Monday, February 2, 2015

Here goes to 7 months!! And Happy Superbowl Sunday :)

Dear Fam,

1. Soo here you can't say someone is your "friend" unless they are the same age as you. So strange... If you're with someone and a person asks if you're friends and they're a year older than you, you have to say, "No, she/he's my older sister/brother." Interesting! People ask my companion and I that all the time on the street and we can't say we're friends. Haha, so strange.

So funny, I didn't even realize I'd been out 7 months until you said that, Mom! I kept thinking, "There's no way!" So I had to count it over and over in my head. I guess you're right! So weird. Sorry about last week! Not much of an email so I'll try to elaborate this week :) Nothing really exciting happened two weeks ago... I exchanged with Sis Seegmiller for a day so that was fun! Just like old times. :) ALSO. On our p-day, after we went to the temple, the two Korean sisters made Sis. Seegmiller and I eat... 번떼기 Bun-day-gi. AHHHH. That is basically boiled bug... larva stuff. Oh my gosh. So they filled a cup up for us. It tasted pretty much exactly as it sounds. Well, actually a little bit better. Mostly what it was is what freaked me out. To top it off, we had to drink the bun-day-gi water after. Ahhh.... But now I can say I have done that! And hopefully never have to again haha.

Onto last week! Umm... not remembering much... Tuesday night 유옥렬 you-ong-reor came before FHE and we taught her a lesson with 최남희 chway-nam-he. Mostly they just talked which was great. And she stayed for FHE! Her first time coming. She really liked it! After, for the game, they had set up a few ping-pong tables. So 유옥렬 is kind of a delicate lady.. but 나은영 na-eng-young (the relief society president) said she wanted to play doubles against her. I was on 나은영's team... We were casually hitting back and forth when 나은영 randomly hits the ball as hard as she could at 유옥렬!! It was crazy! She wasn't even trying to hit the table. And she just kept randomly doing that and then would laugh so hard! I think she'd eaten a lot of sugar or something. She was trying to kill our investigator! So that was funny but quite strange.

Also quick update on ...., she is doing so much better!!! Still depressed, but not wanting to do anything serious. So good!!!! So yep. We love her! Just want to help her. And she's getting better little-by-little :)

Wednesday was district meeting. Did I tell you that Elder Armstrong is our district leader? Yep the one Mountain View kid, so that's cool! It was fun :) Learned a lot! After we taugh 민서 mean-soh. She's the 9 year old. It was good.. Except that she was really distracted. At the end we only got to teach really fast but then she randomly asked if she could pray! So that was cool :) She of course didn't know how but she wanted to! Then that night we taught 최승임 chway-seng-eem. She's perfect, it's crazy. We talked about fasting and she was saying she's never really experienced anything in fasting (she was only baptized in May) but she wants to try and learn. She's amazing! Oh my gosh. Forgot to mention that last week when we taught her she fed us (and I was on exchanges with Sis. Seegmiller, so Sis. Ahn wasn't there), octopus and oysters. Like straight, fresh oysters. I've eaten a lot of cooked octopus so that was fine, but man! Those oysters! You know that taste when you accidentally swallow ocean water? Yes, that was it. I literally felt like I was eating the ocean. Normally people spit that taste out but here they embrace it. So sweet! Time for me to embrace the ocean, too.

Thursday... We had interviews with President!!! SWEET!!! Remember how my last one was about a solid 5 minutes? Well, this time it was about an hour! Crazy, huh? I've got a lot of problems ;) Just kidding. He told me a lot about his life and it was so interesting. He's so much more... normal? Than I thought? Don't know how to describe it. But he's had a rough life! He's awesome. Random side-note, so he asked me to start the interview with a prayer and said it was fine to say it in English. So... that was the first prayer I've said in English in... about 7 months now. Let me tell you, you've never heard a more awkward prayer! Because the sentence structure of Korean is so different I struggled. "Christensen... President and Sis Christensen... please bless. President Christensen and Christensen Sister.. for them... thank you.." Yes. That was how my whole prayer was. Possibly one of the strangest he's heard. Strangest prayer I've ever heard. And I'm the one that said it... Sweet. And then I couldn't remember how to end it in English so I just sat there forever... Then just said it in Korean. After he just kind of stared at me for a little and then moved on. I'm always making good impressions ;)
Also.... I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!!! What??? You people are crazy!! Just kidding but I was totally shocked! Let me say this again because I don't think you've heard me the other times... YOU DO TOO MUCH! Seriously! I loved it though! How did you know I would love the blanket and stuffed animal ^^ And I can't tell if you're trying to be cruel by sending me chocolate and jelly beans or nice... still trying to figure it out ;) Thank you so much. I appreciate it so much! My favorite part were your cards. THANK YOU FAMILY!!! You're the best!!! And you now don't have to send me another thing again on my mission :) Except for maybe some emails... Yes that's it :)

That night we taught 이지원 ee-jee-weon. We were there for a bit but then unfortunately she hadn't finished her math homework so she had to do that.... we talked with her mom for a while though so that was good. (They mom and daughter were only baptized a few years ago and the daughter hasn't come to church in about a year). It was great, though! I gave her the music, Mom, and she loved it :) Thanks again!

Friday... Weekly planning! Actually finished in 3 hours so that was great!!! Then we went to visit 정분연 jeong-bune-yeon who lives out in neverland and it's so pretty. Unfortunately she had to leave so we were only there for about 20 min :/ but then she took us on a walk! Right behind her apartment is a huge, beautiful mountain. There's tennis courts, a soccer field, little weights, and a path that goes around all of it. So we walked around that. So pretty :) She is truly such a kind person. We can't figure out why she doesn't want to come back to church! She says she loves it and all the members (She was relief society president for a few years). So yep, still figuring out that one :) She's the kindest, though!

That night was a baptism! 서정원 soh-jeong-weon. He is the 16 year old that can dance like crazy. It was so good!!! So many people came. Such a happy night!

Saturday... Sis. 안정민 and I went on a crazy door-to-door hunt in a new area. Talked to 60 people in about an hour and a half! So that was sweet :) No one really interested... but one kind man gave us each a little drink!! People are so nice ^^ After we had English class. This amazing new lady and her son came and I talked to them for a bit. The son, haha he is a little stubborn. Didn't really want to be there because he knows Chinese and Korean so he says he doesn't need to learn English, too. But his mom really wanted him to be there! A man brought them that was actually the first bishop of a branch here in 1973. His name is 구중식 gu-jung-sheek. Know him, Dad? Just curious. That night we went to a restaurant to eat dinner because it was Sis. Seegmiller's exact 18 month mark!!! How crazy?? Then just contacted people.

Sunday! 유옥럴 came to church ^^ She's the best!!! It was Fast Sunday and I understood two testimonies!!! It might have been because they were two missionaries and I can understand their Korean... but that made me happy :) After we met with 유옥렬 and it was great!!! She's slowly doing so much better. After we visited 진현숙 jean-heon-suke. She was great!

So that was pretty much my week... So the "Asian Cup" has been going on this past week and literally every tv is turned on watching it. So many people cancelled appointments this week because they had to watch Korea play soccer! So crazy. I hear the Superbowl is today. Because of the time difference I knew who won last night! Hahaha. Jokes.

Anyways love you so much!!! I have learned so much on my mission and am grateful everyday for this opportunity I have!! Thanks for all the help you give me!!
사랑해요^^ Love!
Sis Evans

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