Monday, May 11, 2015

Transfers.......... AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!‏

Hello family!!!!!
Wow it was the best being able to hear from you!!! You all sounded like you aged so much!! Hahaha, just kidding:) You sounded like you're doing so well and are so happy! That's so good!
Sorry I spent most of my email time getting pictures from the other elders because...... I'm leaving Sokcho :'( :'( :'( :'( I kind of said what's going on, but I'll try and explain it more fully. Saturday night we got our transfer call and I was honestly 99.9% sure I was staying in Sokcho since my companion is going home. Actually, I didn't even think about leaving. It wasn't even a possibility! But.... They have to close Sokcho for the sisters :( 20 missionaries (elders and sisters) go home this transfer and only 5 come in in total so they had to close two sister areas. Ah, I'm so, so, so sad. So sad. I love Sokcho! It also means we have to pack up our house by tomorrow. Uh oh.... So! Here's the news! My new companion is Sis. 서주은 (yes!!!!!! another Korean!!!!!!) and we are going to be sister training leaders together. That shocked me more than anything....... I can't be a sister training leader!!! I feel... so humbled. I'm just really... surprised because our mission is only old sister missionaries right now. So many go home in the next 3 transfers. So... ya I'm really surprised I'm a sister training leader.
Oh ya! So I'm going to 원주 Wonju which is in my zone!!! I'm staying in 강원도 cang-won-do. (the country). There are two zones 강원도 cang-won-do and there was always a sister training leader in the other zone but now there isn't so my companion and I will be the sister training leaders for that zone, too.
Ok I'm so, so sorry but I have no time!! I'm so glad I was able to talk to you today and I love you so much!!
Sis. Evans

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