Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hi, Family!!‏

Dear fam,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!! I can't believe it's already come up!! Definitely crazy. One year younger and wiser too... ;) 

Today our pday is short because we're meeting Song Seongsuk so we only have 1/2 of our email time! So I'm sorry... I know I say this every week... but this might be a short email!

This last week I went to Gangneung to exchange with Sis. Xxx. She's a really good missionary! Lately.... missionary work has been hard for her and she's been having thoughts of ending her mission... but the exchange was so good. We were able to work really hard and talk with lot of people and have so much fun. She says she feels a new spark for missionary work and has found new motivation! Yes! She's determined and will do great things! :)

Right after, we met the Donghae sisters at the Gangneung bus terminal and then I went to Wonju to exchange with Sis. Bell. She's darling! Such a hard worker. Ok, here's the craziest thing.

All of the buses to different areas leave at exactly the right minute. Literally the clock hits 3 or whatever time the bus is supposed to depart at and the bus starts moving. Well, we got to the bus terminal 2 minutes after a bus was supposed to leave so we were sure Sis. Bell and I had missed it and would have to wait for the next bus. BUT NO! the bus hadn't departed yet and we were able to get on it! It left 4 minutes after the initial departure time. I have never seen that before. So then we took the hour and half ride bus to Wonju..... (I promise there's a point to all of this^^)

We got off the bus and I decided to take a different way home than normal. We were walking home and I was talking to a lady as we were walking (just met her on the street). All of a sudden I heard Sis. Bell talking to someone so I turn around to see this massive white man behind us! I was so shocked!!! I finished the conversation with the woman and then joined their conversation. His name is Joseph Schlosser and he's one of 3 foreigners stationed in Wonju with the American army. He's been here for 1 year and had no idea there was an LDS church here! (He's a member) He was so excited to meet us. He's 32 and from Idaho and has a wife and 3 kids in America. His social security number is -  haha no I'm kidding. 

We took him to the church and showed him around and the elders came and met him (not that I didn't trust him........ but...). 

So here's his side. He never leaves his apartment because he doesn't want to spend money but he was skyping with his wife and she said he had to get out and do something. So he reluctantly went to a Pizza Hut (yes, there's one here), and was eating there. He had eaten half of his pizza and was just sitting there because he was full and was thinking how he wished there was someone he could give his pizza to that would understand him. Right then he looked out the window  (he was on the second floor), and saw us and knew that we were sister missionaries! He said he got out of there as fast as he could to try to find us and talk to us. He was so excited! It's been about 18 months since he's been to church because he was just stationed in Iraq. 

The next day (Saturday) All the missionaries in our two zones went to Gangneung for a fireside where this musical family was touring around. They were so musically talented! The wife played piano, the 3 daughters played the violin, and the husband sang opera. Very cool! Joseph came to it and was soo excited. He didn't even know what Gangneung was.. Doesn't get out much :/ Then he was able to come to church on Sunday. He's a very nice guy! 

The point is.. if that bus hadn't left 4 minutes late, he would have never seen us! Yep, so many things led up to him being able to see missionaries. 

Ok! I'm out of time! 

Love you so much!!
Sis. Evans

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