Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SOKCHO!! A week full of miracles^^‏

Dear family^^
What a week!! I would do a fun fact but they just take so long....
Ok one fast one. Since I have come to Korea I have never (not once!!!) seen a person with a nose ring or lip ring or anything on their face. Not one! Not a thing here.
Soo last Monday night we visited 이은실 ee-en-shir. she's a member and doesn't have a family so the missionaries do FHE with her each week. She is so awesome! So kind. She is... about 2 and a half feet tall I think, if she could stand, so she's in a wheelchair. It was a great lesson!
Tuesday we met an investigator 김현정 kim-heon-jeong. She is so intellectual!!! She knows SO much about different religions. Her son is actually a member of our church but less active. She was so patient with my Korean and talked to me so much so it was awesome, but super difficult. There is always so much vocab to learn! But it was a really cool lesson. We actually taught about family history and the importance of it and she loved it. She actually really likes our church the thing is... her husband is a lawyer so church is kind of a social aspect. So they attend a really big church.
That night we tried to visit less-active families but they were either not home or couldn't talk or sick. So kind of didn't work out! So we just went door-to-door :) And the coolest thing happened!! I think it was Tuesday... we were in an apartment complex and knocked on one woman's door. She couldn't really hear what we were saying so we kept yelling that we were missionaries and started introducing about our church. She cracked the door open and said, "Did you say your teaching a lesson about family happiness?" YES WE SAID THAT. YES WE DID. We asked if we could come in and explain more and she said yes!!! This is only the 2nd time in my mission that has happened!! We went in and got to know her and introduced about our message and stuff. She's an older woman that lives alone and has two sons that live in Seoul. She doesn't have much contact with them :/ It was so funny when we went to leave we noticed she had a lot of trash by her door so we asked if we could take it out for her. She said, "Really?" and we said of course! So then she proceeded to go to every room of her house and get trash from each room. She was saving up just for us! Haha it was funny :) We were happy to do it! She kind of has a hurt leg. So yes, that was the coolest night!!
Wednesday we had district meeting and then went door-to-door. That night Sis Lykins (I took her spot in this area) visited with her parents. She "died" last transfer so her parents came to pick her up! It was really cool seeing them. After a less-active had opened up a 7/11 so we went to say hello! She was super nice :)

Thursday was so awesome!!!! We did a service project with an organization from the community or something. We met at 10 and we were carrying.... I don't know, coal cylinders to houses so people that can't afford heating can burn them. It was such an awesome service project. We wore wooden backpack kind of things and then people would load a few and then we'd walk the little ways to the house and someone else would unload them. They were surprisingly heavy!! In Korean it's "연탄" and in English briquette or something. It was only supposed to be an hour or two... but we were there till 3 so it took a bit longer. We just went to 10 houses. Sometimes the people were home and would come out and thank us. They lived in such humble houses. Such a rewarding service project!

Then contacting people that night! Friday we had weekly planning... and then met a new investigator!!! Her name is 임은주 eem-en-ju. She's 16 (so 14 or 15 American age) and sooo cute. I had been doing calls Sunday night? I think... and had time to only call one more person so I picked a name quickly and randomly and called her. She was so sweet and said she would meet with us Friday!! When I called her Wednesday night to remind her she was so sweet! I said "I'm excited!" and she said "I'm excited, too!"^^ I probably shouldn't be so happy to have a 15 year old say that to me... but I was so happy!!! Made my day. Just normally when we confirm appointments they... don't act this happy? I don't know. It was just very kind :)

So we met her at the church at 5. She is darling^^ Quite shy and mature. She attends church on her own and studies the Bible!! What 15 year old does that? When we asked why she agreed to meet with us she said because when I met you you seemed like kind, good people. So I wanted to talk with you again.

Ok... how precious... so that went really well and we're meeting her again this week!^^

That night we met a less active (she's the daughter of 박민음 bak-meen-em who is a really active member). Her name is 천수영 chon-su-young. She is sooo cool! It was funny because when we talked she said she wants to be an EFY counselor... the only thing is she has to be active first... but ya! But it was a really good meeting!

Saturday we had missionary counsel meeting... then English class. Sis. Ee and I taught the lesson and I think everyone really liked it! They were all super involved which is always the best :) We taught about being able to reach our potential for happiness and stuff. Super awesome! Then we had "youth night." Guess what we played for the game after? Scum! Ya I was surprised they know that game! Fun times :)

Now fast Sunday! Church was really good. The man that was baptized bore his testimony. He had prepared something on his phone but right when he got up to the pulpit he dropped his phone and the battery popped out and he couldn't get it back in so... he was kind of forced to just speak from the heart. He was so honest and talked about not knowing Christ for so long and having given up hope in religion. But then... met the missionaries! Such a testimony builder for the importance of missionary work. Oh ya I gave my first prayer in a sacrament meeting! And played the piano. Jeez... I'm so bad! Oh, well. Haha. After church we had a meeting to plan the branch party.

Now that night is where THE COOLEST thing ever happened! We knocked on one door and a man answered and after we said who we were he said, "Mormons?" So he knew about us. We introduced a little and he said come in! I want to learn. how cool!? The only thing is... we can't go in with just a man (mission rules) so we could only stand in the doorway. He's like 40ish and lives alone but later we found out he has family that lives in Seoul. He showed us pictures, he has just a little 8 month old baby girl. Anyways! He doesn't believe in Christ, just that he was a doctor, and has given home in Christianity. But! He really wants to learn. So we set up an appointment to meet him Thursday with the elders!! We're so excited!

Then... just one floor later the same thing happened. Met a super cool man (30 ish) who immediately invited us in. He is Catholic but had sooo many questions about our religion. He is really busy so doesn't think he can meet again :/ but we talked with him for so long! Super awesome :) 

So yes!!! Those are the miracles of the week! Got into 3 houses when going door-to-door. Tripled the amount of times it's happened my whole mission!! (mostly because it had only happened once before...) Such a great week and I can't wait to see what happens with these new people!

Love you all!
Sis.Gentry Evans

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