Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter! :) And happy birthday, Saxon!!

Dear Family,

Happy Easter! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed conference! :)

Sooo here's for my week! Tuesday we visited 김현정 kim-heon-jong! I met with her a couple times and she's so amazing but stopped meeting with us because she said she's too busy :/ But because 이상지 ee-song-jee my companion was leaving she met with us. It was really good! Talked about blessings of the gospel and the change it's had in our lives. She's a very interesting person.
That night we took a bus to Seoul and spent the night at the temple! My companion was soooo sad to leave our area.. Super sad :( The next morning were transfers!! I was so sad because I was so excited to see my last companion (안정민 Ahn-jeong-meen) because it was her last transfer and she was going home but she was actually sick so I didn't get to see her :/ That's ok, though! My new companion is "김온유" kim-own-you (haha didn't realize that till now when I wrote out her name, that's kind of funny), and she's nice! Came back to Sokcho after :) Also it was raining so much! All last week. And still is... also it's supposed to snow tonight! It was warm for a few days but then got kind of cold again so all of the blossoms froze and died :/ but that just means when they bloom again it will be an even prettier sight!!

That afternoon we met 김경애 kim-geong-aye. (the lonely woman...) It was a really good lesson! The thing is she doesn't want to change... So we're figuring out how to teach her. She just wants to hear and have visitors. But she's read over half the Book of Mormon.... so yep!

Thursday we went to the nursing home and sang with the old women. So fun :) Ok then the coolest thing ever!!! So when we were transferring and waiting for our second bus to come this woman came over so I started talking with her. Turns out she came to our church one time and even remembers the missionaries' names who she met! We got on the bus and kept talking and then she said that she was going to get off at the next stop and asked if we wanted to get off with her and go to her house.... YES! I mean that's the thing we do, right?? Talk to strangers and then follow them to their house?? Haha. She was so kind. She's 67, lives alone (never married), and Catholic. She was a nun for a while and then became Buddhist for a while and has tried about every religion but is now very settled with Catholicism. She knows quite a bit about our church, though, and said, "Teach me!" She wanted to learn. So we did! Taught so much! She leaves in a couple weeks for the Philippines, though, so she says she doesn't have time to meet again :/ Such a cool experience, though!

Friday.... weekly planning and then met 천수영 cheon-su-young. She was good as usual :) taught about temples because the next day we went with out branch!! Anyways, after we had two other appointments but they both cancelled so... hit the streets!

Saturday!!! Met at the church at 6 and then took the bus with our branch to Seoul! Our branch, 강릉 cong-neng branch, and 동해 dong-hae all went to the temple! There were 5 people from our branch that came. I got to do baptisms for the dead!! It was so cool!! Because people don't come that often I think I did 30? Soo many!! Such a cool experience! Also, a man in our branch (전건길 jeon-geon-gilr came and did baptisms, too. He was the man that was baptized the week before I got to Sok-cho so that was awesome! He's incredible.) Then we went to the family history center so the members could look up ancestors and such and then came back home! Got home around 8.

Then fast Sunday! After church looked for less actives and such!

I'm honestly loving my mission so much. It's strange how the hardest experience can be the best at the same time! I feel so blessed and don't know how I got so lucky to be able to serve a mission! I just feel so grateful for this time I have!
Love you all so much and home you have a good week!!
Sis. Evans

P.S. There's this super cool Easter video called "Because He Lives"!! It's so awesome and you should watch it!!

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