Monday, September 1, 2014

Last E-Mail from the MTC

Hello family!!! The time has FINALLY come finally! (haha Britt)

Soo let's see. I'll answer some question stuff first. Mom, yep my visa is all good! And ya my whole district is on my flight so that's awesome!! Plus the 3 who didn't leave with their district this morning because they're going to Seoul South and then the 2 native Koreans. (It will be so nice to have to natives with us to communicate when we get there) Oh! Dad I got Matt's dear elder (the deacon). It was so kind of him! Tell him I appreciated it and say thank you. Ah, that was so heartbreaking about the two Taiwan missionaries. I can't believe he was Hayden's last companion. I'm praying for their families!

Sax, thanks for your dearelder!! It was awesome! Glad to hear from you. Mom, I love the picture you put in the frame! It's so cute. Also, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PICTURES!!! I love them so much!!! And your letter was so nice, thanks!! Haha and yes, I did happen to get 22 dear elders one day from them trying to print all of them off. I only got repeats though, so I guess the couple (and I really think it was only 2 or 3) dear elders I didn't get just disappeared or something.

Rylan, you're cutting to 113, right? Also have fun at the car wash this weekend. Probably keep your shirt on though so you don't scare all of the people away.

Mom, awesome I'll have someone take the box to the front Monday morning, is that ok?

I totally forgot to mention this last week, but we've had the best weather ever!!! It rained almost evvery day last week and it was so fun! One morning, it was so cold there was snow on the mountain tops!!! Yes!!!!!!

I think that's all the questions! Ok so my week... I have been absolutely terrible about writing in my journal the past week because it's been so crazy busy so I'm just going to try and go for memory! So..... Last Friday only Sis. Brown and I got to Skype for TRC (or teach at all) because they didn't have enough volunteers and because we didn't get to last week our elders said we should teach (they weren't going to have anyone teach because there was only one but they vouched for us!) ((We weren't there when they found out)) Also, Friday I didn't have a companion most of the day because Sis. Brown go to go to SLC to walk around temple square and stuff since she's an international. Cool! Also, The night before had been craziness because one of the new sisters woke up in the night & couldn't breathe and stuff so she had to go to the ER. But everything's good! Just a stress attack I guess. Also as you know, WE GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS FRIDAY!! Which was so so exciting!!! I'll send pics.

Sunday was wonderful!! I had my last meeting that morning as sister training leader because I was released in sacrament! It was fun but now there's a lot more time. Sis. Wilcox is the new STL. She's great!!!!!! We get along so well. She's from Mesa and went to stapley and MVT and everything. SHe's actually from our stake! She graduated 2 or 3 years before me? One or the other. She's super cute.
Anyways, the 1st c in the young women's general presidency and her husband spoke at RS (Bro & Sis. McConkie or something like that). They were amazing talks! During sacrament (which is just with our zone, relief society is for all the sisters at hte MTC), the 3 districts that came in the day I did sang "I'll go where you want me to go" (2 verses in Korean, the last in English). It was so awesome but sad at the same time. We walked around the temple and hahaha it was so fun. We took a ton of pictures since half of us were leaving before the next temple walk (the ones that left today for Seoul South). It was so so fun! Don't remember much....
Um yesterday...... Oh! Tuesday the devotional was awesome, although I don't remember who spoke. I just don't have anything in my journal for the first time for the past few days! Um... Well... that is all! Last night we had to say goodbye to the 19 missionaries that left for Seoul South this morning. So sad! One of them was sis. Park, the native that's been with us for a few weeks. She's so cute!

Oh ya! Yesterday morning all of the sisters played sand volleyball together and it was SO fun!! Hahaha it was hilarious! We were laughing so much. Oh, and I did this crossfit workout thing and holy cow, I was sore for days! It was awesome though. Watch out Rylan ;)

Today is my last Pday and I leave Monday morning!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! Mostly for the food. Hahah just kidding (The food here is slowly killing all of us).

Hope all is well at home! Love all of you so much!! Sax- Tell Jenny I say hello and good luck at school!

Sis. Gentry Evans :)

Next time I"m emailing, IT WILL BE IN KOREA. Oh ya, I CAN'T WAIT TO CALL YOU MONDAY!!!! Keep your ear close to your phone :)

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