Monday, July 13, 2015

So much to say!‏

Dear Family,

I'm so sorry.... Because there's so much to say I feel like I won't be able to say any of it!
So this will be a really quick run-through....

Last Monday night my comp and I went to Seoul and stayed the night with the 4 zone leaders at the president's house. It was nice to talk to Sis. Sonksen a little more to get to know her.

Tuesday was AMAZING!! We had MLC (missionary leadership council), with the zone leaders and STLs. Everyone is just a spiritual powerhouse... I'm so grateful for how much I am continually learning on my mission. The thing is I'm just shown over and over how much I lack! Just how inadequate I am and how much I must rely on the Lord and the Spirit for help. So many things I feel like I should already know and have resolved to do I'm just doing now. But it's ok! The beautiful thing is our ability to progress :)

Anyways, this months focus is The Doctrine of Christ: The Missionary Purpose. (with an emphasis on baptismal dates) Such a great focus! After MLC Sis. Seo and I went to 동해 Donghae and spent the night and then Wednesday we did the zone training in that zone. I think it went well! We just meet with the zone leaders that morning to prepare for the training so there's not a ton of prep time but enough to know what we want to talk about and then just let spirit guide. (I'm kind of bad at that part, though, so it would be good for me to have some more prep time^^)

Afterwards, Sis Seo and I went to Gangneung and spent the night so Thursday we could do the zone training for that zone. I think it went well! Both zone leaders are such a hard workers so we were blessed to do the trainings with them. There's so many incredible quotes and stuff that we used I wish you could see!! I'll just show them to you later^^ 

Right after I went back to Donghae to do an exchange with Sis. Murdock while her companion went to Wonju. Sis. Murdock is awesome! They're such hard workers. We saw so many miracles on the exchange! It was amazing. 

This past week was so so good, but honestly Friday night when I got back to Wonju it was kind of a like finally being able to take a deep breathe after the week. I was able to learn so much, but it was kind of a lot of things in a row!

So sorry but I have to go! Thanks for everything you do! You're the best and don't forget it^^

SIs. Evans

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