Sunday, September 21, 2014

Third Week!


So, been another great great week :)
1. Whenever they eat fruit/vegetables, they always peel the skin. They don't even eat the skin on grapes! They just take a little bite off the end and suck out the middle.
2. You know how we have salt/pepper shakers on tables? They have little containers with shrimp in them!! How awesome?! And not just the tail's like what we normally eat, it's the whole shrimp. They are really tasty though! They're a "natural" way to salt food I guess because of the salt from the ocean. So smart!
3. When people sneeze, you don't say anything (not bless you or anything)
Ok so! Going from memory here... Tuesday I got to go to the Seoul temple!! It was so so beautiful!! It's funny because the temples are all similar, you know, but this one had such an Asian feel. Haha it was perfect! This is the last transfer for two people in my zone (actually both are in my district), Elder Ross and Sister LaBlanc, so they gave their "last words". It was... so sad :( But motivating!) They just talked about how much they love Korea and that they're excited to go home but just heartbroken to leave Korea. They both have learned so much it seems. (Sis. LaBlanc lives in my apartment-she is awesome!! She's from Vegas so close-ish!) Oh my gosh after the temple... We went to this place called Ashley's for lunch with our zone. (There's about 36 people in my zone I think?) It's an "American" style restaurant and oh my gosh, SO GOOD! It was a buffet and I'll just say we got our money's worth... hehe. Then we went to 동대문 after which is like a big shopping area. We went to this place where it was just a ton of shops and thousands of ties! Oh my gosh you can't imagine! I took some pics I can hopefully send if I have time! Elder Ross bought, guess how many ties? 103. Yep. They're super super cheap and really nice (Rylan, dances? Just kidding I don't think I could get one to you in time...)
That night we had FHE at the church and it was fun, after, we played "Do you love you neighbor?" Wednesday... Just talked to people on the streets and went to houses of less actives. Thursday we had the service project! Don't worry, I'm catching up to the workers speed (haha... but seriously). It's so fun working there! After, Sis. Seegmiller and I met with this really old woman, 김명숙. She... basically just kept telling us she's in a lot of pain and wants to die. She's funny, though! We would say, "To start, can we pray?" or something and she would say, "Yes! And pray for me to die!" And then laugh about it. When we were going to leave, another older woman came in with a plate of food for her and then 김명숙 made us stay and eat it with her. Haha we were walking out and kept saying, "Oh no. It's fine!" But she just kept yelling at us in an angry/loving way to eat. She would take our little poker things, get food and give it back to us till we ate it. I had no idea what I was eating... There was also corn on the cob and I thought oh! Sweet I know what this will taste like! Nope. You have never quite tasted corn like this... I can't really describe it! Haha but still good.
Friday... yes... So! Elder Ross hits his actually two year mark of his mission on Wednesday so to celebrate, my district went to.. dun dun dun dun...... OUTBACK! I'm not kidding!! There is one here! Let's just say... It's a bit expensive... But totally worth it! For the 10 of us in my district it was only $270, that's not bad.. right? Just kidding it's terrible. Elder Murdock & Ross ordered fries for an appetizer and they were $20! Haha oh my gosh! I got an awesome burger. Yess :) so delicious! So that was super fun! But oh ya!!! Guess what?? While we were at Outback, of all people, guess who they played. The played Ingrid Michaelson!! I'm serious!! I didn't think I would hear much American music here, but Ingrid Michaelson?! That was crazy. It hurt me trying not to sing along haha. They also played one of Sis LaBlanc's favorite songs and she was dying haha. After, Sis. Seegmiller and I had weekly planning which takes a solid 3 hours. Then we taught 강지은! It was fun. She's awesome!
Saturday, PASS OFF DAY. So we have this "language progression program" which is a tad bit stressful but super helpful in trying to pick up the language as fast as possible. So I did my first pass-off with my district leader (Elder Savas) and taught him the 1st lesson. It went better than I thought! I mean, I'm not understanding a ton, but I am understanding some :) After was English class, always fun. After this lady, she is so so kind!, came up and told me I was so nice and helpful in her learning English and some other things. I think her name is 김유진, but I'm not totally sure!
Yesterday, Sunday, was interesting. My first week here, I talked to a lady on the street and yesterday she came to church! The ward was so awesome and talked with her a ton. Right after church, they turned all the chairs, brought out tables and we had a 식사! A lunch thing. I guess they do it every week! It was sooo delicious. Also, there was a lady there we talked to and her husband was the first bishop in Korea! She was so cool!! I honesty thought she was 50 or so and afterwards, Sis. Seegmiller and I figured it out that she couldn't be under 73. So ya that was crazy! They were actually mission presidents in the Seoul West mission in 1982-83!! 김휘나 was her name, I believe. He has already passed away. Dad, have you heard of them?
After, we walked around to talk to them. That was... good most of the time except for two things. We were talking to this one girl and she seemed interested. She was really sweet, but she was with her friend who mostly seemed annoyed. She took a BofM and then they walked away. After a little ways, the friend took the Bof M out of her hand, looked back at us, and slammed it on the ground. Ah! My heart! That was terrible to watch and I just didn't understand why she would do that... But I'll probably be seeing that a lot. After 5 minutes later, we were walking across a street & talking to a lady and someone else ran up and told her that we were a cult and then just kept staring at us saying we were a cult over and over. That was fun... Everything else was fine though! After we had another 식사 meal so it made up for it :) It was just the missionaries and the bishop & family at the church and ohh it was so good! The food here is seriously the best. That was fun!
Pretty much my week! We just found out that my foreigner's card picture didn't work so we have to go there tomorrow again to get it! Ah! Now we know to get there and hour before it opens to get in line, though!
I love you so much and hope everything is well at home!!!
Sis. Gentry Evans :)

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