Monday, March 9, 2015

Crazy week!!‏

Dear family!
So this past week was so packed! Unfortunately not because of meeting with people... Every appointment of ours was cancelled but one :/ But at least we had one!!!
Last Monday we went to a mountain with the rest of our district. SO BEAUTIFUL. I'll send some pics. There was a massive Buddhist temple complex on top so we went to that. Right after we walked in, this monk walked up to us and said, "Hello missionaries!" In English?! Then we got a private tour from him!! So cool we learned so much!!

That night our appointment fell threw... I got to call 유옥녈 you-ong-neor from my last area and it was soo good to talk to her! She answered and all I said was, "Hello!" and she said "Oh Sis Evans!..." How did she know it was me? Don't I sound like every other Korean? haha.
Tuesday we just walked around and tried to talk to people. Got stuck on the other side of this lake and had to walk all the way around it which took forever but was beautiful! Got to talk to a surprising amount of people that were walking around the lake. That night we taught FHE to that same woman. It was super good! She's awesome.
Wednesday we had district meeting... AND THEN THE CRAZIEST MEETING. So remember that one guy we met going door-to-door? So we met with him tonight with Elder Lanford and Elder 신 Shin. So, the man had made us a huge dinner. This porridge stuff. He's super... interesting. He knows sooo much and was asking so many question. When I say he knows so much I mean he has knowledge about everything. It would take too long to explain...... but it started getting weird when all of a sudden he grabbed my hand and then started telling me my future. Then he did that with everyone. Then he said, "But don't believe anything I'm saying! I'm just making it up. Although I studied this for a really long time." And then he kept telling me my digestion is bad and wanted to help so he grabbed my hand and took out a pen and I recognized it!!! It's this pen my companion uses some times!!! I just has this needle so it pricks your finger and makes you bleed a little. I was like what?! I don't need this! But he said I did and then took my hand. I thought he was going to prick it once but then he did it over 20 times!! In each hand!! haha ya. That was crazy. It doesn't really hurt at all but it was just weird! I think it was like acupuncture... So we thanked him and left... I think it was because he had been drinking the whole time we were there. So ya, the weirdest lesson I've ever had! He's a really nice man, though.
Thursday we had the serive project with the old women and it was great! So much fun helping them :) It was us and Catholic nuns helping. So cool!
We visited a woman whose husband is a member and talked with her for awhile. She was so nice!! Her family is super cute (2 daughters and a son). They own a key shop so that's where we visited her. Then stayed out on the street and tried to talk to people!
Friday!!! Combined zone conference!! It takes about and hour and half to get there by bus ("there" is 강릉 cong-neng which is where the biggest church building is in the country). So this was for Solar Conference which the rest of the mission had two weeks ago. YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT WE DID. We watched "Meet the Mormons"!!! How crazy?! It was soooooo good!!! Seriously so much better than I expected. Just... really motivating to be a better person. Have any of you been able to see it? Also, I'm totally determined after my mission I'm going to take up martial arts. So this seems like a funny thing that I'm just saying I'll do, but I'm not even kidding!!! After watching that woman in the movie I'm so motivated to do it! Then we watched a video about the Book of Mormon. It was just a scholarly kind of approach to it. So good! So interesting. The conference was so good! Seriously so pumped to do missionary work and to work so hard!!!
Then Saturday! Our appointments fell threw... so street contacted! But there were literally NO people outside. It was crazy. We found 1 person. Seriously. Then went back to 강릉 cong-neng because it was district conference!!! District conference is where all of the branches in the country get together for a meeting (like stake conference). And oh my gosh. THE CRAZIEST thing happend!! So, some missionaries came up to me and asked if my first name is Gentry and I said what?! They said that there's some foreigner at the conference that knows me and asked if my name is Gentry! So what?! I saw her and here's how I know her! She is Christie's older sister's (Anna) best friend! So I went to the lake a couple times with her and to some of Christie's singing competitions with her! HOW WEIRD IS THAT? It was so weird but cool seeing her! She got here right after I did and is teaching English. What an oddly small world we live in. Her name is Haley Jones. She might've graduated near the time Saxon did? Anyway! The conference Saturday was really good except no one from my branch came because it's too far... Then that night another crazy thing happened. We (8 sisters) stayed in a motel! Becaues it costs too much for us to go back and forth. 4 sisters in each room. Haha this part you might find intersting. So it was a wood floor. There was one bed for 2 people and then just four blankets for the other two. I CANNOT sleep on a bed though. About a week ago in our apartment I thought I'd make my bed a little more comfortable (not that it's not comfortable) and put a blanket under me so there would be a little more cushion between me and the ground. And I could not sleep all night!!! It was way to comfortable for me. So the other American and I took the ground and the Koreans took the bed. (Just adding, the bed isn't much better than the ground. Haha quite similar to the hardness of a rock). Isn't it odd how just sleeping with a blanket under and over you can be so comfortable? Don't know what I'm going to do when I go back home.
Sunday was part 2 of district conference. And some members from my branch came!!! One (this incredible 14 year old boy) was asked to give a little talk. it was so cool!! Also, a less active that we have been meeting with came!!! over and hour late.. but she came!! I saw Haley again. So crazy! Then travelled back home.
So that was my crazy week!!
Love you all so much!

Sis. Evans

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