Sunday, August 16, 2015

And the rain comes down^^

Dear family,

Happy Anniversary!! I hope the world's best parents had a fun weekend^^

So last Monday I spent the night at President's house with Sis. Lautaha and the zone leaders from Gangneung (Elder Dixon and Jones) and then Tuesday we had MLC for most of the day. Super good! Really they're like these spiritual powerhouses where I just feel like I need to improve so much!!! But learn so much at the same time^^

Wednesday I... don't remember what I did.... But then Thursday we had a zone conference in Wonju! So all of 강원도 Gangwondo (the countryside) came to Wonju for the meeting. President and Sis. Sonksen and the AP's came too. The rest of the mission (in Seoul) met together in one big group, combing all the zones, but we just met out here :) Haha, we're just too far from everything so we do everything separate. 

Spent most of the morning planning with zone leaders and then meeting with the district leaders and then we had our conference! President and Sis. Sonksen gave trainings as well as the AP's and then the zone leaders and then Sis. Lautaha and I did. It went alright. I mean.... It was good but we can always improve! Or focus for this month is "having the faith to baptize- finding." 

Right after the training I started an exchange with Sis. Kim Hansorl. It's her last transfer and the exchange was really good! We were able to talk with a lot of people and have some really good conversations :)

Saturday we met Song Seongsuke and ate together. Oh ya! I feel like I've eaten pretty much all of the really strange foods so they're not strange anymore..... but I had a new one! I didn't know what it was (but then again, I don't know most of the foods that I eat), but I ate a large chopstick full of this stringy stuff. Holy cow! I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head! My senses were on fire! Not because it was hot but the taste was so.... intense? Like, wow, never had anything like that. Think of wasabi, but a thousand times stronger.  Found out that it was jellyfish tentacles! So that was new :)

After we went to Ahn Ensun's house to help her carry stuff to the church (she's this wonderful and slightly odd less active that we love!)

Then English class and FHE! After, we cleaned the church because some people would be coming to speak at church the next day and then street contacted^^

Sunday was great! Sister Song went to visit her husband so she didn't come to church but Kim Dogeong came who is this woman who was baptized in school about 30 years ago but totally forgot! She saw our English sign and came to English class and said, "I think I'm a member of this church? But I'm not sure" She's so wonderful!! So kind and funny. That happened about a month and a half ago and she's come to church almost every week since.

Afterwards we met an investigator but It was sad..... we were doing the English program with her (30 min English, 30 min gospel), but she doesn't want to hear anything about our church, just English. She said she knows everything and that we're not to share a message. So... can't meet her anymore :/ my companion (Sis. Yeom) was pretty upset. But it does happen! More than we would like it to.

I forgot to mention the weather later! Maybe for the past few months.... so basically about a month and a half ago it was super hot. Comparable to a sauna with the humidity^^ but then ok..... and then last week kind of super hot... I felt so bad because it was Sis. Yeom's first week and we spent most of the time outside! But, she did a great job :) Then it rained almost all night one night and then it got coolish! Yesterday was just a DOWNPOUR!! We were walking home from our lesson when all of a sudden it was raining cats and dogs. Swimming isn't allowed on my mission but basically that's what we were doing! I'm not exaggerating when I say if I had jumped in a pool I wouldn't have been more wet. Haha, it was so so fun!!!! I love rain!

I hope you have a good week! I'm so so grateful to be out here serving my mission, I can't express how much I'm learning and how much I love this work! I know this gospel's true!

Sis. Evans

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