Sunday, December 14, 2014


Dear family!
1. Whenever you go to someone's house and sit on the floor, you always have so sit in a "proper" way first (just kneeling on your heels), and then the host will say you can sit "comfortably." If not it's kind of rude!
So I read a quote a little bit ago that I just love! So much. It makes me very happy! So I wanted to share :) It's a bit long, but great!
"This Christmas, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter to someone living in Korea. (haha ok you got me I added the part about someone living in Korea) Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize. Try to understand. Examine your demands on others. Think of someone else first. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak your heart and then speak it again."
Isn't that just beautiful?! There's so much good in the world! And so much good we can do :) It's in the December Liahona... page 39? I've been looking at it a lot... I bolded the last few because they're just so great!
Now Monday! So last Monday wasn't our actual pday. We met ... and taught her. At the end, she said she wants to be baptized!!! What?! So exciting!
Tuesday we got to go to the temple!!! So great! And so beautiful because there was snow on the ground! It's been snowing on and off every day. After, Sis. Ahn, Seegmilller, 길 (Gil) and I stayed in that area and went to all the different stores! Very fun :) They sure love shopping! After we had family night! Very fun.
Wednesday we had district meeting! SO GREAT! Elder Pons (district leader) is such... a deep thinker? Haha don't know how to describe it. He's very smart! He wrote a super old and confusing poem that we picked apart. Felt kind of like I was back in Katie Sheridan's class last year. We street contacted... and taught 최승임 (chway-seng-eem) and her son (박재현 bak-jay-heon). He is 11 and so smart! She was baptized in May and we're just following up and explaining things to her :) She is amazing!!! Very... smart. How to describe her.. She's very.. upper class? Ya. Very nice. She drove us home! 1st time I've been driven home after a lesson! Most Koreans don't have a car.
Thursday.... SO MUCH SNOW!! It was amazing!!! Oh my goodness I love it snow much!! It has been snowing but Thursday was a ton. I think snow is just such a happy thing. The flakes are so pretty and just dance in the air so delicately. Haha that is until there is a fierce wind... The flakes were huge, too!! We had the service project and then walked and taught a harmony- 여복달 (yo-bok-dar). We visited her last week too- we met her on the street and helped her carry groceries to her apartment a few weeks ago? Ya she was great! Very... tired. Also only has a couple teeth. She's so cute though! We met someone on the street that actually gave us her address!! So we visited her that night. She's a harmony (haha we teach so many harmonies!) and has attended a lot of different churches. She says she doesn't believe in attending church though, she just believes in God. She's super nice and intersting to talk with. We're visiting again this week! Her name is 조일호 (jo-eel-ho)
Friday... Friday... weekly planning! Then we taught the old harmony- 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak). She doesn't want us to visit again :/ she says it's too hard for her. She's still kicking and funny as ever! She's very passionate about Japanese... A lot of the older people are because they remember the occupation. Super... terrible. Incredibly terrible what happened during it. But! Anyways then we taught another lady, ... Super interesting! Second time meeting with her so we taught about the plan of salvation. She attends another church and her husband hates our church so she has to have us come over in secret... She's great though! She understands the scriptures so well and is very blunt, so whenever she's confused or has questions she just asks! It's so nice!
Saturday we met someone that we had met on the street on Wednesday! Isn't this crazy?! We had so many lessons!!!! IT was the best!! Her name is 배혜연 (bay-hay-yeon). She is 26 (a young one!!) and looking for a job.  We met her in a "paris baguette" a bread kind of shop. They're everywhere! We're meeting her next Saturday :)
The English class! So fun as always. Oh ya! Ok before class we had a district practice for the ward Christmas party next week. (next week already?!?!) We're singing a pretty Korean Christmas song and then doing an act. You know where a person sits on another's lap with a sheet over their body and the person behind them has their arms out so it looks like the other person's arms? Oh, so difficult to describe. We're drawing little bodies on the sheets so it's a person's normal head, and then these tiny arms that are actually the arms of the people behind them. It is sooo funny. I'll tell you how it goes! We're acting out a missionary's day.
After we had dinner at 김영미 (kim-young-mee)'s house! She is amazing!! She made us so much food, so much. She made dok-bokki? Ok trying to Eomanize is so hard... so sorry that doesn't sound right! Anyways, there was so much of it. Literally a cauldron. A small pot? Oh no. A CAULDRON. Haha it was delicious though! She was baptized as a teenager and her son is a member too but her husband and daughter aren't. No one was home but her. She's wonderful!
Sunday! Church was great. Sis. Ahn and I were asked to help in primary every week. Sis. Ahn is the piano player. (Did I tell you she also plays for sacrament meeting?) So fun! There were only 3 kids. They were memorizing an article of faith so good practice for me! Haha they were getting it so much faster than I was because she would say it in Korean and we would repeat back.. But I was mostly just trying to figure out what words she was using! Super fun though. We had a member of the area seventy come speak in Sacrament! So good! Even if I could only understand a little. He and his wife spoke. As soon as sacrament ended, we ran to the harmony's house 여복달 (yo-bok-dar) and brought her back so she could eat with us! Haha the other harmonies in our ward flocked her and were so welcoming! She was tired and didn't talk much so we just took her back home after she finished eating. Met her son for the first time! He was home. He's... 50? Seemed nice. Street contacted... And then had dinner with a family in our ward! The parents and kids live together, very common. So two very young kids, the parents, and then his Mom (Dad was visiting the other daughter and her family). The grandparents were actually mission presidents in Seoul in 1996! So cool! It was very fun :)
Well fam, love you so much!! Hope you're not freezing to death in Mesa ;)
Sis. Gentry Evans

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