Monday, January 19, 2015


Dear Fam,

1. All of the men have bowl-cuts. They're.... they're... well, they're bowl-cuts! Haha not much more I can say about them. But that is the current style!

Ok, not much time so this is going to be fast! Last Monday after p-day we taught the high school student ee-jee-won. She's great! So they told us the week before that we would be eating this special dok-poki (ok... that's not how it's pronounced... sorry I can't romanize!!). My companion was freaking out about it because she says it's the hottest kind. Apparently this kind is the hottest and there's 3 stages or something of it. The other Korean that lives in our house (Sis. Gil), had just told me for a week straight that I was going to die. Over and over... So comforting! So we went and I was freaking out. We sat down to eat and the mother didn't, so we told her to come over. She just laughed and said, "There's no way I'm eating that! It's way to hot for me." And then she left the room because the smell was too hot and it was burning her eyes....... Pretty much I was thinking, "Death, come upon me now." But! There must have been some divine intervention or something (seriously), because I didn't think it was that hot!!! Afterwards my companion just kept telling me how proud she was of me. Haha. It's easy to get on Korean's good sides, just eat their food! The lesson with the high school student went so well though!!! It was great!

Tuesday... not much so I'm skipping for time! We visited kim-meong-oak and it was great. Just met people on the street and for FHE we played Mafia. So fun! Not going to lie, it was a little bit more difficult to follow since it was in Korean but that just made it all the more interesting!

Wednesday we had zone training!!! So fun!!! There's 2 new missionaries in our zone- feels so weird that I'm not one of them. I feel like it's still my 1st transfer! But it's my 4th? what?? After we taught a 9-year-old girl because her mom wants her to learn English. It was fun! She's darling.
Then, that night. I finally got a Korean name!!!!!!! I've been dying to get one! Being named here is a big deal because their names are very important. So my companion 안정민 dubbed me.... 안수정!!!!!! (Ahn-su-jeong) YES!!!

Thursday... just tried to find less actives!

Friday was weekly planning and then we street contacted. That night 방명분 bong-meong-bune had the four of us eat dinner with her at Mr. Pizza- an actually really fancy restaurant! It was so kind of her! She is so great.

Saturday... long day. ! We had actually had an appointment with bay-hay-yeoung but she suddenly blocked our number right before we met :/ so sad! She had texted us the night before saying she was excited to meet. Soo we went door to door and then taught English. My zone leader was on exchanges so Elder West from my MTC district was there- fun to see someone from my old district! I'm the only one that hasn't served with another person from our district. Not even in the same zone! Anyway, English class was fun as always! Our zone was fasting today so we can find investigators, so after dinner the 4 sisters got Baskin Robbins. YES FOR ICE CREAM!!!! It's the best!!! That night we just got on the subway and stayed on for a while talking to as many people as we could. So fun!

Sunday!! Yay snowed so much!!!!!!!!!! I love the snow^^ 유옥렬 you-ong-reor came to church and is such good friends with the members!!! It's the best!!! She's a very quiet woman, so it's taken a few months for her to open up, but she has and they're all getting together this week!!! It made us so happy!!! We met with her after and taught. She's great!! She has had such a hard life but is finding so much peace in the church. We met with jeen-heon-suke after because she hasn't been to church in awhile. She's really sick :/

Today isn't actually my p-day, tomorrow is because we're going to the temple! Sis. Seegmiller's last time.... so sad!!! She will give her "last words."
Well, love you all so much!!! Sounds like it's been a crazy couple months. But being busy is good, isn't it? Until next week!!
Sis. Gentry Evans

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