Sunday, June 21, 2015

Miracles upon miracles!!!!‏

Hey Fam ^^

So sorry about last week! It was kind of crazy. Actually, it was THE BEST. So  let me telll you about it....

A lot of people in our mission decided to do this "100 hour" week because our mission president talked about it from his mission. We got up at 5:30 and got ready real fast, and then worked from 6:30 till 9:30 (unless we had a lesson and then we could be out till 10. Isn't that crazy?!? I've never heard of being able to be out that late). No meal times but we had 30 minutes to study during the day. Don't worry, didn't starve :) We didn't have meal times but we could just buy food off the street and eat as we walked. Also, saw so many miracles by how many people we'd meet and then they'd just invite us for dinner or lunch. We were able to get so much work done!!!!!!!! Found two new investigators and have so many PI's. And I think never before in my mission had 20 lessons and this past week we had 21!! YES!. 

So that was why we didn't have a p-day last week! I'm trying to remember about the week before last... oh ya! MLC and zone training! So we went to Seoul and all the zone leaders and sister training leaders had a training with President and Sister Christensen. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! It was like being blasted with spiritual insights. Seriously was incredible!!! I felt so... out of place?! Haha everyone there was so smart and hard working. So many great examples! As a mission we're focusing on discipleship this month. I'm so excited!!! It's been so good for me and I know it's changing a lot of people as they focusing on becoming a disciple of Christ.

So Tuesday we had the training and then came back to Wonju and then Wednesday morning I went to the Gangneng South zone and Sis. Seo went to the Gangneng zone to do the trainings. So I went to 동해 Donghae! Elder Helsloot and Jones are the zone leaders there so we did the training together. It was so fun!! I hope everyone was able to learn and grow from it. Afterwards we exchanged so I was in Wonju with Sis. Peni and my companion exchanged with Sis. Lautaha in Gangneng. Sis Peni is in her 3rd transfer and is doing so well! We actually did the "pass-off" program for a lot of it. (the one I did when I was a new missionaries for the language and lessons) She just had to pass off with me and after the AP's she's done!! Exciting. Good program but.. stressful haha. 

I can't exactly remember much but.... so!!!! Our investigator 송성숙 Song Seong Suk(e) is just perfect. WE LOVE HER SO MUCH. We meet her about 3 times a week and she hasn't missed church in 4 weeks. She loves learning about Christ so much and is willing to try so much! We meet with her with other members and we ate at a member's house (이현정 Ee-heon-jeong) this past week. She's just the sweetest woman ever. 

So, this next week is going to be a bit crazy. Actually right after we finish emailing we're going to the bus terminal and meeting the sisters that are serving in 동해 Donghae. So... it's really sad but one sister is going home for some things so we're meeting them and then we'll become a 3some! Sis. Murdock will be our new companion. Transfers are next week so we'll find out if she's just staying with us till then or if she'll be with us next transfer as well. It's a big change but we're excited! It will be fun :) 

Thanks for everything and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY on Sunday, Dad!!!! Have a good day!!!! The best Dad deserves the best day, right? So spend it well! I'm assuming some ice cream and peanut clusters will be involved? hehe :)
Sis. Evans

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