Tuesday, March 24, 2015

25 People!!!!‏

Dear Family,

Hello!!! What a week. Sorry this might be a fast email.. Soo... Last Monday night we visited 이은실 (ee-en-shirl) and it was as great as ever! She's amazing.

Tuesday we visited 김경애 Kim-geong-aye!!! She... is so lonely :/ She doesn't have contact with her family and doesn't know where any of them are living. So sad. Soo when we got there she was making this huge meal for us (she had us bring some food for her to cook). We helped and then ate and talked about the gospel and stuff. She's in Mosiah and reads soo much everyday but doesn't really understand the text very well. That's ok! We're helping her understand it. Actually, she attended a Jehovah's Witness church for about a year! So that's interesting.
That night just door-to-door :)

Wednesday we had district meeting- super good!! Just talked about our 30 day challenge and how to better study/apply the Book of Mormon. Always learning! Then actually we visited 김경애 Kim-geong-aye again! She needed help getting something so we got it for her and took it to her house. When we got there she was literally just waiting for us standing outside her door. We walked up and she said, "Ok come in!" and she had a table set up waiting for us. Poor woman... she said we're like her daughters so she wants to feed us a lot. It's hard, because we love her and want to spend time with her! But we can't just always be with her.... there's just so much to do!

THURSDAY WAS SO COOL. So just four of us (us and Elder Wheeler and Elder Shin) went to the service project with the grandmas. (the other two elders were in Seoul) It was so fun but holy cow! There are rivalries going on between the grandmas! It was crazy! Some were like fake punching each other and stuff. But it was super fun! We just sing old Korean songs with them. A couple kept crying because the songs are sentimental and stuff... so sad :/

So that night we met a girl named 이혜인 ee-hyay-een. SHE IS AWESOME!!!! I was doing calls the night before and called her and she said she could meet with us! This doesn't happen often, and when it does they often don't show up... BUT SHE DID!!! We met her and went to a small cafe place and talked. She's 15 and lives with her Mom and younger brother. It went super well!!! And we invited her to church and she said yes :) ^^

Friday... Lesson cancelled so just street contacted! That night we visited 천수영 chon-su-young. She's a member's daughter. She's super cool! Talked about Joseph Smith. People always have questions about him, so it was interesting talking about him!
That night I got a bunch of mail from the elders that went to Seoul!! They've been holding out on me over there... So that was so exciting!! Included in the mail WAS A PACKAGE FROM CHANCY! (yes, I did finally get it) So kind of her to send it!!

Saturday we had a Relief Society Meeting in 강릉 cong-neong! All of the members in the countryside. We did our belly dance... I was so worried about it. But all of the branches did something and few did dances so it blended right in! Haha I have a video you'll get to possibly see next week!

Then Sunday! WORLD RECORD. 25 PEOPLE WERE AT CHURCH!!!! So awesome!! That's the most that's come in forever!!! 천수영 chon-su-young came, and so did 이혜인 ee-hyay-een!!! Also the District President and his wife came. So awesome there were so many people!! My companion and I taught the young women's class... the first time our branch has had one since about 2012!! So cool!!

So that was my week! Hope you all had great ones!!
Love you!!
Sis. Evans

P.S. HERE COMES THE SPRING du-nu-du-nu! It's slowly getting warmer and all of the bushes/trees have little flower buds!!! I'm so excited!!

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