Sunday, January 11, 2015

And here goes Transfer #4! What?‏

Dearest Family,

1. Oh no! There's been an emergency! Who ya gonna call?? 119 of course. Because that makes sense.... Here if you need to call the police instead of "911" it's "119." How funny.

Alrighty! Now, I hope you're not upset at me for doing this.... but! as you have probably noticed I don't ever really send pictures... That's because I never have time! So instead of telling you about my week today I'm just going to send pictures. Hope that's ok!

Just a little news- this week we spent a lot of time outside and knocking on doors. Fun! And we have a new investigator!!! Her name is 양은주 yeong-en-ju and she is super awesome!

I'm sorry but that's the quick email update of the week! Hope you enjoy the pics and have a great week!!!
Love you!!!
Sis. Gentry Evans

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