Monday, September 7, 2015

Busy week!‏

Dear family,

So last Monday I went to Sokcho and got to do FHE with Ee-en-shirl!!! Remember her? She's the one in the wheel chair? It was the best. She's so awesome!

The exchange was so good with Sis. Peni. She really wants to work hard... but I guess finding motivation to do it can be hard sometimes. But we were able to talk to a bunch of people and see miracles! Haha, ok here's a funny thing. So there's this tiny little bread house that's so cute and cheap. I honestly can only remember going 3 times but we went inside and the woman was so surprised to see me. She said, "Oh hello!!! How's Wonju and everything going??" I have no idea how she knew or remembered I am in Wonju! So kind. I was also able to see Chon suyoung. She's doing well :)

Wednesday we went to Seoul and had our pday there! So, we were so excited. All of us sisters were going to meet up (that's 10 of us) at this huge "children's park." I went there my first transfer! It's the one with the zoo. I was so excited to be able to run around for a few hours!! Sis. Peni and I got there first. We came up out of the subway into the sunny weather and walked to the park entrance, waited about 2 minutes, and it started pouring. Out of no where!! Just a downpour. I'll send a picture. Soo... spent most of the rest of the pday in the subway. Haha, kind of funny, huh? Sis. Yeom, Peni, Kim Hanseor, and I were able to go to a museum real quick, which was cool. Then that night we were able to do a temple session. Finally! It's been so long. I love being able to go to the temple.

Thursday we met in the Shindong building and had the Mission Tour. President Whiting came. It was so good, so inspirational. A little bit of a kick in the boot to work harder. Although, it did say we are a very obedient mission and are ranked as a very obedient mission. Which I would definitely say is true. Haha, President and Sister Sonksen were very happy to hear that. He talked a lot about how we're working really hard, but the first presidency and quorum of the 12 feel like we need to be baptizing more. So it was really focused on that.

Right after the meeting, the zone leaders and sister training leaders met and had a discussion on the mission tour. Kind of intense! There were about 10 of us and President and SIs. Whiting and Pres and Sis Sonksen. Really good meeting here! We just discussed what we can take away to apply to our mission more.

Friday we were able to meet a less active and then street contact. Sorry there's no time but Saturday was awesome! We have been planning this for a couple weeks. We had another movie night and watched "Meet the Mormons" but bigger! We planned the whole dinner afterwards and a bunch of new people came! So cool!!!

Then yesterday Song Seong suk came to church. She told us that for almost 2 consistent weeks she just cries every night because she can feel God's love and influence and is starting to know he is really there. Right now her life is in turmoil and she's lost so much, but she said she can't stop crying everyday because her heart just feels overwhelmed with gratitude for what she has. Wow. She's so incredible, isn't she?? 

Have a good week!! Tonight I'll be going to Seoul with Sis. Lautaha for MLC.

Sis. Evans

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