Monday, December 22, 2014


Dearest Family!!!!
1. Ya I'm probably just repeating myself now..... but! In Korea they don't use red pens very much! Writing someone's name in red means that they're dead, or you want them dead, or some bad omen. So yep! Don't use red.
Ah Merry Christmas!!! Can you believe it's Christmas already?! Crazy!! I've also decided that calling home is a waste of time and I should be studying for those 40 min instead so I won't be calling home this year! Hope you're ok with that. Hahahaha just kidding! Can't wait to call!!! :)
So last Monday we visited the less active that lives super far away by the pretty mountain. 정분연 (Jong-bune-yeon) She is so kind!!! She made us tea and we talked about her family. She still has pictures of the temple up in her house and tons of LDS books... So we're really having a hard time figuring out why she isn't coming to church. (She used to be relief society president too) We shared a message and will visit again soon! Also, IT SNOWED LIKE CRAZY ALL DAY. It's soooo pretty!!!! I love it. Which reminds me! I have another quote.
"The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God, yea, even the earth and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and it's motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator." That's from Alma 30:44
I read that this week and just loved it!! Because I think it's so true... You know the earth is so beautiful (especially this past week with all the snow!!!!) So there has to be someone that created it!
Anyway, Monday night the snow turned to sleet, so then Tuesday morning we woke up and all of the grounds are completely frozen. Just ice everywhere! Haha so since then everyone has been walking like penguins. So funny. There's salt thrown everywhere on the ground but they haven't melted yet. Maybe too cold. And then it just keeps snowing on top...
Tuesday! Service project (yes, Mom, same one every week! Not boring, it's fun :) ) Then we visited people but I don't remember who... That night before FHE we taught ..... It was honestly the saddest lesson I've ever been in. I told you about her dad, how he abuses her sisters and mom. We were teaching about God and how he is out loving father, but she couldn't understand because that's not how her dad is. He's 80 now and still is the same. She said that when he drinks alcohol he just breaks everything. She is so so so scared of him. It was so sad. She was just crying... She gets up before he does and just walks and walks outside all day to avoid seeing him. She was crying saying it's so cold... Ah. So hard.  We're trying so hard to help her! She's not getting baptized next week but maybe next month. She wants sooo badly to feel God's love. So we're waiting till she understands more and feels like she is ready.
Then FHE. It was fun!
Wednesday we sang carols and street boarded! So fun!!! :) So, so cold! Haha my district was all standing there totally frozen! Sliding a little because the ground was all ice haha. We visited 여복달 (yo-bok-dar) harmony. Cute as ever. That night visited 최승임 (chway-seng-eem). Her dad had a cerebral hemorrhage last week so it's been in the hospital, really bad shape :( But she was so calm! We talked a lot about that. Ate dinner with her, her son, and her husband! He is so nice. Got home the latest I ever have on my mission... 9:35!!! Whew. What a late-nighter!
That day... I got your package!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!!! It's so cute and everything is all wrapped!!!! So darling!! I have the Christmas tree up!! :) I would say I can't wait to open them on Christmas... but I may have already peeked... at all of them... haha. Because what if something needed to be refrigerated?! (I know, really stretching that excuse haha) So I peeked and then wrapped them back up!!! Except for the necklace and earrings... I've been wearing them everyday since!!! I love them!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!! You are the best!!! It was really WAY to much. Also, I can't tell if you were being incredibly kind by sending me all the chocolate because I haven't had much of it in Korea, or just incredibly cruel and are wanting me to gain an excessive amount of weight ;) hahaha just kidding.
Thursday we had weekly planning because Friday was our Christmas conference! After we walked forever away to an area I've never been in before! Saw an overpass that looks just like the one by the Orange Patch- so weird!!! Got to the villa of the girl we were looking for-- she wasn't home :( Such a blessing though!!! It was really far and obviously a bit chilly outside, but today there was no wind!!! So the weather wasn't even bad :) We were so happy!! We visited ... She's the one that has to drink to fall asleep and her son died... She is so.. angry. She just is bitter. Very sad visit. Doesn't want us to come back :/
Friday was Christmas Conference!!!! It was at our church building with our zone and another zone from out in the country. My last zone leader (Elder Bae) was there. I asked how the country is and he said they shovel snow, everyday. Fun!... It's so cold out there right now! President Christensen and his wife were there along with the AP's. It was so good!!!!! Learned so much!!! Watched a Pentatonix video- that was kind of surprising! They're so amazing though. It's so funny. President is so bold! He's great. And Sis. Christensen is so sweet!!! Had a really cool hands-on lesson with lights. I would tell you more about it but there's not enough time! Sis. Christensen made cookies and brownies for us... oh my gosh!!!! So much sugar!!!! Everyone felt like they were going to throw up haha have not had that much sugar in forever!! And we watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas! Or however you spell his name... So fun!!! Ok no time! Visited the lady with the two sons again and they played computer games the whole time we were there... so sad! Also taught another harmony.
Saturday was amazing!!! 배혜영 (bay-hway-yeong) didn't show up for our lesson :( So instead we went to a house we've never been able to get into to visit two less actives (20 and 17) and they were home!!! The cool part was that we met their 10 year old sister!!! 김유빈 (kim-you-bean) She is so, so cute!!! She came to English class that day and we walked her home. She says she wants us to be her sisters. I think she doesn't get much attention at home (Only a mom- Dad's out of the picture and the mom is never home because she is working) We taught 윤정숙 and ah she fed us the craziest food!!! "순대" (sun-day) Basically just pig insides. With liver on the side, naturally, for that extra bit of deliciousness we were missing out on.
Sunday was great!!! Church and 유옥렬 (you-ong-reaor) came!! We taught her after with 최남희(chway-nam-he). It was great!! Then practiced for the Christmas party and that night the sisters ate at the bishops house!! It was seriously so fun. He is hilarious!!
Love you so much!! I hope you have a very merrry Christmas!!! Can't wait to hear your voices!!!
Love love love,
Sis. Evans!!!

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