Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Christmas Season!

Dearest family,
1. Ummm... Have I already said that light switches are on the outside of the rooms? If you want to turn the light on in a room, the switch is always outside the room.
Ok what a week!! Last Monday we spent our pday searching for Sis. Seegmiller's wallet because it went missing right after we got lunch :/ We were even in a security office and went through all the different cameras and different angles for the mart where we think we lost it. Super interesting! Couldn't figure out when it disappeared though. But guess what?? Thursday someone really far away found it and saw the mission president's number in it and called and she's getting it back tomorrow!! How crazy?! People are so amazing. That night we taught ... We love her! She's great :) We hope to meet with her again today!
Tuesday we did service and then kept walking that direction to look for less actives. We were about 3 hours away from home after we got there, so we ended taking a taxi back. I know, so luxurious. No, I feel so bad whenever we take a bus or taxi!! It just seems wasteful because we could walk, you know? But we had to get back for FHE! Which was fun, as always :)
Wednesday was zone training! Super fun seeing everyone in our zone. So motivating! I just want to work that much harder. After, 안정민 and I just street contacted for a few hours. This one lady was so so kind!!! I started talking to her and she said, "Oh, it's so cold!! You can't stay out here!" and then went up to a stand and insisted on buying me this bread/roll thing that had red beans in it. (So good!!! That's another thing. Instead of chocolate, they have red beans in everything! Just like that ice cream we ate, Dad.) It was so nice of her!!! Korean people, seriously the kindest. Then 최남희 (cheway-nam-he) had us over for dinner. She is so sweet. The food was so delicious!!
Sidenote, to snack on during e-mail, I just ate dried squid. Yes. I am Korean.
Ok another sidenote, ya it tastes pretty much exactly as you imagine. So not good! Hahaha!
Thursday... We walked all day! We do that everyday, but especially Thursday! Just walked for hours. We were going to visit people but they were all not home. Then we decided to visit this one house where I helped the grandma carry groceries to her apartment a few weeks ago? Anyway, we went there and she was home so we talked with her for awhile! She is so cute. We ran and got milk and bread for her real quick after because it's difficult for her. I want to take a picture of her so you can see her! She really just is so cute!
Then we walked some more, talking to people.... Then that night we went and visited 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak) the grandma. She yelled at us for visiting when it was dark outside. But it was such a good visit! So different with a Korean... There was so much conversation happening! Haha right after we came in the harmony left the room to get something. Sis. Ahn turned to me and said, "You said we were visiting a 91 year-old grandma! This woman is not 91! She just yells and is so loud!" Haha yes, yes she is quite a powerful 91 year-old.
Friday... WHAT A DAY OF MIRACLES. So cool!!!!!!! So we've been struggling to find people to teach. Just... anyone... So! During weekly planning we were calling everyone. And one member said we could come over in an hour! So we booked it out of our apartment. She is such a hardworking woman. I feel so bad for her. Her husband died... awhile ago. Not sure but at least 10 years? He died of cancer. She has 3 kids in their 20's and they all don't attend church. She has a 3-4 room apartment and can't afford heating so her apartment is so cold. She has one big heating pad on the ground I think she sleeps on. Anyways, her 2 sons live at home and don't work or go to school... They just play computer games and hang out with their friends. So sad. She works so hard. One son was there and avoided us forever but finally left the bathroom (the room he was hiding in) to go hang out with friends so no worries, we caught him ;) We talked and shared a message and then got his number so the elders can meet with him.
THEN. We went to a small apartment complex and were just going door-to-door. I've done this quite a bit since I got here, but have never gotten into a house. We had been doing it for a couple hours when we knocked on the door and started yelling back and forth with the lady inside. She opened the door, which was shocking in itself, and then said, "Oh it's so cold! Come inside"..... what?!? YES!!! So we did and just introduced what we're doing to her!! It was so cool!! She was the nicest. She's Buddhist and told us what she believes. She gave us cuties and choco pies! Ah it was the coolest!! She reads a lot of books about religion so she was really excited about the Book of Mormon. So cool!!!! Made my week!!! :)
Saturday was also very fun. We had an appointment that afternoon but she cancelled so we just street contacted and did some door-to-door. Then English class and then went to teach someone that missionaries met with once about a year ago that we found in our book of old investigators. Very cool! Her name is 윤정숙 (youn-jong-suke) Was great! Very humbling because she said she couldn't understand my Korean. Why!!! Just kidding. Got to keep improving!
Sunday was so great! It was so kind. I think every single person that bore their testimonies talked about the missionaries in our ward. Ah! This ward is just amazing!! So kind. They brought us so much food. SO much food. I have to get a picture next month! Also, remember 방연숙? (bong-yeon-suke) Sis. S and I met with her a little. Well she came to church again! We've been calling her. Then she met with us after!! YES! After church we visited 진현숙 (jeen-heon-suke). She was baptized in May but hasn't been attending church very much. She's wonderful! That night our district met and planned what we're doing for the Christmas party. It's going to be so fun!
Well, family! Love you so much!! I'm so glad to see the Christmas tree is already up, I was going to be upset if it wasn't. Oh ya!!! Ok, there are two videos out that are just incredible. One is "Because of Him" and the other is "He is the Gift." They are so powerful!!! Tell me what you think about them :) Especially Because of Him...
Have a great week!
Sis. Evans

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