Monday, May 25, 2015

Wonderful week!!‏

Hi family!!! You're the best and I love you so much and I am so sorry but have no time! Today we only had a little bit of time to email because we're going to a Buddhist temple for Buddha's birthday so this is it!

Love you and I"m seeing so, so, so many miracles in Wonju. It's amazing! Love you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last Sunday in Sokcho!

White washed.... and Wonju!!!! And other exciting things in life!!!‏

Dearest Family!!!! <3

Hello!!!!! Wow you are the kindest!!! I got your package last week at transfers :) You won't believe this, though. I haven't opened it... I'm actually waiting! So I'll open it this week :) THANK YOU SO MUCH THOUGH!!!! You are all too thoughtful! (Maybe I should wait until I open it before saying all this... maybe it will be terrible. Hehehe just kidding :) )

Soo sorry about my email last week! It was absolutely terrible. I'm going to expound a little more!
So my 6th transfer is over and here goes #7. Going to be a little honest..... It was a little rough at times... but I'm so, so, so grateful for the last 6 weeks! It's during the hardest times we grow the most, right? :) And not like it was really bad or anything but because it was... kind of hard I was able to learn so much. Especially about Christ! Funny how that works. The 2 scriptures that kind of got me through the 6 weeks are 1st Nephi 19:9 and Alma 7:23 and 24. I just can't comprehend all that Christ went through and how he suffered it but because he did I can endure all things! Ok, not wanting to sound dramatic here like I was near death or anything. It was such a good transfer! But... one I was able to learn a lot from :) My last week we met some new people and also Ee-hay-een! Remember her? 15 year old. Found out the reason she stopped talking to us is because her mom won't allow it... But she really wants to because she has so many questions about this life and how to receive help and such :( Super sad! But we're keeping in contact :) Also! We went to Bro. 김현우Kim-heon-u and Sis. 조문주 Jo-mun-ju's house my last Thursday in Sokcho. They're just starting a blueberry farm so we did service out there separating soil/bark stuff. It was so good!!!!! I love working outside! Super fun :)

I can't think of anything else that happened in Sokcho... So here goes for 원주 Wonju!!
Last Monday night we ate with a lot of the members and then met 이은실 Ee-en-shil for FHE. Tuesday we were able to meet 천수영 Chon-su-young! We ate lunch together at her house. So glad we were able to see her before we left! She has a new job and works at a meat restaurant all weekend :/ So happy to see her, though! Afterwards we went straight to Seoul! Then that night..... SO WONDERFUL!!! I got to go back to my last area (중랑 Jung-nang) and see 유옥렬 Youn-ong-neor!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Saw her and she looked wonderful!! Just so bright! She had done her hair and was wearing a little makeup and had a new bag. She talked so much and was so outgoing. Just a new person!!! I was so happy to see her. I wish I could write how different she is now but it's so hard. She's just completely a different person than who she was 9 months ago. Such a highlight of my week :) Then slept at the temple.

Wednesday morning I got my new companion!!! Sis. 서주은 Seo-ju-eun. I know..... Another Korean!!!! Craziness in the world. President is probably just trying to help out my Korean because he knows it's so bad :) Hehe. SHE IS THE CUTEST!!!!! And so funny!!! Wow hello all positivity (yes not a word...) in the world!! We are just laughing so much and having so much fun! :) She's in her 12th transfer so.. next one is her last! I know, I'm always surrounded by old missionaries. Haha, another way president is trying to help me :) I need their old, wise examples.

So after transfers we took a subway and then bus to Wonju! Welcome to the smallest apartment in the mission :) But it's perfect! Just right for 1 person. I mean 2... ;) Haha just kidding. It's great! So... Wonju's been "white-washed" which means my companion and I are both new to the area, the other two previous missionaries left. So.. we have no idea where anything is or who anyone is! Right after we got to our house Wednesday we had an appointment so we looked at the map and just started walking... Honestly we saw so many miracles today!!! I don't remember all right now but I'll try. We just asked people on the street where to go and they would point us in the right direction :) and we found the apartment the woman lives in! Unfortunately she punked... but she called us later and said she can meet next week! :) anyways, we started walking back and talking to this older woman. We walked with her for a little and then she said, "Well, here's my apartment. You can come up with me if you want." If we want.... yes!!! So cool! She's like 87- how crazy! But still going strong :) kind of... She's really religious and we talked and got to know her and got to share a message. So cool. Then we had to go straight to meet a recent convert (안은순 Ahn-eun-sun). (She was baptized in September.) We knew the name of her apartment and that was it! Just started walking. We talked to some people and then with one woman for a long time as we walked. After about 15/20 minutes we asked if she knew the apartment and she said, "Really? That's where I live! I'm going there right now." .... what?! So cool!!!!!

Ok I am running out of time! But here's the next craziness. So Thursday we took a bus to Sokcho! We have been talking to president soooo much the past week figuring things out. Right now we're kind of the sisters for both areas so we went to Sokcho to meet some investigators. I'm so blessed to still be in 강원도 Cang-won-do (the country) so I can go to Sokcho and meet old investigators! We met Kim-geong-aye. She's doing well! Reading the Bible. Always having a hard time though :( She's not going to meet with missionaries continuously, just every now and then. Then we met with Victoria. She was so, so, sad to hear that there's no sister missionaries in Sokcho and then we're leaving. It was such a good lesson, though!

Friday we met Victoria right after lunch for the last time and then took a bus back to Wonju! (About a 2 1/2 hour ride). After we got back we went straight to 강향자 Cang-hong-ja's house (she's the 87 year old woman we met Wednesday). Had a lesson with her! She really wants to learn a lot :)

Saturday there was English class and it was super good! Then FHE. There were only 4 people but it was fun :)

Sunday!! First one here in Wonju. Back to 3 hours of church! (It was only 2 in Sokcho) We met the branch and they're so kind and awesome!!
The individual members are so awesome, though! There are 4 new missionaries in Wonju so we all spoke. Here's about my district: Elder Ashbey (8th transfer) district leader. New in Wonju. Elder Houston 6th transfer and has been in Wonju 1 transfer. Elder Osborn 13th transfer and has been in Wonju 1 transfer. Elder Law 5th transfer and has is new in Wonju! Then my companion and I. So only 2 missionaries have been here 6 more weeks than the rest of us! Pretty much all are new. So crazy! Also, there was a foreigner at church! I met her a couple months ago at a meeting. I had to translate a meeting for her. I feel so bad she had to listen to me. Hahah.

Right after church a couple called and said they wanted to feed us lunch! They have a little baby. It was so good!! They're both returned missionaries so we learned a lot :)

Ok! No time! So because my companion and I are new STL's we have been calling President Christensen so much. We're figuring out with him how to do zone training since there's only my companion and I for the two zones. We think we have to split and one of us will go to one zone's training and the other person to the other training! Also, our president wants us to do 2 exchanges with each companionship. We have to figure out how to do that with our time.....

Honestly I didn't think anything would be different being and STL (honestly, it's not a big deal), but we are constantly on the phone with the sisters from the two zones asking about things. So busy! But it's so good :)

Ok. Love you so much!
Sis. Evans

Monday, May 11, 2015

Transfers.......... AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!‏

Hello family!!!!!
Wow it was the best being able to hear from you!!! You all sounded like you aged so much!! Hahaha, just kidding:) You sounded like you're doing so well and are so happy! That's so good!
Sorry I spent most of my email time getting pictures from the other elders because...... I'm leaving Sokcho :'( :'( :'( :'( I kind of said what's going on, but I'll try and explain it more fully. Saturday night we got our transfer call and I was honestly 99.9% sure I was staying in Sokcho since my companion is going home. Actually, I didn't even think about leaving. It wasn't even a possibility! But.... They have to close Sokcho for the sisters :( 20 missionaries (elders and sisters) go home this transfer and only 5 come in in total so they had to close two sister areas. Ah, I'm so, so, so sad. So sad. I love Sokcho! It also means we have to pack up our house by tomorrow. Uh oh.... So! Here's the news! My new companion is Sis. 서주은 (yes!!!!!! another Korean!!!!!!) and we are going to be sister training leaders together. That shocked me more than anything....... I can't be a sister training leader!!! I feel... so humbled. I'm just really... surprised because our mission is only old sister missionaries right now. So many go home in the next 3 transfers. So... ya I'm really surprised I'm a sister training leader.
Oh ya! So I'm going to 원주 Wonju which is in my zone!!! I'm staying in 강원도 cang-won-do. (the country). There are two zones 강원도 cang-won-do and there was always a sister training leader in the other zone but now there isn't so my companion and I will be the sister training leaders for that zone, too.
Ok I'm so, so sorry but I have no time!! I'm so glad I was able to talk to you today and I love you so much!!
Sis. Evans

Monday, May 4, 2015

A Tank and a Starfish!

Sorry I'm a day late!!!‏

Hi Family!!!!!!
Sorry I didn't have time to email yesterday!! I was so worried about you freaking out.... But don't worry parents, I was just in North Korea for a time so it's not even a big deal.
Hahaha nooo. But we suddenly got to go to the DMZ for p-day so we didn't have time yesterday!! Here's about my week, though :) Ok and real quick about last week. Haha I know that wasn't Buddha in the picture!! I feel so dumb for having said that.... The complete truth: I forgot his name and thought no one would notice... but, of course, all of you are just too smart and know his name and saw my mistake. So thanks for correcting it ^^
Monday night just visited Ee-en-shirl. Tuesday we just street contacted. So, actually kind of been a little rough lately with meeting people. Basically everyone just stopped responding/answering our calls.... so it's been weird! And almost all of the appointments we've made people have punked. So that's been strange and sad. Anyways! We went to visit 천수영 Chon-su-young but she hid in her room and never came out... That was after she said she wouldn't be home so we were just dropping stuff off for the family. So that was so weird! I don't know. We were actually kind of close and she always likes talking with missionaries. We're figuring out what to do.
Then there's 이혜인 Ee-hay-een. Ya she just stopped responding :/ It's ok, though!! We're finding more people!!!
Wednesday was the last district meeting of the transfer!! Quite a fitting one because it was the best one I've had in Sokcho. Talked about prayer and being able to receive personal inspiration. It was awesome!! I really like have a small district- we get to know each other better.
After, tried to meet people butttt yep! No one was home or anything. Same with that night. Haha.
Thursday! It was awesome!!!!! So we went to the Nursing home and instead of singing to the grandmas we got to do yard work!! Don't get me wrong. It's wonderful being able to sing with them, but it was so nice to go outside and do service. There's just a ton of weeds that have grown over time so we pulled them out and dug some holes. I loved it! And not to be weird.... but found some really cool bugs throughout the service... :)
Friday we met someone named "Victoria." (her English name) She's 78 and we met her when going door-to-door! And actually she met missionaries and came to our English class for years. (Stopped going about 3 years ago because she got sick) She's soo kind. She's a very devout Catholic and has really strong faith. We're going to meet her twice a week and do the "family English program" with her. Then did weekly planning and had the weekly missionary coordination meeting that evening.
Saturday we met Tanioka Misako. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and her beliefs. So interesting. Among other things, she believes there is no resurrection but that we will live as spirits and that every person will judge her/himself (God will not judge anyone). She actually came with us right after to English class! She has two young children so we helped them get ready and then they came. It was so good!! She loved it. She's really lonely so she likes talking with other people. Then that night have the "youth" night! Just two people came but it was a success!
Sunday was quite a shock! There were two visitors!!! A foreigner and a Korean. So, the man is a professor at Purdue University and he's doing a 2 week training at Seoul University (super super prestigious college). While here, he's staying with one of his last student/s family so the former student was with him! Kind of like a guide. It was fun and also strange translating for him. Also it rained! Super pretty.
Yesterday was crazy! So my companion had only 2 p-days left (now 1) So she wanted to do something big. She was wanting to go to the DMZ but here you can't go unless you have a car (crazy, huh!! You can only get up to a point on bus but for the rest of the way you're not allowed to walk and there's no shuttle bus, you have to have a car.) So we thought it was impossible but then right before we came to email a member (조경 Jo-geong and his wife 장남귀 Jong-nam-gue) called and said they would drive all of us since they only live like 30 ish minutes away. So nice!!!!! So we got to go! It was so cool. But mostly just North Korean mountains. There was a super informative museum that was very sad. It's crazy how recent the war was!! And how quickly South Korea was built back up.
That was my week! Love you and talk to you on Mother's Day!!!!!! <3
Sis. Evans