Tuesday, March 31, 2015

YOU-ONG-NEOR'S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‏

Dear family,

Ok!!!! So much happened this week!! I have to start with the most exciting thing of all.

So, remember 유옥렬 you-ong-neor? We met for the first time in my first transfer and then I taught and met with her till I left Jung-nang. She's the one whose husband died and has a really hard life... Just to help you remember in case you forgot. :) So, I'm in contact with her and talk with her a bit :) Sooo... This past week after planning we were making cookies for our branch party when the Jung-nang sisters called (so I got to talk to my last companion and Sis. Gil!) As soon as I saw they were calling I just knew.... I then received the greatest news of my mission. "유옥렬 IS GETTING BAPTIZED FRIDAY!!!!" Wow. Just speechless. Not because I didn't think it would happen or anything, but just speechless because... of the happiness of it all, I guess! Not just because she's getting baptized, of course, but because of the change in her life. I talked to them a lot about her and how she's doing. When I first met her she was honestly just in the pits of life. So, so depressed and unhappy in life. She always told us there was no going up and no getting better and even though our church was nice and she liked it, she was too far. It couldn't help her. Now she is completely a changed person. So happy! Of course she still has challenges, but she has hope in life.

I called and talked to her. She was so kind. She said she was so happy. And she said, "I stopped drinking alcohol!!" Wow. A feat in its own. She used to depend on alcohol soo much. We had been working with her for so long to help her be able to stop drinking. It's been the greatest blessing of my mission being able to see the change in this woman's life and her transformation in coming to know Christ! So she was baptized Friday and got the gift of the Holy Ghost Sunday! I wish so so badly I could have gone but of course her baptism has nothing to do with me so just a selfish thought of mine :)

Also, real quick! Other biggest news is that I'm getting a new companion!! Saturday night we had transfer calls and Sis. Ee is going to 일산 irl-son (it's in Seoul) and I'm getting a new companion! It was really hard for my companion.... She really doesn't want to leave :( So that's been really sad. But she's more ok with it now! Sometimes it's hard for missionaries to go back to Seoul after they've been in the country. And it's always hard to leave an area! My new companion is a Korean still and her name is 김온유 kim-on-you. It's her last transfer! She "dies" this transfer so for sure I'll get a new companion next transfer! Kind of crazy. I'm so excited to meet her, though!

Now on to last week! Don't have my planner so sorry I might miss a lot of details!
Monday night we met 김경애 Kim-geong-aye and it went so well! She's read so much of the Book of Mormon. We introduced about our church and she had a lot of questions about the priesthood. It was an awesome lesson!!

Tuesday morning we spent 3 hours on bus/subway getting to Seoul because my companion, along with a lot of other Korean missionaries, were taking an English test there. So we met there and while they went to take the test the rest of us missionaries just split into pairs and went out to talk to people! TODAY WAS AMAZING!!! I can't really explain why but I'm going to try to. So I went with a Korean (전부해 jeon-bu-hay) and she was just a superstar. I loved being able to work with her!! I learned so much! I don't want to sound prideful but honestly every time we talked with someone it just worked. We could share a scripture they needed to read or could share something they needed to hear. We just flowed so well together! We saw so many miracles!! It was awesome. and we were only together for 2 hours! Then met Sis Ee and went back to Sokcho!

Wednesday we had district meeting and then right after went to 강릉 cong-neng to exchange! Except it takes so long and so much money to switch companions that we just both went to Cong-neng. I went with Sis. Anderson who is the sister training leader for our zone. She's so awesome!! This next transfer is her last. Stayed the night and then Thursday just went out and talked with people! So awesome!

Friday... We met 이혜인 ee-hay-een! She's so awesome! Ok, a little distracted, but super awesome! We taught about the restoration and she really liked it! Said she understood it all :) So found out sad news... she's moving!! No!!! But! The most amazing part! (we actually found this out Sunday) She's moving to 일산 irl-son! Sis. Ee's new area!! What?! Miracles all around, people. Just totally amazing. So she will be able to keep meeting with her!

Saturday we watched "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration" with hay-een and a few other of the elders investigators. So cool! Then English class and then after we had our Branch party! So fun! It was about 9 minute-to-win-it games and then making dinner together. It was awesome!!!! I love our branch!! Also, we were walking hey-een home and we ran into her little brother on the street! What?? We talked walking home and he said he'd come to church with her tomorrow!

And Sunday... he came! So cool!! We taught Young Women's with hay-een and my companion gave her "last words" in church. Sad :(

Well, always limited on time! Next week I'll tell you about my new companion! Love you so much!
Sis. Evans

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