Monday, June 1, 2015


Dear family,

Sorry about last week! A member called us and we had to meet him real fast. So I don't even know where to start with all this craziness.... First off the week before last on Tuesday I went to 강릉 Gangreung to do exchanges with the Sister Lautaha. (Her companion, Sister Peni, when to Wonju with my companion.) It was so good! She's a great missionary :) She's actually only the transfer below me so we were in the MTC for 3 weeks together! We talked a lot about enduring to the end, teaching, and proselyting. A good and... how do I say this... kind of needed exchange? Super good, though!

So, my companion (Sis. Seo) and I are both new to Wonju so we're just figuring things out together but it has been SO amazing!!! I can't even write all the miracles we've seen. A week ago Saturday we only had about 10 minutes before 9 after something so we ran out to see if we could talk to someone in that time. Went outside and a minute later, right across from our villa we met a woman and started talking. We had no time and she was leaving but she said she wanted to learn English so we exchanged numbers and said we'd meet! We also invited her to church since it was Branch Conference the next day and she wanted to come! Now, this doesn't happen much but when it does.... they almost never actually come or meet again (I don't know why). Well the next morning she came!!!! She loveeeddd church. She's Buddhist but has never really believed it, she's just Buddhist because her mother-in-law is. President and Sister Christensen came as their "last talk" in Wonju before they go back to America at the end of this month (I can't believe they're leaving!!!!!! It's so sad.) She has no Christian background so she knew nothing about sacrament or any of that so it was really all new. She said there was just a peace going to church and she like a lot of things about it. We met after and talked for a while! She's actually having a really, really, really, really, really hard time with work. A HUGE financial problem. She kind of got caught in a financial scheme :/ I'd write details but... kind of private. Anyways, we talked and she cried a lot but it was so good!!! Btw her name is 송성숙 Song Seong Suk. She's 59. Anyways! We met her Monday, and then Tuesday.. and then Wednesday! She's AMAZING!!!! She just wants to learn so much.

Last Wednesday to Thursday we did another exchange with the sisters in 동해 Donghay which is in the other zone. I stayed in Wonju and Sis. Lee (이수연) came. Sis Lee is in her 3rd transfer and actually my companion, Sis Seo, was her trainer for the last 2! She's such good missionary! I get to learn so much on exchanges. Some stuff happened on the exchange that...were kind of really sad but I'll explain that in a different email. Then Thursday we went to Seoul and met up with the other sisters there! Slept at the temple and then Friday we had a combined mission conference with the Seoul South mission!!! How crazy?? It was fun seeing a lot of people from the MTC. Mission presidents and their wives spoke as well as President Ringwood and his wife and then the member of the 70 that came, Elder Maynes and his wife! It was so good!!!! All about planning and goal setting and such. It was so short, though! Started at 9:30ish and ended at 12ish! Right after, we came back to Wonju with the 태백 Taebeck sisters for another exchange! I went with Sis. 곽 Gwak. It was... a good exchange! Yep.. a needed exchange. But I'll write more about that later :) They both stayed at our house that night and then we went to Gangneung Saturday afternoon for a combined fireside kind of a thing! It was for all of 강원도 Gangwondo (the countryside) for the Christensen's leaving. It was soo good!!!! Super fun.

Back to Wonju that night and then yesterday Song Seong Suk came to church again! She really really loved it. SO BASICALLY THINGS ARE SO GOOD! Learning so so so so much, seeing so many miracles, and having no time to breathe! haha :) Actually we have to cut email time short to go to Seoul right now! (We have MLC tomorrow which is mission leadership council)

Love you so much! Hope all is well and you're enjoying your summer :)
Sis. Evans

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