Monday, June 22, 2015


Dear family,

Sorry didn't really know what to put for the caption.... besides Wonju is amazing and things have been crazy! But I say that every week so I wanted to change it up.

I think I didn't explain things well last week.. So my companion (Sis. Seo) and I got a new sister but just for the week. She's in the other zone but.. her companion had to go home for a few things so she gets to stay with us for the week! It's been so fun! I hope it wasn't too stressful for her having to leave her area and come to ours for the week. On Wednesday is transfers so she'll get her new companion then and then go back to Donghae where she's originally serving. Btw "she" is Sis. Murdock. She's so awesome! And we're kind of oddly the same person? So it's been fun :)

So with transfers- nothing is happening! But we were 99% sure we'd stay the same because we were both new to Wonju and this next transfer is Sis. Seo's last and then she'll go home! I'm "killing her" hehehe. So back to the week! 

We've just been meeting tons of people and doing a lot of contacting and teaching lessons. It's been amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The blessings, people. They're real. And they're everywhere!!!! Honestly just meeting the most amazing people everyday. 

One of them is the lovely 송성숙 Song-seong-suk <3 She's the woman we met when we first came and have been meeting with ever since. She is just accepting everything so well!!! And she is just so honest about everything (with her questions, thoughts she has about what we're teaching), so it's the best teaching her. Sis Murdock kind of freaked out after the first time we met with her because she said she'd never taught anyone like her. She takes notes when we teach... I just feel so much love for her!!! So I'm so glad I'm not transferring. 

Thursday all of the missionaries in the "countryside" came to Wonju and we had our last conference with President and Sis Christensen :( So sad!!!! They are the most incredible people. Our new mission presidents come on the 30th! "Sonksen's" I'm excited for them but sad for the Christensen's.... Anyways the training with them was great! So, on average our mission contacts 12-14,000 new people a week, but last week (during the 100 hour week) we contacted 26,000 people. Isn't that crazy?! And not everyone did it! So amazing!!

Afterwards I went to 태백 Taebaek with Sis. Kim for an exchange. 

Anyways, I'm out of time!

Love you so much! Having such a good time here and I hope your summer is going well!

Sis. Evans

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