 22 year old daughter). Also, 박성회 bak-song-hwe came!!! That's 최승임's husband (remember him? He's Buddhist and really nice). Their son was playing the guitar at the party so he came to watch. There was a raffle going on and he actually won something but was embarrassed to go up and get it so he made me! The Christmas party was SO fun!!!! Such a blast. The young men did the first part- a wii bowling game where there were teams. Haha it was so funny! The young kids sang and danced :) The women did a hula dance!! All dressed up and danced. So fun/funny!! Then the young women (4 of them) did a dance. So hilarious. They started just dancing around and then whipped their hair out and all around. Everyone kept laughing so hard. I have videos of all! Don't worry. Then the missionaries did our little performance thing. Oh man... So Sis. Gil and I were the faces and our companions were behind us as our arms. We went through a normal missionary day- including eating food, getting ready, exercising, talking to drunk people, opening presents, the whole shabang. For face powder, they threw flour on our faces. Oh man! We were looking so good. It was hilarious!! Our ward is the best! The party was so, so fun!!!
THEN CHRISTMAS. Such a... normal day! Haha. We got ready and then the four sisters went to a couple member houses to sing carols. We only got to go to 2 though.... they made us come in and talk so long. But it's ok!! They were the best!!!! The first family we were to are seriously amazing! They are quite good at English, too. (The wife went to school in Hawaii and teaches English here) So fun!!!! Then we visited 이충송 ee-cheong-son. Oh ya! The night before at the Christmas party, her husband bought EVERY COMPANIONSHIP a cake!! Oh my gosh!!! Cakes are so expensive here and he bought 6!!! So generous! So you can guess what we had for our Christmas dinner... ;) Cake! And pringles... Goin the healthy route, as you can tell. The 4 sisters did a little secret Santa so we opened those during dinner. So fun! After we went with our district to sing at a couple members houses :) So fun!!
And just like that Christmas was over! SUCH A GOOD CHRISTMAS THOUGH!!!! The day after was quite good, too^^ I GOT TO TALK TO MY FAMILY!!!! You all sounded like angels!!! That had smoked or something because your voices were all crackly from the connection. Hahaha. Probably not the best portrayal... It was so fun though!! Holy cow can 40 min go fast or what? Sorry i talked the whole time!!!! I think, "Oh I'll just tell them this one story...." ope times up. So sorry about that!!!! And DAD!!! Your Korean is seriously so good!!! I was so impressed!!!! How do you remember it so well??? The Koreans couldn't believe it. Alright so I always take so much time writing these emails- they're always so long! Anyways, after, we did weekly planning. Haha we did it by candlelight (using the 3 small candles you sent me) because my companion said it would be romantic. Haha! So weird. What pretty much ended up happening was our tiny office was overwhelmed by different smells and our eyes killed after an hour and a half of trying to see but not being able to. When we opened our door to get water it was a burst of sunshine and fresh air!! Haha we had been so deprived. We visited *** that night. It was so sad :/ She LOVES our message and wants to hear all about it and learn, but she's been meeting us in secret because she's afraid of her husband. It was our 4th time coming over and she said, "I have to tell me husband!" So she called him right then and pretended that we just showed up for the first time and wanted to talk. He immediately began screaming at her.... He talked to my companion on the phone and just yelled at her, saying he was going to call the police and all this stuff. So sad :( So she had to give the Book of Mormon back and we can't meet anymore. She was so sad.
Saturday.... We were supposed to meet an investigator but she never showed up :/ so we went to 3 different people's houses to teach and we couldn't teach anyone! Bummer. So just street contacted till English class. So, as I said, there was supposed to be a baptism today!!! The first one in months! But.... The girl getting baptized just stopped responding and blocked everyone's numbers Thursday so she never showed up :/ No one thought that would happen!! She was perfect and had so much faith!! So that was a bummer. Sis. Ahn and I went to a lady's house to teach but she had guests over so we couldn't :/ So just went door-to-door! Actually apartment-to-apartment..... So fun!!! I love doing that.
Sunday! Whew almost there. Church... 방연숙 bong-yoen-suke came!!! Not much time so I have to cut this short! But last night there was a baptism! Eld Helsloot and Christensen taught him. So fun! Oh! So sad!!! The water heater hasn't been working so.... he was baptized in cold water! Like really cold! Poor guy. But still awesome!!
Well, I hope you had such a good Christmas!!! I know I did, talking to you all was the best!!! Have a happy new year and more especially, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYLAN!!! Good luck in Wisconsin!! You're going to kill it!
Sis. Gentry Evans

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Tree


Dearest Family!!!!
1. Ya I'm probably just repeating myself now..... but! In Korea they don't use red pens very much! Writing someone's name in red means that they're dead, or you want them dead, or some bad omen. So yep! Don't use red.
Ah Merry Christmas!!! Can you believe it's Christmas already?! Crazy!! I've also decided that calling home is a waste of time and I should be studying for those 40 min instead so I won't be calling home this year! Hope you're ok with that. Hahahaha just kidding! Can't wait to call!!! :)
So last Monday we visited the less active that lives super far away by the pretty mountain. 정분연 (Jong-bune-yeon) She is so kind!!! She made us tea and we talked about her family. She still has pictures of the temple up in her house and tons of LDS books... So we're really having a hard time figuring out why she isn't coming to church. (She used to be relief society president too) We shared a message and will visit again soon! Also, IT SNOWED LIKE CRAZY ALL DAY. It's soooo pretty!!!! I love it. Which reminds me! I have another quote.
"The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God, yea, even the earth and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and it's motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator." That's from Alma 30:44
I read that this week and just loved it!! Because I think it's so true... You know the earth is so beautiful (especially this past week with all the snow!!!!) So there has to be someone that created it!
Anyway, Monday night the snow turned to sleet, so then Tuesday morning we woke up and all of the grounds are completely frozen. Just ice everywhere! Haha so since then everyone has been walking like penguins. So funny. There's salt thrown everywhere on the ground but they haven't melted yet. Maybe too cold. And then it just keeps snowing on top...
Tuesday! Service project (yes, Mom, same one every week! Not boring, it's fun :) ) Then we visited people but I don't remember who... That night before FHE we taught ..... It was honestly the saddest lesson I've ever been in. I told you about her dad, how he abuses her sisters and mom. We were teaching about God and how he is out loving father, but she couldn't understand because that's not how her dad is. He's 80 now and still is the same. She said that when he drinks alcohol he just breaks everything. She is so so so scared of him. It was so sad. She was just crying... She gets up before he does and just walks and walks outside all day to avoid seeing him. She was crying saying it's so cold... Ah. So hard.  We're trying so hard to help her! She's not getting baptized next week but maybe next month. She wants sooo badly to feel God's love. So we're waiting till she understands more and feels like she is ready.
Then FHE. It was fun!
Wednesday we sang carols and street boarded! So fun!!! :) So, so cold! Haha my district was all standing there totally frozen! Sliding a little because the ground was all ice haha. We visited 여복달 (yo-bok-dar) harmony. Cute as ever. That night visited 최승임 (chway-seng-eem). Her dad had a cerebral hemorrhage last week so it's been in the hospital, really bad shape :( But she was so calm! We talked a lot about that. Ate dinner with her, her son, and her husband! He is so nice. Got home the latest I ever have on my mission... 9:35!!! Whew. What a late-nighter!
That day... I got your package!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!!! It's so cute and everything is all wrapped!!!! So darling!! I have the Christmas tree up!! :) I would say I can't wait to open them on Christmas... but I may have already peeked... at all of them... haha. Because what if something needed to be refrigerated?! (I know, really stretching that excuse haha) So I peeked and then wrapped them back up!!! Except for the necklace and earrings... I've been wearing them everyday since!!! I love them!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!! You are the best!!! It was really WAY to much. Also, I can't tell if you were being incredibly kind by sending me all the chocolate because I haven't had much of it in Korea, or just incredibly cruel and are wanting me to gain an excessive amount of weight ;) hahaha just kidding.
Thursday we had weekly planning because Friday was our Christmas conference! After we walked forever away to an area I've never been in before! Saw an overpass that looks just like the one by the Orange Patch- so weird!!! Got to the villa of the girl we were looking for-- she wasn't home :( Such a blessing though!!! It was really far and obviously a bit chilly outside, but today there was no wind!!! So the weather wasn't even bad :) We were so happy!! We visited ... She's the one that has to drink to fall asleep and her son died... She is so.. angry. She just is bitter. Very sad visit. Doesn't want us to come back :/
Friday was Christmas Conference!!!! It was at our church building with our zone and another zone from out in the country. My last zone leader (Elder Bae) was there. I asked how the country is and he said they shovel snow, everyday. Fun!... It's so cold out there right now! President Christensen and his wife were there along with the AP's. It was so good!!!!! Learned so much!!! Watched a Pentatonix video- that was kind of surprising! They're so amazing though. It's so funny. President is so bold! He's great. And Sis. Christensen is so sweet!!! Had a really cool hands-on lesson with lights. I would tell you more about it but there's not enough time! Sis. Christensen made cookies and brownies for us... oh my gosh!!!! So much sugar!!!! Everyone felt like they were going to throw up haha have not had that much sugar in forever!! And we watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas! Or however you spell his name... So fun!!! Ok no time! Visited the lady with the two sons again and they played computer games the whole time we were there... so sad! Also taught another harmony.
Saturday was amazing!!! 배혜영 (bay-hway-yeong) didn't show up for our lesson :( So instead we went to a house we've never been able to get into to visit two less actives (20 and 17) and they were home!!! The cool part was that we met their 10 year old sister!!! 김유빈 (kim-you-bean) She is so, so cute!!! She came to English class that day and we walked her home. She says she wants us to be her sisters. I think she doesn't get much attention at home (Only a mom- Dad's out of the picture and the mom is never home because she is working) We taught 윤정숙 and ah she fed us the craziest food!!! "순대" (sun-day) Basically just pig insides. With liver on the side, naturally, for that extra bit of deliciousness we were missing out on.
Sunday was great!!! Church and 유옥렬 (you-ong-reaor) came!! We taught her after with 최남희(chway-nam-he). It was great!! Then practiced for the Christmas party and that night the sisters ate at the bishops house!! It was seriously so fun. He is hilarious!!
Love you so much!! I hope you have a very merrry Christmas!!! Can't wait to hear your voices!!!
Love love love,
Sis. Evans!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Dear family!
1. Whenever you go to someone's house and sit on the floor, you always have so sit in a "proper" way first (just kneeling on your heels), and then the host will say you can sit "comfortably." If not it's kind of rude!
So I read a quote a little bit ago that I just love! So much. It makes me very happy! So I wanted to share :) It's a bit long, but great!
"This Christmas, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter to someone living in Korea. (haha ok you got me I added the part about someone living in Korea) Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize. Try to understand. Examine your demands on others. Think of someone else first. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak your heart and then speak it again."
Isn't that just beautiful?! There's so much good in the world! And so much good we can do :) It's in the December Liahona... page 39? I've been looking at it a lot... I bolded the last few because they're just so great!
Now Monday! So last Monday wasn't our actual pday. We met ... and taught her. At the end, she said she wants to be baptized!!! What?! So exciting!
Tuesday we got to go to the temple!!! So great! And so beautiful because there was snow on the ground! It's been snowing on and off every day. After, Sis. Ahn, Seegmilller, 길 (Gil) and I stayed in that area and went to all the different stores! Very fun :) They sure love shopping! After we had family night! Very fun.
Wednesday we had district meeting! SO GREAT! Elder Pons (district leader) is such... a deep thinker? Haha don't know how to describe it. He's very smart! He wrote a super old and confusing poem that we picked apart. Felt kind of like I was back in Katie Sheridan's class last year. We street contacted... and taught 최승임 (chway-seng-eem) and her son (박재현 bak-jay-heon). He is 11 and so smart! She was baptized in May and we're just following up and explaining things to her :) She is amazing!!! Very... smart. How to describe her.. She's very.. upper class? Ya. Very nice. She drove us home! 1st time I've been driven home after a lesson! Most Koreans don't have a car.
Thursday.... SO MUCH SNOW!! It was amazing!!! Oh my goodness I love it snow much!! It has been snowing but Thursday was a ton. I think snow is just such a happy thing. The flakes are so pretty and just dance in the air so delicately. Haha that is until there is a fierce wind... The flakes were huge, too!! We had the service project and then walked and taught a harmony- 여복달 (yo-bok-dar). We visited her last week too- we met her on the street and helped her carry groceries to her apartment a few weeks ago? Ya she was great! Very... tired. Also only has a couple teeth. She's so cute though! We met someone on the street that actually gave us her address!! So we visited her that night. She's a harmony (haha we teach so many harmonies!) and has attended a lot of different churches. She says she doesn't believe in attending church though, she just believes in God. She's super nice and intersting to talk with. We're visiting again this week! Her name is 조일호 (jo-eel-ho)
Friday... Friday... weekly planning! Then we taught the old harmony- 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak). She doesn't want us to visit again :/ she says it's too hard for her. She's still kicking and funny as ever! She's very passionate about Japanese... A lot of the older people are because they remember the occupation. Super... terrible. Incredibly terrible what happened during it. But! Anyways then we taught another lady, ... Super interesting! Second time meeting with her so we taught about the plan of salvation. She attends another church and her husband hates our church so she has to have us come over in secret... She's great though! She understands the scriptures so well and is very blunt, so whenever she's confused or has questions she just asks! It's so nice!
Saturday we met someone that we had met on the street on Wednesday! Isn't this crazy?! We had so many lessons!!!! IT was the best!! Her name is 배혜연 (bay-hay-yeon). She is 26 (a young one!!) and looking for a job.  We met her in a "paris baguette" a bread kind of shop. They're everywhere! We're meeting her next Saturday :)
The English class! So fun as always. Oh ya! Ok before class we had a district practice for the ward Christmas party next week. (next week already?!?!) We're singing a pretty Korean Christmas song and then doing an act. You know where a person sits on another's lap with a sheet over their body and the person behind them has their arms out so it looks like the other person's arms? Oh, so difficult to describe. We're drawing little bodies on the sheets so it's a person's normal head, and then these tiny arms that are actually the arms of the people behind them. It is sooo funny. I'll tell you how it goes! We're acting out a missionary's day.
After we had dinner at 김영미 (kim-young-mee)'s house! She is amazing!! She made us so much food, so much. She made dok-bokki? Ok trying to Eomanize is so hard... so sorry that doesn't sound right! Anyways, there was so much of it. Literally a cauldron. A small pot? Oh no. A CAULDRON. Haha it was delicious though! She was baptized as a teenager and her son is a member too but her husband and daughter aren't. No one was home but her. She's wonderful!
Sunday! Church was great. Sis. Ahn and I were asked to help in primary every week. Sis. Ahn is the piano player. (Did I tell you she also plays for sacrament meeting?) So fun! There were only 3 kids. They were memorizing an article of faith so good practice for me! Haha they were getting it so much faster than I was because she would say it in Korean and we would repeat back.. But I was mostly just trying to figure out what words she was using! Super fun though. We had a member of the area seventy come speak in Sacrament! So good! Even if I could only understand a little. He and his wife spoke. As soon as sacrament ended, we ran to the harmony's house 여복달 (yo-bok-dar) and brought her back so she could eat with us! Haha the other harmonies in our ward flocked her and were so welcoming! She was tired and didn't talk much so we just took her back home after she finished eating. Met her son for the first time! He was home. He's... 50? Seemed nice. Street contacted... And then had dinner with a family in our ward! The parents and kids live together, very common. So two very young kids, the parents, and then his Mom (Dad was visiting the other daughter and her family). The grandparents were actually mission presidents in Seoul in 1996! So cool! It was very fun :)
Well fam, love you so much!! Hope you're not freezing to death in Mesa ;)
Sis. Gentry Evans

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Happy Christmas Season!

Dearest family,
1. Ummm... Have I already said that light switches are on the outside of the rooms? If you want to turn the light on in a room, the switch is always outside the room.
Ok what a week!! Last Monday we spent our pday searching for Sis. Seegmiller's wallet because it went missing right after we got lunch :/ We were even in a security office and went through all the different cameras and different angles for the mart where we think we lost it. Super interesting! Couldn't figure out when it disappeared though. But guess what?? Thursday someone really far away found it and saw the mission president's number in it and called and she's getting it back tomorrow!! How crazy?! People are so amazing. That night we taught ... We love her! She's great :) We hope to meet with her again today!
Tuesday we did service and then kept walking that direction to look for less actives. We were about 3 hours away from home after we got there, so we ended taking a taxi back. I know, so luxurious. No, I feel so bad whenever we take a bus or taxi!! It just seems wasteful because we could walk, you know? But we had to get back for FHE! Which was fun, as always :)
Wednesday was zone training! Super fun seeing everyone in our zone. So motivating! I just want to work that much harder. After, 안정민 and I just street contacted for a few hours. This one lady was so so kind!!! I started talking to her and she said, "Oh, it's so cold!! You can't stay out here!" and then went up to a stand and insisted on buying me this bread/roll thing that had red beans in it. (So good!!! That's another thing. Instead of chocolate, they have red beans in everything! Just like that ice cream we ate, Dad.) It was so nice of her!!! Korean people, seriously the kindest. Then 최남희 (cheway-nam-he) had us over for dinner. She is so sweet. The food was so delicious!!
Sidenote, to snack on during e-mail, I just ate dried squid. Yes. I am Korean.
Ok another sidenote, ya it tastes pretty much exactly as you imagine. So not good! Hahaha!
Thursday... We walked all day! We do that everyday, but especially Thursday! Just walked for hours. We were going to visit people but they were all not home. Then we decided to visit this one house where I helped the grandma carry groceries to her apartment a few weeks ago? Anyway, we went there and she was home so we talked with her for awhile! She is so cute. We ran and got milk and bread for her real quick after because it's difficult for her. I want to take a picture of her so you can see her! She really just is so cute!
Then we walked some more, talking to people.... Then that night we went and visited 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak) the grandma. She yelled at us for visiting when it was dark outside. But it was such a good visit! So different with a Korean... There was so much conversation happening! Haha right after we came in the harmony left the room to get something. Sis. Ahn turned to me and said, "You said we were visiting a 91 year-old grandma! This woman is not 91! She just yells and is so loud!" Haha yes, yes she is quite a powerful 91 year-old.
Friday... WHAT A DAY OF MIRACLES. So cool!!!!!!! So we've been struggling to find people to teach. Just... anyone... So! During weekly planning we were calling everyone. And one member said we could come over in an hour! So we booked it out of our apartment. She is such a hardworking woman. I feel so bad for her. Her husband died... awhile ago. Not sure but at least 10 years? He died of cancer. She has 3 kids in their 20's and they all don't attend church. She has a 3-4 room apartment and can't afford heating so her apartment is so cold. She has one big heating pad on the ground I think she sleeps on. Anyways, her 2 sons live at home and don't work or go to school... They just play computer games and hang out with their friends. So sad. She works so hard. One son was there and avoided us forever but finally left the bathroom (the room he was hiding in) to go hang out with friends so no worries, we caught him ;) We talked and shared a message and then got his number so the elders can meet with him.
THEN. We went to a small apartment complex and were just going door-to-door. I've done this quite a bit since I got here, but have never gotten into a house. We had been doing it for a couple hours when we knocked on the door and started yelling back and forth with the lady inside. She opened the door, which was shocking in itself, and then said, "Oh it's so cold! Come inside"..... what?!? YES!!! So we did and just introduced what we're doing to her!! It was so cool!! She was the nicest. She's Buddhist and told us what she believes. She gave us cuties and choco pies! Ah it was the coolest!! She reads a lot of books about religion so she was really excited about the Book of Mormon. So cool!!!! Made my week!!! :)
Saturday was also very fun. We had an appointment that afternoon but she cancelled so we just street contacted and did some door-to-door. Then English class and then went to teach someone that missionaries met with once about a year ago that we found in our book of old investigators. Very cool! Her name is 윤정숙 (youn-jong-suke) Was great! Very humbling because she said she couldn't understand my Korean. Why!!! Just kidding. Got to keep improving!
Sunday was so great! It was so kind. I think every single person that bore their testimonies talked about the missionaries in our ward. Ah! This ward is just amazing!! So kind. They brought us so much food. SO much food. I have to get a picture next month! Also, remember 방연숙? (bong-yeon-suke) Sis. S and I met with her a little. Well she came to church again! We've been calling her. Then she met with us after!! YES! After church we visited 진현숙 (jeen-heon-suke). She was baptized in May but hasn't been attending church very much. She's wonderful! That night our district met and planned what we're doing for the Christmas party. It's going to be so fun!
Well, family! Love you so much!! I'm so glad to see the Christmas tree is already up, I was going to be upset if it wasn't. Oh ya!!! Ok, there are two videos out that are just incredible. One is "Because of Him" and the other is "He is the Gift." They are so powerful!!! Tell me what you think about them :) Especially Because of Him...
Have a great week!
Sis. Evans

Monday, December 1, 2014

Octopus! Yum!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Dear Family,
1. There is no word in the Korean language for "you." Very interesting. At first I didn't know what to call people! But now it makes sense and just flows :)
Welcome to Kimchi making season!!
And I hate to admit this, but I am officially not American. I forgot about my favorite holiday!!! I forgot about Thanksgiving! I'll get to that later. Also, it's snowing right now!!!!! Ahh so cool and exciting!!! It's so pretty outside! :)
So last Monday was absolutely crazy! We were walking around and talking to people on the street when we started talking to a cute mom with her daughter. We talked for so long! (Super unusual, people are always so busy so usually they just run away) She doesn't like religion because of how corrupt it often is (VERY common thing for people to say here. I guess there's a lot of problems with the Christian churches being corrupt so a lot of people are very cautious.) Anyways, we talked to her and she was so kind :) THEN. We're walking and I say hello to this lady and she freaks out! She says "You have to meet my friends! You have to meet my friends!" So we walk and talk to her for a really long time. Then we got to where she was going.... The World School for Baristas. (Or something like that) Haha oh my gosh! We go in and there's about 4 or so men all working on computers. It was kind of like a little break room next to the company. They're all coffee engineers- what a coincidence. So funny! Of course they were offering us all of these different kinds of coffee they were making. But very kind when we said no thanks! We told them about why we're in Korea and about our beliefs. So cool! The lady wants to meet again. She was so funny. She had turned to one of the men and said "Hey! You don't have a religion, right? Ok then come over here! These girls can teach you." He mostly just laughed but they sat there and listened and we all talked! So crazy! She gave us food when we left.
Tuesday- last day for Sis. S and I to be companions! We visited people during the day and then had FHE. Sis Pope's last one in the country! So sad for her :( Bishop bought pizza and there were a few people so she could say goodbye. Very fun!
Wednesday- TRANSFERS. Ah I was so nervous to meet my new companion! All the missionaries go to the same area and meet our companion there so there were a ton of people. Saw most of the people from my MTC district! Very fun. Sis. Brown has had a new companion every transfer! So this is her third companion already! So crazy. Anyways, I met my new companion and she is incredible!!! Such a hardworker!! Also, she's a model. (Ok not technically....) But she is so, so pretty!! Sis. 안정민 (ahn-jong-meen). Our first exchange: Me- "Hi!" Her- "Ahh I don't speak English!" Haha yay! It's ok I'm only supposed to be speaking Korean anyway! After we got back, we'd had an appointment but she punked :( So we were going to street contact and walk around for about 4 hours! After about 45 minutes, she turned and said "I'm so sorry, but can we go back?" I found out that she'd been throwing up for the past few days and was so sick! I feel so bad she never said anything! So we went back and she fell asleep immediately for a couple of hours. We had another appointment for that night too but she punked as well :/ It's ok though! Maybe they'll be able to meet another time :)
Thursday, my companion was feeling all better. Thursday... Oh ya!!! WE MADE KIMCHI!!! Oh so so fun!!!! Making kimchi is called "김장" (kim-jong). We went to this church about an hour and a half away and there were a bunch of volunteers. I guess they do it every year and it's a bunch of different religions that come together to do it. So short speeches at the beginning from about 4 people- all different religions! Super cool! Even had a legit monk. (Is that bad to say? I don't know. But he was in the proper dress and everything!) We actually made it really fast, I guess. You have to do it outside because it's so messy (we were covered in it!) and there were a bunch of different tables set up. Haha, the ladies at my table were so funny, they kept feeding me kimchi the whole time we were making it! I would send pictures but I left my camera today :/ Next week! Then a lunch together. That night is when I realized that I've forgotten my true identity... We were talking to people and I went over and started talking to this lady who knew some English. She asked what I'd done today and I said made kimchi! She said I must really love Korea if that's what I did today. I just said, "Ya it's very fun!" Not totally sure what she meant when she said that. Then she asked what my plans were for the night and I said I didn't really have any and she said not even a big dinner! I said no... Then she asked if I was even going to eat chicken. I was so confused! And then she said, "Well if you don't have plans I wish you could come over because my family is having a Thanksgiving dinner at my house but I live so far!" And that is when I realized what day it was. It was 7 at night!!! So crazy. But I ate a lot of very delicious Korean food so it basically is the same, right?? A very fun day though.
Friday... Weekly planning! Oh man took so long because we went through all our records so Sis. Ahn could look at them. Took 4 hours to plan! After, Sis. Ahn and I went to visit 김명옥 but she wasn't home! Super shocking. She's always home! Bummer. Next week! Oh by the way, it was raining all day! So fun :) It was Sis. Seegmiller's birthday, too! So we went out for dinner to a small little restaurant. There was a Christmas tree!!! Love seeing Christmas decorations!! So fun :) Then we surprised Sis. S at the church with a little 5 min party. Sis. Ahn and I had got these Choco pies (cookies) and threw cream on top... Look we made a cake! Haha oh the life of a poor missionary. After the two of us visited an old investigator.  Oh man, I feel so badly for her. She is just.... so depressed. She lives along in a two-room apartment (not even a bathroom, it's a community one outside for the whole apartment. Actually, super common though) but has a dog and a cat. Her son died about 13 years ago at age 27, I think? She NEVER talks to anyone or goes outside. She hates church and doesn't believe in a God. Quite interesting she wanted us over. But we were so happy to be there!! We just want to help her in anyway. Last time missionaries visited I guess she said never come back but she really wants us to, so that's good!! She has a... very negative outlook on life. But understandably. She also drinks a ton. She says she can't sleep at night so she drinks a lot and then she can. So sad :( I'll keep you posted on her!
Saturday we searched around for less actives! Met some very interesting people :) Then English class! Always fun. Then we'd made an advent calendar for our ward- just a calendar with a nice scripture for each day until Christmas. Also, it rained all day!
Sunday- church! Our district taught for the first hour and it went really well! Did a skit. My companion, Sis Seegmiller's new companion (길수려 girl-su-reo), and Elder Helsloot's new companion all talked in church. And craziest thing!!! Remember 유옥렬? (you-ong-reor) she's the one we taught that wanted to learn more and be baptized but then dropped off the face of the earth? We called her Friday and she actually answered, and then we called her Sunday and she came to church!!!! It was so great!!! She came to sacrament and stayed for the lunch after. And then we taught her with a girl from our ward!! (김윤하 kim-youn-ha) It was so great!! Then we walked to a house about and hour and a half or so away and visited a less active. We visited her about 3 weeks ago. She's so kind!!
It's been such a fun week! My new companion is WONDERFUL and it's so fun still living with Sis. Seegmiller! Also, the weather has been absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy and I hope you are too!
Sis. Evans
P.S. the website is www.urikorea.org for the organization we made the kimchi with! Don't know if there's anything on it, but that's what it is!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Dear Fam,
1. Vending machines.... so you go to a vending machine and it's $1 or $2 for a water bottle, right? You will never guess how cheap it is here!!! It's 20 cents!!!! Seriously!! So crazy.
Ok!!! This week was so crazy!!!! Unfortunately I don't even have my planner since I switched to a new one.... so I might not remember much!
Starting with last Monday night. So! We were walking around on the street talking to people and normally.... we talk to interesting people, but not many people ask to meet again. We started talking to this girl and introduced who we were. She asked who we believed in and we said God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost. And then she freaked out and started asking all these questions about the holy Ghost and who he is and all this stuff!!!! Of course, she's so, so busy just like every other Korean but she said I have time a week from Wednesday! So, it's been forever but in two days we're going to meet with her!!! I'm so excited because she seemed to have geniune interest! A huge problem here is people just having foreigner interest but I don't think she cared at all that we are foreign, so that's great!!!
Tuesday... Tuesday... Ah! Can't remember anything! We have FHE and that was fun. I'm sorry but my mind is quite blank... well actually racing a ton so I can't remember anything!
Wednesday... We had district meeting and it was super good! Talked about knowledge and gaining knowledge. Then pretty sure we just street contacted... Yep! I've got nothing. Oh, wait! We had a district meeting because the missionaries are teaching/leading a ward combined class (originally it was just priesthood & relief society combined, but now it's all the youth and everyone so yay!) on Sunday in church so we were figuring that out. We're talking about member-missionary work and doing a little skit thing. So we worked on that a bunch! Figuring out ideas and such.
Thursday.... Oh ya! We did the service project and then visited 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak), the old harmony! I feel so bad. Last week she showed us how her tooth was wiggly and this week it was gone! It had fallen out. She said how it hurts but she has no money so she can't get it fixed. She was really tired but funny as usual. Haha she fake-punched Sis. Seegmiller when we talked about her living for another 10 years. But I think she actually felt the spirit really strong but she started tearing up and went silent forever when we were teaching! So that was cool :) Teaching lessons is the best!!! We're trying so hard to find people that want to listen because it's the best!
Friday... oh my goodness! I am so sorry! This will be a short one. But there's something exciting at the end so stay tuned!! Hehe. Weekly planning... Then oh ya! a forever long district meeting. First talking about CMIS list stuff and then more planning with what we're teaching next Sunday.
It's been a bummer. 강지은 (kong-jee-en) the less active we meet with about once a week? We haven't seen her in 3 weeks now. She just stopped responding to our texts/calls for some reason and we don't know why!! So just worried about her and hoping she will respond, too! It's a little complicated and because of that we can't visit her house. We were hoping she would come to the church Friday night because that is always when we taught her, but alas, no.
Saturday! We knocked on doors throughout apartment buildings and had some interesting conversations but didn't get inside any to teach much- no one had interest really! Then English class! Terribly sad. Sis. Pope and Sis. Kwon shared the message at the end and Sis. Pope cried quite a bit because about halfway through she realized it was her last one in Korea (she leaves this week!). After we street contacted! Then....... TRANSFER CALLS.
We seriously have been trying to think of what was going to happen for so long and had absolutely no idea!! So suspensful. So to build the suspense, I'm going to wait till next week to tell you if I'm moving areas or getting a new companion!
So Sunday........ Haha just kidding! SO! First, Sis. Kwon is leaving! So crazy! She's been in our area for 4 or 5 transfers though so it's been a while. Sis. Seegmiller... is staying in 중랑! But... not as Sis 2! (There's two companionships in this area, so it's easy to say SIs. 1 or Sis. 2 companionship. We were in Sis. 2 companionship) And she is a new sister training leader!!! I knew it. So awesome!! She's freaking out. And her new companion is Sis. Gil! (길) She did an exchange in our area this last week and she is the cutest! Her English is really good, too. Now the moment you've been waiting for.... I... AM.... Haha staying in 중랑 too!!! But my new companion is Sis. 안 정민!! (on-jong-meen) So as you've probably guessed... she's Korean!!! My new companion is Korean!!! So crazy! I think president is confused because I don't speak Korean!! But I know it will be such a good learning experience for me. So Wednesday morning we go to 신촌 (sheen-chon) and transfer. It's going to be so funny though because Sis. S and I are going to leave companions, and come back to the same house not as companions! We're still going to be together a ton.
Alright so that was exciting! Because only 3 new sister missionaries are coming in and 11 are leaving they have to close 4 sister areas, which is too bad. One of them is in our zone.
Sunday! Oh, so so great! It was the primary program! Now, I've always thought the primary program was so cute at home, but it was just darling here!! So cute and so funny! There's only 10 or 12 from ages 2ish to 12? but it was so cute! During it all the parents of the kids stood near the front and sang with them and then later the youth came up and sang a song with them! So cute. Loved it! Everyone in our ward is so involved because if they're coming to church... they are very dedicated! There's about 100 people each week I'd guess. maybe 120. They're the absolute best though! Also, a Sister that went home about 5 months ago came back and visited with her parents! Lucy Taylor. She's so cute! The ward was SO excited to see her. She was basically a famous person. Her dad served a mission here, too, Dad! He served in '79-81 I think. It was great! We tried to visit less-actives (haha we can hear them inside talking but they won't answer the door. We knock and hear, "Sh! Shh! be quiet!" then they get quiet... Then we knock again and say something that you always say when you knock, and hear a tiny voice say, "Who is it?" Then, "Shh!!" Haha the young boy was just answering how he always hears his parents answer.) Then the bishop invited all the missionaries over to the church for dinner. He usually does it the last Sunday of the transfer, I guess. Oh man, this lady showed up at the church so Sis. S and I were so excited! We went in a room to talk to her and find out why she was here and hopefully to teach a lesson. (She had been an investigator about 6 months ago.) But instead she just wanted us to sign something like a petition because her brother had been in an accident 2 years ago and she was sueing someone or something. So she had all these documents and wanted all of us to sign them and get our fingerprints. No! So she talked to bishop and got that figured out.
Anyways! Crazy how I can remember nothing yet write so much....
Love you so much and can't believe all that's going on in your lives!! Your personal email is coming soon, don't worry. But CONGRATS RYLAN ON MAKING VARSITY! So sweet!
Ok love you lots!! Bye!!
Sis. Evans
P.s. If my entire email is in Korean next week, that just means I'll have become fluent from only speaking in Korean with my new KOREAN companion and can't remember English. So don't worry about that if it happens. JUST KIDDING I'M SO NERVOUS FOR WHAT'S TO COME!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Happy 뻬뻬로 Day!!‏

Dear Family,
1. Have I talked about food trash? If not... so they recycle everything here! Hard plastics, soft plastics, certain paper, thick paper, everything! So there's not actually just a "trashcan" to put things in. Such as food... So after every meal, you take all your leftovers and put them in a bag and pack it in and put it in the freezer. So you always have frozen leftover food smashed in a bag! It's also to help with the smell, I guess? At first I thought it was strange but it just seems so normal I almost forgot about it!
So there's a lot I'm going to forget... But oh ya!! The temperature definitely dropped!!! IT SNOWED!!! Only a little bit, and I didn't get to see it because we went inside right before it happened I guess, but Sis. Kwon and Pope saw it!! Isn't that crazy?? Winter coats have been on all week. And don't worry Mom!!! Mine is so, so warm!! I'm not cold at all :)
Tuesday we did the service project.... walking back, our investigator that had dropped off the face of the earth called us!!! 유옥렬!!! (you-ong-reor) She didn't want to meet with us and we didn't really know why she called... but she did!! So that was great!! Had FHE that night and I don't remember what happened... Sorry, I left my journal!!
Wednesday had District meeting that was great!! And after we were so excited because we were supposed to meet with 이예린 (ee-yea-reen) (the one that cancelled last Friday). So we left and were on our way when she called us and cancelled.... Ah!! So bummed. We walked back and were deciding what to do and decided to 전도 (street contact). We turn, start walking and see an elderly woman walking up the hill towards us carrying a bag so we went over and asked if she needed help. Here's the thing, we ask everyone that and they NEVER say yes. But she just said, "Ya, that would be nice!!!!" How cool!?! So I took the bag from her and we start walking with her to her apartment. We go in this apartment and the craziest thing happened. So, rewind to two weeks ago Sunday. We were just going door-to-door asking if anyone wanted to hear our message and usually they never come to the door, just yell from inside. But, this one woman opened the door and said she didn't have time but took a BofM and gave us her number!!! Which is so crazy because that never happens!!! Anyways, back to this Harmony. So, she goes in the same apartment, and to the same door!! We both recognized it immediately!! We helped her in and her grandson or son-in-law or something was home. So cool!!! So that little miracle made the rest of street contacting for the next 3 1/2 hours or so, so fun! Also, it was a bit windy this day. Actually it was crazy!! We were walking and hair was blowing everywhere and all the signs and everything were just blowing over!! Reminded me of Flagstaff.
Thursday..... PASS OFF DAY. First, we went to drop off cookies at a less active's house. She's 17 and the only member in her family. We have gone over 3 times and she's never home and her family always just yells at us. Haha! We'll be back soon! They love us, I'm sure. Anyways, Thursday was this dreaded test that all Koreans have to take at the end of their high school year. It's like the ACT kind of, but a million times worse. It's an accumulation of everything since their first day of school! And your score on this test pretty much determines the rest of your life. Really, I've talked to other missionaries who had investigators that said they couldn't meet anymore because they needed to prepare for this test.... which would be over a year away. It's so intense! So, she was taking it that day and we were dropping off cookies and a card for her. We were expecting the usual, but instead this time the mom opened the door... and let us talk... we just gave the cookies and she said ok. Thanks. I'll give them to her! ... what?! So cool!!! So that happened. And then we just street contacted until the dreaded moment... AP pass off......
It was at the stake Center building in 동대문. It was so rough! It's just one-on-one and I was with the Korean AP, Elder 정. So nervous! Did all the memorization pass off stuff (scriptures in Korean, D&C 4, and stuff like that. Then vocab for all 5 lessons. Doesn't do all, just randomly choses them. Ok my first word he said I just sat there. Hmmm... hmmm.... Oh dear. I don't think I've ever heard this word. Nope.. Nope.... He just says "Sister!!! You HAVE to know this word!!" Me: nope nope... I don't think I've ever heard it. Can you use it in a sentence? Haha! Oh man, this is terrible. I sit there for a little, then all of a sudden... "To be important!! It's to be important!!" Are you serious. A word I say a hundred times a day!!! This is going to be rough. Haha. But believe it or not I got through the vocab part!! I could miss a total of 10 and I think I missed 7. Yay!! Then he had me do, "How to begin teaching," 3 times. I feel like I forgot all my Korean!!!! But, somehow I passed. SO I'M DONE WITH AP PASS OFF. Honestly, it's such a relief!! It is a good program though. It really makes you try to progress in Korean as quickly as possible. The only think I have left is the written test. It's translating and writing and vocab and stuff I guess. I'm doing that tomorrow!
Friday was weekly planning! Then we met with 김명옥!! (kim-meong-oak), the harmony!!! My favorite. She was so fun!! Love visiting her. And she only talked about dying at the beginning!! Then she wanted to learn how to properly close a prayer (in the name of Jesus Christ, amen) so we spent about 20 minutes working on that. Wrote it huge on a piece of paper so she could see, then said it over and over and over. I don't think she'll remember... but it was so fun! Then visited a less active that's never actually been home. we were standing in front of her apart door, about to leave, and she comes out of the elevator!! So cool we got to meet her! She doesn't have any interest, but we got to talk to her so that was great!! We were supposed to meet with 깅지은 (cong-jee-en) but she just never showed up or answered our calls :/
Saturday!! We actually went and heart-attacked 깅지은 because we're not really sure what's going on with her. Her Mom hates the church so we were guessing maybe it's something to do with that and also she's really stressed about her English class. Then we taught English class and after...... 탁구 대회!!! PING PONG TOURNAMENT!! So fun. A huge ward activity. We had teams and there was a winner and they got all these prizes. So.. it's kind of a stereotype that Asians are good at ping pong.... but I'm telling you!!! It's really true!!! Holy cow they're amazing!!! It's because they play it at school. But it was so fun!
Sunday was great! About 10 min before church started, the young women's leader texted us and asked if we could teach Young Women's because she couldn't be there. Ah!!! Luckily it was fine! Sis. Kwon and Pope stayed to help (especially since Sis. Kwon actually speaks Korean...)
After church, we visited a less-active in the prettiest area ever!! She was home and actually came out to talk with us for a while!! She's so sweet!! Gave us dried persimmons :) We street contacted most of the day.
And today!! I kept forgetting to tell you. But, we have a mission-wide goal of talking to 140 people each week on the street (that means at least sharing a little about our church and giving them our number or something) so we try to reach that goal each week. But about 3 weeks ago, we talked to 202 people during the week!! Isn't that awesome?? Ya, we were excited.
Love you so much!!
Sis. Evans

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stake Musical Night CHAMPS‏

Ok ok! Hello dear family!!
Before I start, I'm sad to hear about Aunt Leah. Yep I remember her and Uncle Jerry! The pictures look very nice though with the fam :) And the truck!! I can't believe it's dead! So glad you were safe though, Dad!
1. They have no trash cans on the road, but there's hardly any trash on the ground! The city is so clean.
Ok so my week! I don't have my journal... so it might be short!! But Monday night I got so so many letters!! Mom, can you tell Megan I got hers? Also, a couple from grandma. So you can let her know I got them :) And yours of course! Thanks for the letters Mom & Dad! I'm sorry I haven't really been able to write back... No time!! But I loved them!!
Tuesday we got to go to the temple!!! It was so so awesome!! So beautiful. 3 people had to give their "last words." Always so sad! Sis. Pope (I live with her) had to give hers because this is her last transfer. So sad!! After, I came out and the Office Elders were there and I got your package!!! Ok, if you're going for the Parents of the Year award, you've already won it. Seriously it was so awesome!! YOU DO TOO MUCH! Tell Grandma I loved the caramel apples and her cute card about Halloween!! After the temple, all the sisters went to a "meat" buffet. Lol! The whole restaurant, only women. Interesting, huh? Then... Oh my gosh. walking back there was a little event thing going on to raise money for cancer. There was a goal and if you could kick it in without it being stopped, money would be donated. Sis. Seegmilller is a soccer/every sport there is star, so she wanted to. We go over, she kicks it in, yay! Then the guy kept saying I needed to because it was for cancer and I thought, "Well, how hard can this be?" Wrong thinking. Totally wrong. So there's a little crowd gathered and now more people are coming because there's two foreigners in skirts kicking a soccer ball. So I went to kick it... But underestimated how close the goal was... so not only did I kick the ball over the goal and over to hit a building by us, but my shoe flew off at the same time and it hit the goalie. Why. Also, did I mention this whole thing was being recorded? They couldn't stop laughing. No worries, though! I kicked again and not only did I make the goal, but my shoe stayed on!! I may or may not have been about 10 feet from the goal but that's not important, right?
Wednesday... oh ya! Zone training! Super awesome! The zone leaders and STL's lead it. I don't remember much of what happened right now... but I know it was good and learned a lot! Oh ya, so that lady we taught that came to English class and church? So... she disappeared this week!! Her phone number doesn't exist! So that was weird. But then she just appeared at English class and said her number had been changed! Guess that story wasn't as exciting as I thought... but it was during the week while it was happening! Anyways I'll get to that later.
Thursday was great!! Did an exchange with Sis Pope!! She's so kind. We did the service project and then she went with me to teach 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak). Lesson went well! I had to lead it which was scary. But mostly I would just say "Oh harmony..." and she would laugh. Then I did Sister training leader pass off with Sis Pope!! Started it but didn't have time to finish. Then Hakuna practice.
Friday... Wonderful weekly planning... Oh ya! So we found this super awesome girl on the bus a couple weeks ago and planned on meeting her today. She was so great and we were so so excited to meet her!!! Right after we left for it, she texted us and her work was going late so we couldn't meet :( So sad! We were bummed. But it's ok. Instead, street contact! Haha I think the first 12 people we started talking to literally ran away from us. "Hello!" and they are sprinting in any direction. It was crazy! But then we talked to some really nice people :) Then Hakuna practice (last one!!) and taught 강지은 (cong-jee-en). Really good lesson! She's been freaking out about an English test for the past few weeks. Found out the test is on Dec 28th. I guess everyone has to take it and all jobs look at the score before hiring. She's really stressed! So I hope our lesson helped her.
Now Saturday :) We taught English class a couple hours early because tonight was the stake music night. As I said, Sister xxx came!! Super random. But we got her new number.  Did I tell you last week she asked us to guess her age and Sis S said 55 and she was actually 37? Yeah... That was awkward. Anyways, this week she told Sis. Kwon she's 44... So we're confused. Anyways, she kept telling everyone she wants to marry Elder Pon, so we're trying to stop that. But she came with us to the stake night! Which was SO fun!!! It was only 35-45 minutes from us, but for some wards it's super far! I know one is 3 hours away from the stake center, which is crazy. (There's 6 wards in our stake.) It's crazy how much the missionaries are a part of things here. For every ward, there was a ward choir performance with the missionaries, and one the missionaries did on their own. Just would never see that at home. Usually the missionaries were about half of the ward choir... Just not a ton of active members! But it's so fun. So most of the songs were serious/spiritual. A couple were fun. Also, we found out that another ward was doing our exact same song!! They were very musically talented so they had changed it a bit... But our bishop was freaking out because he's really competitive. Anyways, we went 3rd and we sang the ward song first (I Know that my Redeemer Lives), and then we did Hakuna Matata. It was so fun! People were cheering and clapping along. Also, our ward choir has never sounded better!! Which was so good!! I had both recorded but they're too big to send over email :/ hopefully I can get it to you somehow! There had been 4 judges and they announced 3rd place, then a special, then 2nd place, then a special award. To get the package, they would have the bishop go up and get it. Then they had two bishops come up together, one was for first place, the other getting the special award. And our bishop got called up! Guess what? We got first!!! VICTORY IS OURS. Hahaha, just kidding. But I know our choir director was so, so stressed about it so I was so happy for her! Bishop is so, so funny. He said, "Tomorrow, I am bringing cake!" And he did for our ward meal. Which brings me to Sunday!
Church was great. Haha a man from another ward came and spoke and the other two talks were just about how 중랑 (jung-naong) ward is the best. Really funny. Then our ward meal... After SIs. S and I just knocked on doors to talk to people! No one was interested, but we talked to some very nice people. Also some that really didn't want to talk to us, haha. But all was fun!
Then... PASS OFF!!! I passed-off with the STL!! So all that's left is the AP's! I guess they get updates of how far we're all doing with pass-off because last week we got a call from them. They said "we know you are done passing off with the district leader. Let's set a date for when you're passing off with us. How about a week from tomorrow? Next Thursday? Sounds good. See you then." So I"m kind of freaking out for that! But it will be so good to get it over with! It really has helped me learn Korean fast, though. Anyways, I was really nervous for the vocab part because now it's an accumulation of everything, but I passed! We actually didn't even finish everything and had to finish this morning during language study. But now I'm done with that and all that's left is the AP's! I think it took almost 3 1/2 hours in total to pass of with Sis. Pope!
Well, that was my week! Love you all!!
Sis. Evans
P.s. about the soccer thing, it might be online actually! Look of facebook.com/shoot4love
not sure which one it is. Love you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's a Dog's Life!

Here's a pic of a classic woman with dogs. We see her a bunch so she said it was ok for us to take a pic. Haha! Also, I went to move the blanket because it blew up and the dogs all went crazy and started biting me! She just slowly laughed... It was so funny!

Happy Birthday Britt!!

Dear Fam!
1. So, as you might know, they eat dog here..... But! It's super weird because they treat the pet dogs here SO well. Seriously I almost never see a dog here that doesn't have a full-on outfit. Also, a big thing here is to dye the ears and tails of dogs. Purple is a popular color... That will come into play later!

2. At home asking someone's age is considered rude, here everyone does it! It's not rude at all. In fact, people always ask you to guess their age. I think it's because Koreans take such good care of their skin and faces that they usually look younger. Guessing their age is impossible though!!! Haha a terrible but funny story about that will come up later.

3. I've never seen a "house" here. Like, an individual building for one family to live in. There are only apartments! And how almost every person lives, is in an apartment with a small kitchen, a small room, and a bathroom. That's just normal!
Alright! Starting with last Monday... P day was so fun! We went to the zoo but it's like a "children's park" with a bunch of things (it's super huge) so we just went to a field and played Ultimate and other games. So fun! Slack lining was so fun too, but so hard! After, it was the coolest night ever!!!! We ate with 최승임 (chway-sung-eem) and her son. I don't know if you remember but she's the super awesome lady that works at Nu Skin and her husband is Buddhist. Well! He came home right before we started to share a message and he pulled up a chair. The boy is only 11 so we were reading out of the BofM children's story book about Ammon and cutting off the arms. (Of course he would like that, right?) We asked if they would switch off reading and the dad said, "Oh no i'm not going to" but! As we would switch off reading, let's just say I'm not the fastest reader. Or the best. Haha actually I'm quite terrible! So as I would read, he would fix my pronounciation and then ask if I knew what a word meant or something. (His English is super good!) Then he would explain back to me what I just read. It was so awesome! Apparently whenever missionaries are over and teach a lesson he always leaves or stays in another room or something. After, he said he had some questions about the BofM. It was awesome! We taught him about it and then he randomly asked about our families. So we were telling him about them and then Sis. Seegmiller started saying that her grandpa died a little bit ago and started crying. She kept saying it's fine though and all this stuff and talked about the Plan of Salvation but it was just a crazy story about when he died and then we were all crying! (I know, I cried) He was handing us all tissues and then he started using one! We all stared and he said "I'm not crying! I don't cry. I'm just making fun of you..." Uhh I don't think so funny guy. It was so cool!!! Such a good lesson.
Tuesday... Ok I don't have my journal so I don't remember much.... But we had FHE and it was fun! Actually I don't remember what happened. But I'm sure it was fun! I don't remember if it was this day.. but it might've been! I think it was after FHE that we showed Bishop our Hakuna Matata song.... Oh my gosh he freaked out! He just loved it so much! He just kept saying, "Like Sister Act! Like Sister Act! Musical!" He said that we need to make it bigger! And bigger! Oh my gosh. Seriously every song is going to be spiritual and then we're going to sing Hakuna Matata. I can't wait to see how this turns out!
Wednesday we had interviews with Pres! We had District meeting so he and his wife were there for that. Just before it started, he asked if he could see me and do the interview real fast. And he wasn't kidding! It was only like 5 min. But I didn't have any questions or anything.... so he just asked how everything was going! I haven't done anything yet to be sent home so that's good! Haha. District meeting was great! That night we had a dinner at the Relief Society president's apartment. Her apartment is SO nice! I think the nicest I've seen here! Ok I think I should explain that. You know how I said pretty much all apartments are super small? Well, their apartment was big enough that it could fit all 12 missionaries in our ward! And it had a little hallway and different rooms. It was so nice!! The dinner was so nice. Her son was there... I'd seen him around church and thought "oh, there's a nice teacher or something. He's probably 14." That night he was talking about his mission that he got home from a few years ago... oh dear! I was way off.
Thursday... We had the service project and then we taught 김명옥 (kim-meoung-oak). The 91 year old lady. Haha good time as always. And guess what? She did the same thing as last time!! She gave us coke! I feel really bad.... But we did the same thing as last time! Also, she opened a cupboard and it was totally empty except one plate with a potato on it... she took it out and it had already been cooked. She just sat there and peeled off the skin with her hands, broke it in half and gave it to us to eat. Haha! I love Korean snacks! They're always so healthy. But where that one appeared from was a bit odd.... After we sat back on the ground and she said she was going to the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom in front of us, opened the door. She walked to the toilet and in my mind and I think Sis. S's we're thinking, "Oh, wait she still has to close the door?" Nope. Haha so we just sat there, right in front of her, staring off into corners of the ceiling because you know, they're just so interesting. Then she stood up and walked over and sat down. I'm really glad she peeled our potato with her hands. Hahaha (aka there wasn't even a sink in her bathroom) After I passed off the last lesson with Elder Pons! Sweet! So now I'm done passing off with my district leader and next is with the sister training leaders. Almost... there.... Also we taught 강지은 (cong-jee-en) that night.
Friday. Happy Halloween! So funny I totally forgot it was Halloween. (It doesn't exist here) But we street boarded and taped a sucker to all of our cards so it was like we kind of celebrated it? Oh wait! We totally celebrated it!!! They have Baskin Robbins here and it was the 31st day of the month... So us 4 sisters bought the biggest tub of ice cream!! That was pretty much our dinner... SO THE BEST DINNER EVER! Haha just kidding. We all felt quite sick after. But you should've seen how quickly we finished that thing! When we street boarded we met some super cool people and I hope they meet with us later!
Saturday... we had English class and a lady we met on the street like two weeks ago came! Her name is 이미경 (ee-me-geong). To be honest... She is quite strange. But really nice! I think she just really likes foreigners. After we practiced Hakuna!
Sunday was fast Sunday! Sweet! The lady from the day before said that she would come to church so we called her right before it started and asked if she was still coming and she said, "Ya I'm already here!" How crazy?! We went upstairs and sure enough she was there. Relief Society was great... Although she was sitting next to me and she just stroked my hair the whole time. She just kept saying "curly... curly..." And she would grab one strand and just stroke it over and over and then let it bounce up... So that definitely made the meeting more interesting. Not going to lie, sometimes it's hard to stay awake in church (and by that I mean ALL of the missionaries are always trying so hard to stay awake!! It's so hard!! Because we're all sitting there really having no idea what they're talking about so it's hard to pay attention...) so she made it easier for me to stay awake! A woman in our ward, 이내규 (ee-nay-gew) is THE BEST and totally friended her!  We met with her after and it was good but short because she had to leave. But that was awesome!!
My week was so good!! And it's warmed up a ton so one word to describe the weather? Just perfect!!!!!! It seriously has been. I love hearing about how all of you are doing!! Btw next week I'll be emailing late too! I'm emailing late today because tomorrow we get to go to the temple!!!! So tomorrow is our actual p-day. And today surprise! A fridge was delivered to our house so we got out later than expected.
Love you all!!
Sis. Evans

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dinner and a Miniature Train Ride!

Happy Halloween!!

Dear Family,
1. People always always drive on the sidewalks in their cars, motorcycles, or whatever. If there's a long wait, they just turn up on the sidewalk and start driving. Crazy!
2. The driving laws here... may or may not be in existence. Red light? eh just drive through it and honk the whole time so people know you're coming. It's crazy!
3. The addresses here make no sense whatsoever. There's no pattern to them or anything. This will come into play later!
This week was amazing!!! As usual! Rained all day Monday and Tuesday and sprinkled the rest basically. But it warmed up a bit that last weekend and the weather was perfect! I wish you could see the leaves- so, so beautiful!!
So, Nov 8th (yes, happy b-day Britt^^) there's a stake musical fireside and my district was asked to sing a song... guess what song we decided to sing? Hakuna Matata! Haha! I'm serious!! So we got the music for it and have been practicing this past week. It's so, so fun!!! We just have a ball the whole time. It's kind of almost like a little musical because we're all moving around and stuff... I love my district! They're so awesome and willing to do fun things.
Tuesday.. FHE. Super good! Haha! We played a game called 돼 지 돼 지, Dad, have you heard of it? It's like marco polo. The person answers "굴 굴" to it in a different voice and they have to guess who it is. SO fun! Haha! Our bishop is awesome and gets so into all the games!
Wednesday was amazing!!! We had a district meeting and we talked about fears we have and how to overcome them. It was so great!!! We also got this letter to read- IT IS THE BEST LETTER. Just how to be a better missionary and what a mission does for your life and is just the best. Try to see if you can find it! It's by Danny Q. Humphrey and about an Elder Ricciardi, if that helps. Um... then we street boarded!!! Basically we set up some posters and try to talk to everyone. We talked to so many people. It was amazing!! After we taught 최승임 (chway-song-eem) and it was a great lesson. Haha, so she works for New Skin and she wanted to put a cream on my eyelids and around my eyes. After she asked if I could feel it and I said no... ahh!!!! Haha my eyes just started burning! Not my eyes, but around my eyes. Haha it felt so weird! She said, Oh! You can feel it! Haha YEAH I could! She said if you're falling asleep, you put it on your eyes and it helps you stay awake. She called it "her method". Yes, it sure did wake me up. Haha after we found out it was like a muscle relaxer thing- burn hot then cold? Something like that? Yes, it was on my eyes, haha.
Thursday.. Service project. Haha! The man calls Sis. S and I "the dream team" (in English!!) because we're really fast. Sweet! We were trying to find less actives and for some reason decided to visit a lady on our CMIS list. We went to her house and guess what? She was home! That never happens! Seriously, Koreans are the busiest people on earth. She let us come in and of course gave us some food (oranges!) and asked if we come often at this time and we said it was our first time coming to her house and she said that she is literally never home at this time and it was amazing we caught her. (something about her work) Anyways, she's super cute and was baptized like 20 or so years ago when she was a teenager but now has no interest in the church at all. So for now we're just going to drop a card off every now and then! She was nice, though. Then we had a dinner with 이충송 (ee-chung-song). She was super sick so we went out to dinner. I felt so bad! She should've just cancelled. Anyways, we ate 심겹살 which is a delicious meat that they cook in a really cool way on your table! She bought 3 extra portions for us... So we ate a lot! After, she said, "Now let's go back to my house to eat some apples!" (Ok yes I know! So much food and I"m going to get huge.) So, we go back and she takes this massive bag out full of the biggest apples you've ever seen and starts cutting... Oh no! We are all just staring at each other wide-eyed (it was the 4 sisters, us and Sis Kwon and Pope.) We start eating and she just, keeps, cutting. She got a call and there were a couple pieces left so we did rock, paper, scissors for who had to eat it. She came back and pulled out more apples!! So luckily Sis. S said, "Ah thank you so much but we have to go!"
So Friday was just incredible!!!!  Thursday night this lady that had met with the missionaries but stopped a couple months ago and wouldn't answer calls or anything called us and said, "Let's meet tomorrow at 4." So we did! We had a member come (방명분) that is just amazing! And guess what? She actually showed up! We taught her the first lesson about the restoration and at the end talked about following Christ's example... Long story short she wants to be baptized next month!! Nov 23rd!!! Which would just be amazing because guess what? My trainer, Sis. S has had one baptism her whole mission and it was last year, Nov 23rd... it would be exactly one year later!!!! So we were just so pumped. THE BEST LESSON EVER!!! It was so great and she's wonderful! Ok, disclaimer. This story does get a little sad later on. After we practiced for the stake musical night and it was so, so fun. haha just laughed so much trying to plan it!
Saturday... Happy birthday, Sis. Pope! We made her brownies with a recipe she had and celebrated. We met a really awesome girl on the street!!! She was genuinely so interested and wanted to meet with us the next day. WHAT. Then later was English class and few people came so there was only one girl in the advanced class. She's so cute!!! I taught her once when on an exchange with Sis. Kwon (권). She just started talking about prayer and had all these questions about it, so that's what we talked about most of the time. She's so cute and sweet!! Then our district went to a "meat buffet" for Sis. Pope's b-day. Super good.. But we seriously just never stop eating here! Never! The elders had bought her a cake which was so kind of them. Haha! So we think cake, chocolate, vanilla... nope! The cakes here are a bit different. There was frosting! But it was a 고구마 cake... which means sweet potato! It takes just like a sweet potato.
Now, the end of the story. So, the lady, 유옥렬 (u-ong-reoar... kind of) never came to church or our app :( She wouldn't answer our calls or texts. Bummer... but! 방연숙 came! Which is crazy! She's the one that came to church two weeks in a row. Haha! So funny though... She came super late after we'd called her a couple times and came in right before the started the prayer for the sacrament. She sat by us and the whole time wouldn't really focus... She kept trying to take pictures of us (btw she's about 50) and we would say no, so she would just hold her phone, and then tilt it so the front camera was on us so she could take a picture... of course we noticed! So we kept telling her no. She kept saying she was hungry and we said as soon as the meeting was over we were all going to eat together. Right before the last speaker ended, she jumped up, slid her chair back, and ran to the back door! So we jumped up too and tried going after her but she went out the door and was closing it when I went to open it, so she was pulling it shut and I was trying to open it... Hahaha! I hope you have this image in your mind! I know that Bishop sitting on the stand watching this happen was just wondering what was going on. Haha! It was so funny! Then she let go and turned and started running down the stairs (we're on the second floor), so we were going down and trying to call to her to ask what she was doing. She turned and said, "You're beautiful! Your Korean is perfect! I want to see your faces Tuesday! Pretty!" Yes. That was the conversation. So that was crazy! Choir practice... I only fell asleep twice, so it wasn't that bad. After, tried to visit less actives and street contact. then we "가가호호ed" which is just knocking on people's doors and asking if they want to hear our message. Super fun! The funniest things happen during that. Also, sometimes people aren't fully dressed when they open their apt. door so that's weird...
That was pretty much my week!!! I'm just loving this work. It's the best!!!!!! Today we're going back to the zoo and guess what? The elders called us just before we left and asked what we were doing and we said going to the zoo and they said no way! We are too!
So by the zoo, it's just a huge park kind of like Central park but of course smaller. They said that they're bringing Frisbee's and a slack line!!!! What?! So I get to go slack lining in a little! So stoked.
Anyways love you all!!!!!!
Sis. Evans

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Start of Transfer 2!

Dear family,
Another great week!!!
1. When you knock on a door, they often don't answer and you just yell through the door and then they yell back. Interesting! The first time I was surprised when my companion just started yelling "Harmony!!!" through a door which just means grandma. Haha it's fun!
2. The men always, always, always shave their faces- never see a Korean without a clean shaven face!
Soo there's been a change in the wind here.... Literally! They are now ice cold! Haha ok not quite. But the temperature has dropped dramatically. Everyone's taken out their winter coats! But it's not that cold yet :)
Last Tuesday I saw 나영!!! (Nayoung) It was so crazy! For some reason I was super nervous. But we went and met her in a little cafe and talked. She is so cute!!! She hopes to meet all of you one day and I hope that we can!! That night we had a last 식사 with our ward mission leader. We went to a little restauraunt. Super fun! Right after was FHE. Last one with our district! Tons of people came. Because the next day was 권한나's birthday (and I think also because Elder Ross and Sister LaBlanc left the next day), they brought out a big cake! So sweet of them. We said goodbye to Elder Ross and wished him good luck in America and said goodbye to Elder Savas, since he was being transferred the next day. Then ran home!
The next day we woke up and said goodbye to Sis. LaBlanc! So crazy! The new sister is Sis Pope! She's such a sweetheart! And this is her last transfer too! We went to a shabashaba for lunch for 권한나's birthday- so good!!! Btw her last name sounds like "Kwon" kind of, so I'll start using that for her! Then we were totally lost but somehow Sister Seegmiller and I found our way to the service project. We met Elder Armstrong's new companion- Elder 정명기 or something like that... He's great! Doesn't really know any English and funny thing is, he thinks I know a lot of Korean so he kept talking to me. I just would change my expression every 10 seconds or so and throw in a "Nay?!" every now and then. Works really well! We talked to people on the street for a couple hours and then went to 최승임's house for a lesson. It was so good!!! She really understands everything so well and has just such a sincere desire to do good. Her son is great too! He's about 11?
Thursday... Oh my gosh! Oh, Thursday was funny. Ok! We went out and met 김명옥 again (remember the old woman who says she just wants to die?). We just waited at the door and knocked and yelled for a good 10 min and then she came! We went over and sat down and she's in a lot of pain :( She's hilarious though! She prayed to start and asked that she could finally die and thanks for us, amen. We asked about church and she said she goes once every while. She said it's close, so that's good. We asked where it was at and long story short, we found out she has been switching off our church and another one! Haha! We said that wasn't our church and she said, "Oh? It isn't?" She's a little confused I think. But wonderful! Sis. S. told her she has to live for at least 10 more years and she went to slap her! But then just slapped her hand. Haha she kills me! Then she asked us to guess how old she is. I said 80 or 81 and guess what? She's 91!! How crazy?!
We had another dinner that night at 최남희's (like chway-nam-he) house. We had another a couple of weeks ago! She is so kind. The food was so good! So much of it...
Da da da! Friday! Had weekly planning that was almost 3 hours this time! Just barely over. We're getting closer at keeping it in the time frame, though! We talked to people on the street and heart attacked two members. Hahaha oh my gosh! Ok that night we met with a woman and it was so funny. She was upset because there's a girl she doesn't like that she works with. She kept calling her "the fat selfish girl". So, we asked if there was anything she liked about her, and she said "No! She's just so fat! She's fatter than... than... American missionaries!" Hahahaha Sis. S and I just sat there. Wow, she seriously must be just massive to be bigger than American missionaries! Hahaha. So funny.
Saturday... Oh! We just went to drop a card off on a members door we don't know, but she opened the door right when we found the apartment and had us come in! She is super, super awesome! So surprise visit/lesson! She has two kids (son and daughter) and the daughter and her husband are inactive. Actually her husband really, really doesn't like the church. But she's so positive and just told us why the church is so important to her. Of course she gave us some food (they always do) and it was an Asian pear and grapes :) So great! After, I passed off the vocab for the next lesson with the new district leader- Eld Pons! He's awesome! And yay I passed! English class was after. Sis. S and I gave the spiritual thought after and it went really well!! They really paid attention!! Good, good day.
Sunday! We had our meeting and then Relief Society and then gospel principles... then sacrament! There's a new companionship so now 12 missionaries in our district/ward! So many! So Sis. Pope, Eld Pons, Eld Helsloot (new zone leader), Eld 정, and one other Korean elder who's name I don't remember... all spoke! The other Korean Elder just arrived from the MTC this week, so he's new like me! It's great. Then the ward lunch afterwards. So, 4 peeople of ours that we thought were coming didn't show :( two investigators, a recent convert and one less active. Such a bummer!! We're counting on next week though.
Oh ya! So, the people always want to buy/give us food here since we're foreign and trying to learn their language. So we're walking on the street and I start talking to this lady (just hello, where she's going and stuff) and she freaks out and says she has to buy us food! We said, "Oh no, it's ok, it's ok. We already ate!" But she grabs us and walks into this restaurant right buy us, goes up, orders food, has us sit down, and then leaves! How crazy?!!? Oh so, so, so sweet! I can't tell you how kind the people are to us here. It's unbelievable!
After church we had two lessons that were cancelled so we made 죽 which is basically just rice and egg and seaweed for two women in our ward that were sick. We went to the first and said we're just dropping this by and have to leave but she made us come in! We felt so bad! She cut up 3 huge apples for us. Then she started talking and told us about her conversion in the church. Super cool! Haha oh man, then she took this packet out of the fridge (red ginseng?) and said it's good for your health and that she drinks one everyday. She gave us each one and we started drinking... Oh so bad!!!! Haha I seriously cannot describe what it tasted like besides saying that it's just so, so bad! We drank it... smiling... and then she got a call and left the room and we just drank is so fast to get it over with. Oh, so many good times in the mission :) We went to 최승임 (chway-song-eem)'s house after to drop it off. And we met her husband!!! We've been trying so hard to meet him but he's never, ever home. He's Buddhist and doesn't want anything to do with the church. But, he has come in and started talking to us a ton! Oh, btw 최승임 also broke her collar bone so she's in a sling :/ We said we had to go but he made us stay and made us a ton of food! It was crazy!! When we went to leave we asked him to kneel and pray with us and his wife and son but he said, "Oh no, I'm Buddhist!" It was funny and he was friendly about it :) but after he said, "Wow, you blessed me and my family a lot- thank you!" So that was so so cool!! :)
It's actually raining a ton today! We were going to go to the zoo again because it's so beautiful but... I don't think so!
Love you all so so much! Sorry my emails are so forever long!
Sis. Evans

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First Transfer Almost Over

Dear Family,
Now how crazy is this? On Wednesday I've already been here for 1 transfer!! That means I only have 10 left! :'(
1. To show respect, you always use two hands when gesturing to other people. And everytime you shake someone's hand, you have to have the other hand either touching theirs, or touching your wrist or something. If not, you're being rude! Also, if you're handing something to someone you either use two hands to give it to them, or touch your arm with the other arm while you hand it to them.
2. Tons of girls (I mean really, most of them), wear contacts to make their eyes look bigger. There's no pupil.... they're just big and dark! They want to look like dolls.

I'm just going to do two! To save time and make them last longer.... Also, I just want to re-emphasize how much I loved the package!! I really have the best family in the world! I loved the letters so much. Dad, your Korean is amazing!!! I was so impressed!!! I actually had to have 권하나 translate some of it for me...
Last week after we emailed, we were going to visit a palace right by where we were at, but it was closed. So instead..... WE WENT TO A ZOO!!! Oh my gosh it was so, so, so fun!! There were elephants and lions and tigers and bears (haha) and monkeys and it was so fun! Our whole district went. That night we had a dinner with a member. She is so sweet! It was just the sisters (so 4 of us), and she made sooo much food. Oh my gosh. Hahaha I got to a point where I felt so sick, but everytime you finish off a bowl or plate, they take it from you and fill it back up!! Ahhh. Sis Seegmiller is the best and would help me out near the end. So delicious, though! Also, Mom you're the best and so on top of things! Guess what happened about 2 hours after I emailed? I got a text from a random number asking if it was Gentry. It was Nayoung!!! I'm meeting with her tomorrow!! So crazy. I can't wait to tell you about it! Thanks, Mom!
Tuesday... Apparently I've picked up my pace at the service project place because when we got there, they requested sis. S and I on one floor! (there's 3 companionships so we all go to different places) They wanted us to do this packaging thing because apparently we're the fastest at it. (yeah....) It's always fun going there. For dinner guess what we ate... BANANA PANCAKES!!! Oh so yummy!! That was really fun. Sis. S has never had them! FHE that night was so hilarious. After the message, we played this game and it was so fun.
Wednesday was our last district meeting this transfer :( So sad! Transfer calls came Saturday night and (no shock- Sis S and I aren't moving), But our district leader, Elder Savas, is! We talked about being happy and challenges and things we can have on missions. It was really good! Sis. LaBlanc and Elder Ross each gave little trainings since they go home this Wednesday! So, so, so sad. I can't remember anything else from Wednesday.. Oh ya! Before the meeting, they wanted us to eat together. You'll never guess where we ate... Costco! There's a Costco in Korea!!!! And it's in our area!!! How crazy? I'm sorry I didn't get to tell you before you sent the package.............. But everything is really, really expensive there! But we went there and ate the pizza :P
Thursday was 12 week follow-up! 12 week is a program all missionaries do the first 12 weeks of their mission to help them adjust. It's great! So, everyone I came with to Korea all met up for this little conference! It was so fun seeing all of them again! We talked a lot about street contacting and good/bad ways to do it. Basically, how to be real people and not robots. It was really helpful!!! After the conference, the most amazing thing happened!!! We got on the bus and I was trapped near the front because there were so many people. I started talking to this woman and she was so interested! She started asking all of these questions and then said "Ahh this is my stop!" And asked if she could have my number. MY NUMBER. Nobody asks that!!! Ever!! Haha we are trying so hard to find people that will give us their number. So I quickly gave it to her and she ran off! I so wish we could've got hers. THEN, I walk farther back to tell Sis. S and, well I can't get to her. A seat opens up next to me so I tell a girl standing next to me to sit down. She sits down and takes the stuff I'm holding from my hands and keeps it on her lap for me (so kind, they always do that!). I started talking with her and she said she'd heard about our church! She'd stayed in a "Mormon hotel" (so embarrassing she kept asking me what the name of it was and that it was really famous but I kept saying I'd never heard of one! Haha found out 10 minutes later she was talking about Marriott hotels...). She said that there was the Mormon bible in her room. So! I started telling her about it and she was shocked to find out that we believe in the Bible and Book of Mormon. She was so sweet and just awesome! Then she said oh this is your stop!! (I'd told her which one it was and hadn't realized where we were...) so I told her she could keep the Book of Mormon and that it was free and she couldn't believe it! Oh she has no idea how willing we are to give them away haha. I quickly gave her a card with our number and jumped off the bus! It was crazy! But wait, there's more.
We walked down and were waiting for our subway (lots of travel...) and we started talking to an elderly woman. Ok I thought she was about 55 but turns out sh'es 70. They don't age!!! Anyways, she told us about how her husband died and that she loves Christ so much and that he's basically her best friend/companion since hers is gone. She's so awesome! She started to get emotional about it and cried! We had already given out every Book of Mormon we had (we always carry 4 in our bags) and all the pamphlets except one- the plan of salvation. How perfect?! So we got on the subway and started talking with her and this woman next to me kept asking me, "What ward?  What ward?" and I was so confused. Turns out, she's a member!! What?! I've never seen one just on the street or anywhere outside of church! So she was talking to her with us! The 70 year old woman turned to me and said, "Give me a pen and pape,r" so I took out my notebook and she wrote down her # and address and said we had to come to her house & teach her and her daughter. She was so awesome!!!!!! As soon as she got off, the group of older women standing by us all turned and started asking us questions. It was just amazing!!!
Friday.... We were supposed to meet with a woman we met on the street but we called her when we got there and she said she didn't want to meet with us :/ (that happens a ton). So just talked to the people on the street! We had a dinner that night at the church with Bishop and all the missionaries. It was because Elder Ross and Sis. LaBlanc are leaving. Haha they brought a cake and had those two cut it together with one knife!! IT was hilarious. Bishop is always talking about them gettting married Haha, I think he was trying to give them an idea for the future. And just in case you're wondering, yes, we do eat cake with chopsticks. and YES! I can use them! Didn't think I'd learn so quickly, huh? Just kidding it's been 6 weeks and I'm still terrible haha. I still have a year and 3 months of practice though! We met with 강지은 after and taught a lesson. She was so awesome!! We've been trying to get her to read the BofM but she never will (she's a less-active). BUT! She said, "You know, I really need to read this book. I will start and read it every night." It was great! We said even if she just reads a little everyday it will help her so much.
Saturday- GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow it was the best thing ever!!!!!!!! We went to the stake building so there were a ton of missionaries (I think 2 zones?). Haha they had bought a ton of food from costco- muffins of course- and we sat and ate and watched and got so sick because we have not consumed anything with that much sugar in so long. The talks were amazing!!! I would write about them, but then I would never finish this. So I'll say just watch it and you'll know what I mean! Bednar's talk was super about- directed to nonmembers about why we do missionary work. Also Jorg something.... He was so blunt! It was great! Ok, all of them were amazing. It is so different watching them as a missionary!
We did that Saturday and Sunday. 강지은 even came! She only watched the last half hour Sunday because she was super late... but that's ok! We went most of the way home with her and she told us how she read 3 pages of the Book of Mormon!! So great! We got on a bus to get home and we talked to the most amazing woman!! She's probably late 20's or early 30's and lived in Australia for a year so her English is really good. She was so so sweet & pretty and asked us so many questions about why we're here and what we believe! And she so willingly gave us her number! So crazy.
Ok, I'm taking forever! Umm.. Oh ya! Yesterday I passed off lesson 3 with Eld Savas. Just one more with a district leader and I'm onto sister training leaders!! I really want to have it done by the end of this month. It will be hard though....
Anyways! Loving my life so much!!! Everything is so fun!!!!
Sis. Gentry Evans