Sunday, July 19, 2015

Crazy week!‏

Dear family,

Wow, I don't think you'll be able to believe everything that happened this week. I wish I had time to include all of the super cool spiritual experiences that we had but there might not be time today.

I'm going to skip to Thursday. Well, wait. So, last Sunday we found out that one sister in our zone that was in 속초Sokcho was going home because of knee problems :/ Oh, so so sad. We were heartbroken for her! So our whole week changed with exchanges and where we were going to be. Our exchange with Gangneung was pushed back a week and we had to change with Taebaek because Sis. Kim Hansorl had to go into a threesome with the sisters there since her companion went home. (So yes, 속초Sokcho closed again :/) Hope this makes sense...

So, Thursday my companion Sis Seo went to Taebaek for an exchange and Sis. Gwak came to Wonju with me. That night I got a terrible call... Sis. Seo got hit by a taxi in Taebaek. Yep, you can imagine my shock and horror. 

She was walking across a crosswalk (there was no light), and the taxi turned the corned and hit her. Luckily, slowly. Nevertheless an ambulance came and took her away. Went to the hospital and took X-rays and other exams.

Here's the amazing thing... SHE'S OK!!! She's in almost no pain now and it's only been a few days! Nothing was broken! Friday she went to the police station and actually the taxi that hit her had a black box and the whole thing was recorded. The police officers had seen it and were shocked when they saw her walking in. They all asked her, "How are you walking?? Are you ok??" because the video was so bad. 

She watched it and said it was terrifying- She was shocked at how bad it looked! Saturday I went to Taebaek and took her back to Wonju. Is that just the craziest thing you've ever heard? But not even kidding.... she's in almost no pain now! It hit her back and waist but the only place she's hurting a little is in her neck. Just such an incredible miracle!!!! We can't believe it.

So that was the craziness! Along with a sister going home and now having 3 people in Taebaek. 

Oh ya... So there's some problems in the church....

Here's the good thing, first. We met Song Seongsuke a few times last week and she came to church yesterday! She is amazing!!! She says she wants to be baptized, she's just getting some things in order first. Because she understands how important baptism is she wants to make sure she's rid of past things before she makes this covenant with God. We love her so much!!! We always have so much fun teaching and talking with her.

Back to church... So there was another little explosion at church yesterday. Luckily the 3 investigators there didn't see it (we were all in a different class upstairs). It's been one particular woman... Funny thing is she LOVES the missionaries. She was baptized about a year and 4 months ago and thinks missionaries are angels... (not true, in case you're wondering ;) ) We love her, but she has a huge anger management problem (like a serious one), and has explosions. 

We (my companion and I) meet with her a lot to try and help her because the only people she doesn't get mad at are missionaries. So that's that! Besides that, everything else is fine :) The members invite us over for dinner all the time. Too much.... No I'm kidding :)

Ok, times up!
That was my crazy week! I hope you have a good week and always remember the goodness of God in all of our many blessings!

Sis. Gentry Evans

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