Sunday, August 9, 2015


Dear family,

How's the best looking family in the world doing today? :)

So I'll start with last Tuesday! We ate lunch with 송성숙 Seong Songsuke and she said goodbye to Sis. Seo. She was so sad! But said, "When I get baptized you have to come back and visit, ok?" Yes I love her!! Then we went to Seoul and I got to visit a member from my first area Jungnang that I haven't seen in forever! It was 최승임 Chway Seng eem. She was baptized just over a year ago and she's going through the temple this week! So exciting! Then we slept at the temple.

Wednesday morning was our first "transfer meeting" we've ever had that our new mission president wants to start. The new missionaries (there were like 7 or 8?) sat on the stand and then we all sat in the rows. So sad, we were divided in half by the missionaries staying and the missionaries going home. 26 missionaries went home this past transfer!! Isn't that crazy?? So many. Anyway, then they went through one-by-one announcing new companions and leadership positions. I guess transfers are supposed to be more fun this way? Anyway, they announce our names and then we go up and hug and sit down together. Except if you're training, then they just say you're training and later you'll find out your companion.

Surprise! I'm training. So I just sat there awkwardly by myself because my trainee was on the stand..... haha.

So after, us that were training all went to Gwhanghwamun by the President's house for the trainers' training and to hear our new companion! Also, there were only sisters! No new elders came into our mission this transfer, which is another crazy thing. Our mission is getting smaller and smaller.

So after a meeting our new companions were announced! There were 8 new sisters, 7 Americans and 1 Korean........ My companion is the Korean!!!!!! Hahaha what are the chances??? Literally I can't believe it. So many people only have 1 Korean their whole mission!!! Her name is 염은진 Yeom enjin. She's actually from the south part of Seoul so her house is really close! She's been so great and is adapting to missionary work so well!! She's amazing. Only she and her older sister were baptized when she was 12 and her older sister served a mission, too. She's so sweet!

So it's been a little hard for her, just adjusting to everything, but she's trying so hard. We're street contacting a lot because we don't have a lot of investigators right now. Our beloved Song Seongsuke is doing so well! She came to church Sunday and enjoyed it. She's very very stressed because of her work so she's going to get a Priesthood blessing this week. We ate at a member's house for dinner with her yesterday, too! (이귀임 Ee quee im's house.... that doesn't sound right but I don't know how to write it.) 

Right now my companion and I are actually in Seoul because I have MLC tomorrow so she has to go on exchanges with other missionaries while I'm there. It's confusing.... So now there's not two zones where I'm at in the countryside, they made it all one big zone ("Gangneung zone"). So there's one zone leader in Taebaek, one in Gangneung, an STL in Wonju and one STL in Gangneung. Sis. Lautaha is the new STL. She's great! But super stressed about it..... We have a meeting tomorrow at President's and then training this week!

Everything's going so well! It's weird how long I've been on my mission but how much I still need to learn. I lack so much! 

I hope you have a good week and good luck with the start of school!!!

Real quick funny thing I noticed yesterday. During sacrament Elder Ashby (a member of my district) said the opening prayer, blessed the sacrament, and gave a talk! haha. (He's also the Branch president's second counselor).  And! There were almost 40 people at church yesterday!!!

Ok, wrote a ton.

Love you!
SIs. Evans

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