Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rain rain and good things!‏

Dear family,
So.... I'm kind of blank on the week....... it's a new transfer so we were only in a 3some until last Tuesday when Sis. Murdock went to Seoul for transfers for her new companion.
Let's see..... well all of a sudden almost all of our investigators disappeared but we're still meeting people all of the time! I don't know how... Honestly Wonju is just a miracle area. We find the absolute nicest people on the street and they always invite us to their house for a drink or something! it's amazing. So we're meeting a lot of people that way :)
송성숙 Song Seong Suk is the best!!!!!! So, we taught her about the Word of Wisdom this past week. Turns out about for a very long time she had a bad alcohol addiction but about 15 years ago she went to the doctor and he said she need to stop smoking, and drinking alcohol, coffee, and green tea. And she was able to just stop all! She stared to drink coffee a  few years ago but said she's going to try and not break anything. SHE IS PERFECT!!!! I've never ever had an investigator like her. We love her so much!!!
Ok... So sorry but I'm out of time!!!
Everything is going incredible over here and I'm learning so much :) I love my mission!!!!

Sis. Evans
P.s. have a good 4th of July!! and on Tuesday the Sonken's (my new mission presidents) come!

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