Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stake Musical Night CHAMPS‏

Ok ok! Hello dear family!!
Before I start, I'm sad to hear about Aunt Leah. Yep I remember her and Uncle Jerry! The pictures look very nice though with the fam :) And the truck!! I can't believe it's dead! So glad you were safe though, Dad!
1. They have no trash cans on the road, but there's hardly any trash on the ground! The city is so clean.
Ok so my week! I don't have my journal... so it might be short!! But Monday night I got so so many letters!! Mom, can you tell Megan I got hers? Also, a couple from grandma. So you can let her know I got them :) And yours of course! Thanks for the letters Mom & Dad! I'm sorry I haven't really been able to write back... No time!! But I loved them!!
Tuesday we got to go to the temple!!! It was so so awesome!! So beautiful. 3 people had to give their "last words." Always so sad! Sis. Pope (I live with her) had to give hers because this is her last transfer. So sad!! After, I came out and the Office Elders were there and I got your package!!! Ok, if you're going for the Parents of the Year award, you've already won it. Seriously it was so awesome!! YOU DO TOO MUCH! Tell Grandma I loved the caramel apples and her cute card about Halloween!! After the temple, all the sisters went to a "meat" buffet. Lol! The whole restaurant, only women. Interesting, huh? Then... Oh my gosh. walking back there was a little event thing going on to raise money for cancer. There was a goal and if you could kick it in without it being stopped, money would be donated. Sis. Seegmilller is a soccer/every sport there is star, so she wanted to. We go over, she kicks it in, yay! Then the guy kept saying I needed to because it was for cancer and I thought, "Well, how hard can this be?" Wrong thinking. Totally wrong. So there's a little crowd gathered and now more people are coming because there's two foreigners in skirts kicking a soccer ball. So I went to kick it... But underestimated how close the goal was... so not only did I kick the ball over the goal and over to hit a building by us, but my shoe flew off at the same time and it hit the goalie. Why. Also, did I mention this whole thing was being recorded? They couldn't stop laughing. No worries, though! I kicked again and not only did I make the goal, but my shoe stayed on!! I may or may not have been about 10 feet from the goal but that's not important, right?
Wednesday... oh ya! Zone training! Super awesome! The zone leaders and STL's lead it. I don't remember much of what happened right now... but I know it was good and learned a lot! Oh ya, so that lady we taught that came to English class and church? So... she disappeared this week!! Her phone number doesn't exist! So that was weird. But then she just appeared at English class and said her number had been changed! Guess that story wasn't as exciting as I thought... but it was during the week while it was happening! Anyways I'll get to that later.
Thursday was great!! Did an exchange with Sis Pope!! She's so kind. We did the service project and then she went with me to teach 김명옥 (kim-meong-oak). Lesson went well! I had to lead it which was scary. But mostly I would just say "Oh harmony..." and she would laugh. Then I did Sister training leader pass off with Sis Pope!! Started it but didn't have time to finish. Then Hakuna practice.
Friday... Wonderful weekly planning... Oh ya! So we found this super awesome girl on the bus a couple weeks ago and planned on meeting her today. She was so great and we were so so excited to meet her!!! Right after we left for it, she texted us and her work was going late so we couldn't meet :( So sad! We were bummed. But it's ok. Instead, street contact! Haha I think the first 12 people we started talking to literally ran away from us. "Hello!" and they are sprinting in any direction. It was crazy! But then we talked to some really nice people :) Then Hakuna practice (last one!!) and taught 강지은 (cong-jee-en). Really good lesson! She's been freaking out about an English test for the past few weeks. Found out the test is on Dec 28th. I guess everyone has to take it and all jobs look at the score before hiring. She's really stressed! So I hope our lesson helped her.
Now Saturday :) We taught English class a couple hours early because tonight was the stake music night. As I said, Sister xxx came!! Super random. But we got her new number.  Did I tell you last week she asked us to guess her age and Sis S said 55 and she was actually 37? Yeah... That was awkward. Anyways, this week she told Sis. Kwon she's 44... So we're confused. Anyways, she kept telling everyone she wants to marry Elder Pon, so we're trying to stop that. But she came with us to the stake night! Which was SO fun!!! It was only 35-45 minutes from us, but for some wards it's super far! I know one is 3 hours away from the stake center, which is crazy. (There's 6 wards in our stake.) It's crazy how much the missionaries are a part of things here. For every ward, there was a ward choir performance with the missionaries, and one the missionaries did on their own. Just would never see that at home. Usually the missionaries were about half of the ward choir... Just not a ton of active members! But it's so fun. So most of the songs were serious/spiritual. A couple were fun. Also, we found out that another ward was doing our exact same song!! They were very musically talented so they had changed it a bit... But our bishop was freaking out because he's really competitive. Anyways, we went 3rd and we sang the ward song first (I Know that my Redeemer Lives), and then we did Hakuna Matata. It was so fun! People were cheering and clapping along. Also, our ward choir has never sounded better!! Which was so good!! I had both recorded but they're too big to send over email :/ hopefully I can get it to you somehow! There had been 4 judges and they announced 3rd place, then a special, then 2nd place, then a special award. To get the package, they would have the bishop go up and get it. Then they had two bishops come up together, one was for first place, the other getting the special award. And our bishop got called up! Guess what? We got first!!! VICTORY IS OURS. Hahaha, just kidding. But I know our choir director was so, so stressed about it so I was so happy for her! Bishop is so, so funny. He said, "Tomorrow, I am bringing cake!" And he did for our ward meal. Which brings me to Sunday!
Church was great. Haha a man from another ward came and spoke and the other two talks were just about how 중랑 (jung-naong) ward is the best. Really funny. Then our ward meal... After SIs. S and I just knocked on doors to talk to people! No one was interested, but we talked to some very nice people. Also some that really didn't want to talk to us, haha. But all was fun!
Then... PASS OFF!!! I passed-off with the STL!! So all that's left is the AP's! I guess they get updates of how far we're all doing with pass-off because last week we got a call from them. They said "we know you are done passing off with the district leader. Let's set a date for when you're passing off with us. How about a week from tomorrow? Next Thursday? Sounds good. See you then." So I"m kind of freaking out for that! But it will be so good to get it over with! It really has helped me learn Korean fast, though. Anyways, I was really nervous for the vocab part because now it's an accumulation of everything, but I passed! We actually didn't even finish everything and had to finish this morning during language study. But now I'm done with that and all that's left is the AP's! I think it took almost 3 1/2 hours in total to pass of with Sis. Pope!
Well, that was my week! Love you all!!
Sis. Evans
P.s. about the soccer thing, it might be online actually! Look of facebook.com/shoot4love
not sure which one it is. Love you!

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