Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!!‏

Dear Family,

Hello hello! Sooo I'm just going to jump right into it!

Last Wednesday we got up early and exchanged with the 강릉 Gangneung sisters so Sis. Lautaha came to Wonju with me! So fun. We street boarded for a couple hours and then met 송성숙 Song Seong Suk. She is just amazing. I can't express it anymore! Just the best. Teaching her is one of my most favorite things. Then we met 안은순 Ahn ehn sun(e) who was baptized in October but doesn't come to church. We meet with her a lot. She's so, so kind, but honestly a tiny bit strange. In a funny way! Not a bad way. She's great! We always meet her in her "secret garden" haha. Anyways, unfortunately the exchange wasn't too long because the next morning we got up early and went to 강릉 and then met the 속초 Sokcho sisters and started an exchange with them. That's right..... 속초 opened back up this transfer!!! I'm so happy! Sis. XX came to Wonju with me. Sis. XX is in her 3rd transfer! So.... here's the thing... Right now the Sokcho sisters are having a really hard time.... You know, sometimes people just don't get along well. It's always so hard to see other people when they're struggling. I just wish I could help in any way possible! The two sisters are really awesome, just have different personalities. It's hard now... but I know at the end the two will be able to look back and see how much they learned and were able to grow. God never gives us challenges we can't  handle, only ones we can grow from :) 

So that was a really good exchange! I was able to learn so much. That next day (Friday), we met the Sonken's. We had a combined conference with all of the "강원도" Gangwondo missionaries who are out in the country. They're great! We were able to feel their love and their excitement to be in Korea serving missions. Here's the thing.... we're all so excited for them but we just love the Christensen's so so much. They are two of the most incredible people on this earth. So the Sonken's were showing us pictures so we could get to know them and we were just exciting and oohing and ahhing but then they showed a picture of the Christensen's when they left their house.. The entire mood just shifted in that instant when we saw that picture. Every missionary in that room started crying. I'm not kidding, everyone. I felt bad, I don't think anyone wanted to in front of the new mission president and his wife but.... I can't express the love we feel for the Christensen's. It was a very sad moment. Anyways! We are very excited for the new presidents. They will be great!!! Tonight Sis. Seo and I go to Seoul for MLC tomorrow so we will sleep at their house tonight. I'll do some more investigating ;) Haha, just kidding :)

Then Friday! 4th of July! We visited someone that was in the hospital with the elders (Houston and Ashbye) so they could give him a blessing. (He was in a car accident on his motorbike :/) Then we had some appointments that... didn't go through and then English class! Afterwards we ate with 채주민 Chayjumin who's a less-active and her friend who comes to English class. The friend teaches karate and is super awesome! She just graduated from BYU and is working in the RedCross. Unfortunately BYU didn't leave the best impression on her and she doesn't like the church very much.... But she loves missionaries! We've actually met with her a few times. We're working with her :) 

Yesterday, church was good! Actually there was a fight kind of so that wasn't good.... Just one member got upset. It was in front of a few people there for the first time so... ah we were freaking out. The thing is right after we met with Songseong Suke (who came to church!) She was so amazing about it! She said that people come to church to become better people, that we don't come perfect. Who is she?? So luckily everything was fine! 

We ate dinner with 박정순 Bakjeong sun(e) who... is someone that's had a lot of problems with this branch but! We've been meeting with her and she's starting to attend our branch (she usually goes to Seoul to go to church), and bore her testimony yesterday during sacrament! I wish i had time to tell you all of the miracles that happen here everyday and all the good that we're seeing but there just isn't time!

I love you all so much! Oh ya... I guess I should add that I do realize I've been on my mission over a year.... That's just weird. How is that possible?! But there actually isn't even time to think about it so it doesn't seem real! Just gotta keep working :)

Hope you had a good 4th of July! 
Sis. Evans

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