Monday, September 29, 2014

One Month!

Dear family,
How crazy is it that I've been in Korea one month?! Well, almost. This week I will be. It blows my mind! So Korea:
1. Nobody has dryers, everyone hangs their clothes up!
2. There are no 4th floors, it's just "1,2,3,F,5" because 4 is a bad number
3. People don't wear wedding rings! That one was interesting.
Ok so my week! Last Tuesday for FHE we played this super awesome game that is so, so fun. It is really hard to describe so remind me to tell you when we get home so I can tell you! It involves the gloves you use to wash dishes and things and slapping people with them. So funny. So you know how I said we run in the mornings? And that there are these super awesome old people that do zumba where we run to and it's the best thing of my life? Ok so, everytime we run by they always beckon us over to join them but we can't... which breaks our hearts. But! Haha now when we run by this old man always yells "It's ok! Modest dancing!" Haha it's so funny.
Wednesday we had district meeting which was good. Sis LaBlanc ate bundagee (a steamed silk worm thing... Mom it's what you told me not to eat, I think!), anyways she got super sick and was out all week! It pretty much destroyed her stomach. Thursday was super fun! We had a "sisters conference" that no one has done before but our sister training leadesr (Sis 권한나 and Sis LaBlanc), decided it would be fun and planned one for us! It was awesome. We did all of these fun games/examples (human chairs, 3 legged races) ((which btw Sis. Seegmiller and I dominated in ;) )) and at the end we got these awesome shirts that they had designed and had had made for us! We signed the backs of everyone's :) That night we were supposed to meet with our investigator, 방연숙, but she never showed :( We had a member there with us so we felt bad she didn't show up!
Friday...... Don't remember much! Except that it was weekly planning! Which takes a solid three hours! Haha. But it's great! We taught 강지은 that night and it was really fun! We were talking about Lehi's dream and staying on the path with the iron rod so we did this interactive example thing with her. We set up a pole she had to hold and then she had to get to the end while we were trying to convince her to let go. Haha we had a member with us (김요희), who took it really literally and was trying to drag her away. Haha it was kind of funny.....
Saturday! We had another appointment that the person cancelled right before (said she was in the hospital... but she wasnt... haha), so we were visiting people in our area that hadn't been in contact with missionaries for a while. Haha the people would open the door and as soon as they would see us would shut the door so quickly. Haha it's funny. Only happened 3 times though so wasn't even bad that day! We just leave message cards on their door. OH YA! So, we went to visit this lady that lived on the 21st floor of an apartment. She never showed and we were so close to the roof... (26 stories), so we decided we might as well go to the top. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Oh my gosh I can't describe how beautiful Seoul is! Wow. We could see so far! It was tons of tall buildings but then all around these beautiful mountains! That was awesome. After was English class. After... Our whole district except the other two sisters went to get dinner... I don't want to talk about it though... It was terrible. Well, ok my food was good! I got this soup thing that has an entire chicken in it! It's crazy. and everytime someone orders soup, it comes out So hot! 130 celcius! Anyways, that's what a few of us got. The others got 보시탄. Which I'm not saying what that is. But they made me take a bite, and it was the worst moment ever. Ok moving on!
Sunday was great!! Ward conference! And 방연숙 came the whole time! There were soo many people there. So, it will shock you to know I'm in the choir here (ok surprise all of the missionaries are). So we sang in sacrament and oh man... I couldn't hold it in at the end. We sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" and the last note goes super, super high. No one can hit it, but this one woman kind of screams it so loudly and it's always a struggle for us not to all laugh. Anyways, I was trying so hard not to laugh, but then the conductor started laughing so of course then I couldn't help it! Haha the looks on the faces of all the ward members. So funny. Also, for some reason I got pushed to the front and middle and for a solid while I had no idea where we were in the song so I just faked the Korean.. That worked well. (When I went to turn a page it accidentally turned two and I didn't realize it. It was great.) That was so fun/funny! After, we all ate together right there in the chapel! They quickly move all of the chairs and bring up tables. There was soo much food and it was all so amazing! Korean food is seriously the best.
After Sis. Seegmiller and I walked around talking to people and we talked to this one woman that was just... crazy. We kept seeing her for awhile so then I turned and just said hello to her and she Freaked out! She just kept yelling at us "So beautiful! So beautiful!" She was super nice, but everytime we tried to talk to her she would just back away saying we were bewitching her with our charm... Then she asked if we'd had plastic surgery (that's a big thing) and we said no and she couldn't believe it. She called me Sleeping Beauty and Sis. Seegmiller Wonder Woman. Haha. Then she said "No! You're Sleeping Beauty and a mermaid!" So in case you didn't know, I'm a mermaid. Haha, that was so funny. When we walked away she yelled (literally screamed after us) I LOVE YOU!  In Korean and then English. Which is totally out of their culture! Then she said she would call us. I'm afraid she will be the one person that calls us.
That night we were invited to a 식사! (meal thing) It was a little ways from us (just over an hour), and when we got there we realized there was a miscommunication. We thought it was just supposed to be the 4 sisters in our district, but the elders were supposed to come, too! So we waited for them to come.... Anyways the food was so good, but there was so much! It was crazy. And in this culture it's really rude if you don't eat all that they give you. So oh man, we were just getting sick eating this. There was this bowl of a brown spicy paste in front of me and I thought I had to eat it, so I was eating so much of it and getting so sick. Then at the end I realized that there was only one on the table and that it was for everyone and we didn't even need to add it! Haha! The sisters couldn't believe I had eaten so much of it. Good thing to know for the future.... When we left it was raining a ton!!!! Ah so beautiful! Haha I walked on the bus to get home and slipped like crazy and fell straight to the ground. A girl was on the phone and laughed for a solid 5 minutes. She told her friend on the phone what happened so it was great hearing someone retell what happened 30 seconds later.... haha I don't think she knew I could understand her.
It's been raining all day today!!!! It's a downpour!!! We just got done doing service because tomorrow is our p-day! You will never guess what we're doing. Never! We are..... GOING TO THE DMZ!!!!!!! My whole district!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! It's because Elder Ross and Sister LaBlanc go home this transfer :'( So we got permission for all of us to go! I'm so lucky because they've gone their whole missions and haven't gone and I've only been here a month and get to go! I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Well, Hope all is well at home!!!! Lots of love!!!
Sis. Gentry Evans

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