Monday, February 16, 2015

TRANSFERS. And meal mania!‏

Dear fam!

So I don't have my planner from last week because I'm onto a new one so... I don't know what happened last week! Sorry about that.... I'll try to remember as much as I can :)

I was going to wait till the end to tell you about transfers but I'm too excited so I can't wait..... I'M BEING TRANSFERRED TO 속초!!!!!! Soak-cho. That probably means nothing to you (Dad, remember hearing about this place?) but it's out in the country. My area just goes all along the ocean! I'm so excited ^^ I'm sad to leave Jung-nang and Sis. Ahn because they're both the best but I'm STOKED! Since I came to Korea all I've heard about is people wanting to serve out in the country but not that many get to so I'm so lucky!! It's always everyone's favorite area. So this week is a holiday for Korea so that's why transfers are so crazy. Nothing will be open Wednesday through Friday So they had to do transfers Monday because if they did them on Wednesday like they normally do the Koreans that are finishing their missions couldn't get home! If they are from the south end of Korea there won't be buses or anyway to get home. So transfers are so different this week. So after we finish emailing I'm going to meet my new companion! 이상지 (ee-song-jee). Yes, my next companion is a Korean. ^^ Seriously how lucky am I?! So many blessings all in one phone call that we got Friday night^^ Also, there are fewer and fewer sister missionaries coming to Korea so they had to close two areas for sisters this transfer :/ So in Jung-nang instead of four sisters there will only be 2! So Sis. Seegmiller's old companion (Sis. 길수려 Gil-su-reo) will become Sis. Ahn's companion! They will both just stay in Jung-nang.

Ok! So onto last week. Because Sis. Seegmiller goes home this week we had SO MANY meals.................. Oh my gosh. They were all the best! But it was crazy. Tuesday we ate at 최남희 Chway-nam-he's house and then had FHE. Wednesday was our last district meeting! The AP's came so that was unusual. There will be two new AP's this transfer so there will be 3! Crazy. After district meeting we taught the girl, Meen-soh. She focused so well! It was great. We're teaching her how to pray and it's the best thing ever. She will say thank you for a few things she has... and then go off forever on everything she wants. Pretty paper, a lot of money, cookies... etc. Haha. Also she uses the low form (there's a high, middle, and low form that are used when speaking Korean based on respect. She uses the low form which shows disrespect.... we're trying to fix that.)

Wednesday night we ate with 최충일 Brother and his family. We went to a super nice restaurant and cooked the meat in front of us on burners. (That's not unusual for Korea; we usually cook our meat in front of us). I have no idea how many portions of meat we ate but I can promise you that is the most meat I have ever had in my life. I think I ate a cow, pig, horse and boar. It was so good, though!! Just a CRAZY amount. They just kept giving us more and more slabs of meat....

Thursday night we ate at 최승임 Chway-seng-eem's. So good! Ahhh.... so much food. Seriously it was so hard to finish it. I may or may not have snuck food to my companions bowl because it was just too much. So kind of them though!!

Friday we ate lunch with 서니니 Soh-na-na Sister at a restaurant. She is the cutest. I'd send pics but there's no time. Then we had planning and then ate at 김미라 Kim-me-ra's apartment. Of course so good and of course so much. Basically everyday I've just wanted to die a little. Then that night we got our transfer call!

Saturday we visited the last active 정분연 Jeong-bune-yeon. She is so kind. Unfortunately because she didn't know when her husband would be coming home we couldn't stay :/ (her husband doesn't want to go back to church or see missionaries). So that was a bummer. But because I'm leaving she gave me......! Food. Haha of course :) Also! I forgot to mention it but..... some other day this week we visited another less active and she said for the best 15 or so years she's never let a missionary in her house but for some reason she let us in. We talked with her for a long time. Long story short, she stopped going to church because of problems with members.... but she said she's been wanting to go back for a long time and will start in a couple weeks!!! Super sweet!

Then English class. So Joe is someone that comes every week and is the best! He is the kindest man. Anyways, we told him how some people are leaving (5 from my area are leaving!) and after class he left really fast and then brought cake for everyone! But hejust came upstairs and set it down and left so only one person saw him. So thoughtful! He gave me his email and said if I ever need help while I'm in Korea he will do all he can to help. Seriously so kind.

Sunday! Last week in Jung-nang, so I talked in church! I wish I could say I had planned it out well but... I didn't, so just winged it. Each leaving missionary spoke so we took up the whole program! Then ate with everyone. It was so good. Everyone was so kind. Our investigator 유옥렬 came and she was seriously so sad. I called her Saturday night to tell her I was leaving and she started to cry... :( It's crazy how close you can be with someone in such a short amount of time!) So we taught her for the last time after church. Also, remember 이미경 Ee-mee-geong?! She is the one that acts like a teenager. Anyway, she came to church so I could say goodbye! She cried the whole time and then had to leave early because she was crying so hard :/

The four of us met Jeen-heon-suke in the afternoon and then had a dinner with our whole district at the church with bishop. So fun!

So this is all so little information for what happened this week but I have no time!!

I can't wait to tell you about my new area next week!
Sis. Evans

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