Monday, August 31, 2015

Not much time!‏

Hey fam!

That picture I sent was of 박정순 Bak (Park when you romanize it) Jeongsun. She's a member we meet with often in Wonju. She has the craziest conversion story ever!! I can't wait to tell you about it later :)

So like I said, there isn't much time! I'll tell you about our new investigator. Her name is XXX. We met her on the street and she had English interest! (This was on Tuesday) So we told her about how that night we had English class so we went with her right then to the church which was about a 20 or 25 minute walk away to show her where it was. She just wanted to stay until it started so we were able to teach her right then. She told us religious stuff would be hard because she has one so she's not sure if she wants to change, which is totally understandable. Ok, so, here's the thing. She's great! But you could just tell something was off. She was just a bit of an odd one. But that's ok! Odd people make this world interesting. She came to English class Saturday too and really liked it. She's told us she's a Jehovah's Witness and has been since high school. Her mom and older sister are, too. She said she isn't happy with her church though and wants to change (but, she did say that the main reason was that the members are click-ish and aren't very nice to her). Lo and behold she came to church on Sunday! Haha, 2 hours early (church starts at 10 and she showed up at 8 because she wanted to wait). Yes! Love her enthusiasm! 
The members were great and were so nice and inviting to her! But then... a member approached us and told us that XXX used to attend the mental institution she worked at and has very severe schizophrenia. That was sad. She told us not to teach her but just be nice to her.

We're figuring out what to do. She loved church and said she wants to attend forever! So it's just a tiny bit complicated. But we were happy to find her :) 

We were able to finally meet Song Seongsuk this week!! It had been almost 2 weeks. I love meeting with her. She opens up and tells us everything. She's been having the hardest time at work ever and I don't know how she's alive with all the stress she has but she says that now that she's starting to pray every night she feels overcome with gratitude for how blessed she is. When we met she cried for most of it because of how blessed she feels. She says she still doesn't know if God is there, but she's starting to believe it. She had a wedding this week so she didn't get to come to church but hopefully we'll be able to meet her again before next sunday. 

Today actually isn't our pday! On Thursday we have a Mission Tour because President Whiting is here!!! So exciting!!! So, here's the plan. Tonight I will go to Sokcho for exchanges with Sis. Peni (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I'll be there tomorrow and then Wednesday all of the missionaries in the country will go to Seoul, have a pday, spend the night at the temple, and then the next morning have the mission tour. 

Alright! Time's up! Love you! Stay safe, happy, and close to the Lord! 
Sis. Gentry Evans

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